tweet  wheel plugin

Tweet Wheel is the best wordpress plugin to tweet your content to the twitter automatically. It saves you a lot of time and also money. It is 100% genuine plugin trusted by many users. It shares each and every post in the blog via twitter.

Tweet Wheel Plugin

Tweet Wheel shares your website content without your supervision. It helps driving more number of followers and traffic to the blog. The regular tweeting helps in increase of the website SEO. it will interact with genuine users and again more traffic.

Here is the why how you can again membership for tweeting of the posts. By filling the form below one can authorize to tweets.
After getting the authorization we need to look after the screen for the functionality to be done i.e. what do you want to tweet. We can find general options in that we had to select the type you want. You can select the user roles for example as an author or consumer etc. There is also default template which can be overridden by the custom templates. The de-authorize ship provided here to deactivate your account in tweeting.We can observe them in the below shown figure.
Next comes to queuing of the posted items. We had to maintain a list for the posted items. We can name the queue and re-order the queue items and even can pause them for certain period of time. The order in which the queued items should be tweeted can be set. We can also get email notifications whenever various queue actions occurred. We can save the queue times for future purposes.
Under the queued section we can see the posts which were tweeted and we can also edit and remove the tweeted posts from it. There are two options for queue to be visible one in compact view and the other is empty queue. All the latest posts which are tweeted are observed in this screen.
We can schedule the queue when the tweets are to be performed. If you want to deliver the posts for future we can set the time at which they were to be tweeted. We can even generate the copy of the tweeted content. Add the schedule for tweeting and save them.We can also activate the the life span of the tweets in your blog.
We can maintain the record of all the tweets in the blog as shown below:


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Some Highlighted Features

  • Tweet Wheel maintains the automated queuing system for processing which is the core for this plugin.
  • Multiple templates helps to present changes in the tweet the content for each and every post.
  • This plugin provides advanced scheduling of the tweets i.e. tweets are specified after a particular period of time.
  • It will handle custom post types which are compatible to wooCommerce products.
  • Customizing the queue helps us to notify in which order the tweets are happened.
  • Looping of the queue is maintained.
  • All the posts are queued when they are published.
  • We can pause and resume the queue when you need to control the tweeting.
  • It performs multiple actions such as queue, dequeue and also exclude multiple post at once.
  • The queue maintains a simple view so that we can fit more elements into it.
  • It has a health check up tab to no whether the website is ready for tweeting or not.
  • It maintains unlimited queues.
  • We can also get email alerts about the events.
  • It is user friendly and mobile friendly interface.
  • We can shorten the specified domain url’s also.