Before going through the wordpress plugins for databases to backup the data in your website we should have a little fuss on the following.

What is database? What for it is used?

Database is a repository for storing of the data. It maintains backup of all the information in any blog.In case of system failure or crashes database backup plays a major role.We can recover our lost data from this.It also helps for maintaining the records of the activities or functioning of the website.

Now let us discuss about the database plugins for our wordpress based websites.

WP Database Backup Plugin:


WP Database Backup Plugin for wordpress is very simple plugin and is very easy to configured into your blog.WP Database Backup Plugin for wordpress will manage the databases to a great extent.It will create and restore the databases backup simply and very easily.It will handle the recover process in a single click.It can even create manual and automated backups also.It is very user friendly.


  • WP Database Backup Plugin provides an easy facility ie auto backup to backup the data.
  • We can easily create database backups with this plugin.
  • It also helps us to restore the database backups in a single click
  • It is simple in configuration and is very easy to instal.
  • This plugin will help to sort the databases based on sizes.
  • It also very easy to search for a particular backup file among the plenty.
  • All the backups are available on the dashboard in the wordpress based websites.
  • It provides multiple storage destinations
  • This plugin safeguards the databases by storing in a safe place ie FTP,email,Amazon s3,Google Drive,Dropbox
  • This plugin will send the backup reports to any email provided.
  • It saves backup file on local as well as destination Server in a zip format.
  • This plugin will maintain a document also does pagination of the backup files
  • It will check for space on the disk before backup ie storing the files.

WP Migrate DB Plugin:

WP Migrate DB Plugin uses mainly find and replace commands to migrate databases to safe places.It will run find and replace commands on the urls,file paths etc.It handles the data in a serilazied fashion .It will store all the backuped data in an SQL file.WP Migrate DB Plugin will create an SQL dump file for the databases to be exported.We also need some database management tool to import the SQL file to your required database.


  • WP Migrate DB Plugin provides a solid security to your databases easily.
  • It will perform some tests on huge databases for accuracy
  • This plugin will save all the migrated files in secure positions.
  • It will backup all the databases into emails
  • It has a facility to migrate the selected tables from the databases.
  • This Plugin will exclude the useless data from the backups.
  • This plugin finds easy to export the databases.
  • It will pull and push the databases form the storage locations.
  • The find and replace commands helps in handling the data in serial fashion.

Participants Database Plugin:

Participants Database Plugin is the best plugin to large groups ie for members of an organisation,sign up records to be build easily and maintained systematically.This plugin offers fully customized options for the databases to be stored.We can manually enter the records in a file and can imported with an CSV file.All the entered records can be sorted and filtered ,it will be exported to CSV file.


  • Participants database plugin maintains records of all the frontend and backend forms
  • It comes with shortcode for inserting the forms of the people to fill and maintain the records.
  • It is a configurable database for holding the records of the people.
  • It is customizable for collecting and maintaining the records in a file.
  • It provides shortcode for displaying the list of the people,sorting and filtering is also done the records
  • It comes with email alerts and secure.
  • It has facility to search and sort the records from the admin panel.
  • It will import CSV files from the spreadsheets to add more number of records.
  • It has facility to export the CSV files for interacting easily with other databases.
  • Long forms are organized into groups for easy accessing.

MiwoSQL Plugin:

MiwoSQL Plugin is the simple and best database management plugin that manages the databases from the backend by executing SQL queries.This plugin provides a great support for the sql commands.


  • This plugin executes multiple queries at a time by separating with ; char
  • MiwoSQL Plugin will display,create,edit and delete the records easily.
  • It performs the execution of SQL queries.
  • It also saves queries and execute them later.
  • It will display the query results horizontally.
  • It will restore the sql dump file easily.
  • It will export the databases to the CSV file.
  • It will split long strings in the table
  • Data acquistion of the table selected from the list available.

Contact Form DB Plugin:

Contact Form DB Plugin is the best plugins to save the forms data into the database.This plugin will export the data to a file.It also uses a shortcode for displaying the data.It is very simple to instal and it will automatically captures the form data easily.This plugin will keep backup of multiple form submissions.


  • This plugin uses shortcode for displaying the page content
  • Contact Form DB is used to export the form data easily .
  • We can also view the form data
  • It provides multiple configuration parameters
  • Sorting is done by emailing the list of forms