What is an affiliate marketing?

An Affiliate is a person doing the business using affiliate marketing tools, machines etc. Affiliate marketing means the type of business based on performance issues and rewards or benefit the affiliate for each and every visitor who had been brought to do business by using certain marketing efforts.

The Affiliate marketing team consists of main four core players in doing the business. One is the merchant(retailer), The publisher, network and the customer. In complexion to the above four players the market has given place to emerge the third party vendors, super affiliates and affiliate management agencies.

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing or business where affiliates use the regular advertising scenarios or methods to drag the business to high positions. The process or the methods such as search engine optimization(SEO), email marketing, content marketing and paid search engine marketing such as PPC i.e. pay per click basis. They sometimes prefer to advertise by publishing the reviews of the products and services.

Affiliate marketing is quite different from other types of marketing because it drives sales purely based on financial motivations only. It is mainly connected to the employees that how many sales he had done in the business to gain revenue. The affiliates get commissions for each sale they done.

Now here I am going to discuss the best wordpress Affiliate plugins which drive more traffic to the business and gain revenue from it.

Affiliates plugin for the affiliate marketing

affiliates plugin

The affiliates plugin maintain some powerful affiliate tools to do the affiliate marketing programs. It comes with the best results and commissions for the affiliators. To manage the affiliates. Referral programs of the affiliates and for tracking or bring the visitors or customers to the website with the affiliate links this plugin finds to be well fit and deserve.

The affiliates plugin provides an affiliate system for the sellers, shops and membership sites who wants to get start with their affiliate program. It provides the solid framework with customized solutions for the customers. To use the affiliates you need to install the integration plugins for your site to track the visitors by using the affiliate links.

Features of the affiliates plugin

  • It provides real time reporting of the referrals and Affiliate link statistics are the transactions are processed and integrated virtually with any e-commerce platforms.
  • Affiliates provides an API key which is very easy to use any affiliate marketing system.
  • There is no limit for the affiliates you can get as many as possible.
  • Affiliates can be added to user accounts by sign up through the affiliates program.
  • Affiliates are approved automatically or manually by sending notifications to inform them.
  • It provides the feedback facility for the affiliators.
  • It is a free plugin and open source, if you need to install just go to wordpress site and do installation. You can also go for the affiliates pro version if required for you.

Thirsty Affiliates Plugin


Thirsty affiliate plugin is very helpful to earn more revenue by using the professional affiliate link management and cloaking tool for the affiliates. This plugin empowers the website owners to monetize their site a great extent. It administer you to insert the affiliate links into the posts, pages etc and comments and gives a central location to manage all those affiliate links from there.

This plugin will create the pretty and beautiful links from the ugly links and earns you more commissions from it. It protects the double benefiting of you from being theft.

Features of Thirsty Affiliate plugin

  • It provides inbuilt affiliate link shortening and link cloaking for the users.
  • It protects your commissions by redirecting to 301 page error.
  • It is very easy to customize link url’s with this plugin.
  • It will categorize the links into different segments for easy understanding.
  • It is very handy link picker tool to insert links into pages, posts and comments.
  • Based on category it will show up any slugs in the url’s.
  • It had dofollow and nofollow options to open in a new window.
  • It had full export and import facility and backup compatibility too.
  • It will use wordpress based or approved storage techniques and do not go for the extra tables.
  • It adds the graphics, banners and ads to the affiliates link for easy inserting into the pages, posts and comments.

This plugin also available in pro version too

Features for pro version

  • It will increase the income from website by auto linking the affiliates to the keywords in the website.
  • The stats show the insight of the affiliate links which helpful in increasing the revenue or generating the revenue.
  • It will add google link analytical code on the affiliate link to track the performance of the links.
  • It will geo target your visitors and gives them appropriate affiliate links to use them
  • It will automatically create or schedule the destinations for the affiliate links for getting sales over a certain time period.

Affiliates Manager Plugin

affiliate manager

Affiliate Manager Plugin a great plugin which drives more traffic and sales to your website by using proper and more engaged affiliate marketing programs. Affiliate marketing is very cost effective and the leading advertising technique for the affiliators. This plugin provides the affiliates recruitment, login, registration and management process too. It give correct commissions by tracking the referrals send to your site. This plugin needs to be integrating with some ecommerce solutions too.

Features of Affiliates Manager Plugin

  • It provides real time report of your traffic and sales as soon as they are recorded.
  • It will track the unlimited affiliates, it does not mean at all.
  • You can decide how to reward your affiliates as the flat rate or on percentage based payouts.
  • We can even set our own payout rates for the affiliates.
  • It will also gives or sets the manual adjustments for payouts when reaching on certain sales range.
  • You can even add unlimited banners or text link adds to your affiliate links.
  • It provides a customizable affiliate registration form to capture the affiliate information for those fields as required.
  • Autoresponder integration of sign ups to mailpoet newsletter list and Mailchimp list.
  • It will track the ad impressions for a particular affiliate ad appeared and count them.
  • We can easily customize the email messages when the affiliates sign up for an account on your program.

WP Cloaker Plugin

wp cloaker plugin

WP Cloaker plugin helps to shorten the ugly links of the affiliates and count the number of clicks on each and every affiliate link. It also stores the visitor’s information who clicks the link like ip address, country, date and time etc. you can easily generate the link reports and analyse them properly.

Features of WP Cloaker Plugin

  • This plugin will shorten your links.
  • It will custom the redirection links to 301 errors pages.
  • It also custom permalink and permalink prefixes too.
  • This plugin also helps to categorize the links.
  • It will track the link clicks and store the information for future references.
  • It had the option to avoid the category slug of permalink.
  • It will disable the option to collect the information on any link re directions.

Prosperent Suite Plugin

prosperent suite plugin

Prosperent Suite Plugin helps you to make money on your blog with full shop, product inserts and it will direct to merchant links from prosperent links. This plugin provides the prosperlink, prosper insert and prosper shop etc. The prosper links on the website will automatically convert into affiliate links. It also automatically inserts the product deals and items into the pages and posts. This plugin will create a shop on the website relevant to your content on the site.

Features of Prosperent Suite Plugin

  • It will monetize the traffic and convert them into the highest click rates.
  • It will find always solutions to do everything online.
  • By depending on the higher volume it will select the best merchants and take the percentage of each commission instead of charging monthly.
  • Up on sign up with this plugin it will give access to top merchants in the market.
  • It will clean data feeds and resize the images for fast loading of the server.
  • It provides a complete access to the big data about the merchants , the brand and the products available.
  • It is very useful in searching tons of products without any haste.