wp job manager

1) WP job manager:

WP job manager plugin is a best job board plugin, which offers simple user interface to create a job post and maintain the employer profiles. Let us check some of the most decent features in WP job manager.

In this plugin we can add, manage and categorize job listings using popular and most familiar wordpress user interface. Had best searchable and filterable Ajax powered job listings added to your page, using Shortcode we can place it in any post or page in your wordpress site.

We had preview option for admin panel, which makes easy to view the job post before it goes live. Job listings have email support and also “apply job option” which links the source website URL.


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job board manager

2) Job board manager :

Job board manager has a simple and best features, job board plugin has pagination support by using Shortcode. We can also display job listings in a single page via Shortcode.
With the help of admin setting page we can add recaptcha for each and every job submission to avoid cross site scripting.
New job posts has a email notification, which also support meta input by filter hook, we can also add front end job submission page using Shortcode.

simple job board

3) Simple job board:

This plugin has best and simply superb features, once you install this plugin in wordpress site.
It allows employers to post job listings using their login dashboard, it has great features like job location for individual job created.
We can add category shortcode to any post we created, which allows displaying that particular category. We can also add combination of multiple Shortcodes in single post or page.
This plugin had good admin setting page, which allows admin to maintain all employer details and can also add security feature like hot linking option to enhance security of your documents. We can also upload documents in various extensions. View Applicants’ list who applied for particular job.
Set job listing, job features, application form, filters and email notifications for a job through global settings.

job manager

4) Job manager:

This job manager plugin has good features to maintain the job portal website, it has all features to maintain a simple site with powerful job postings, it allows creating several job categories, and also we can post jobs under the categories.
It also have icon feature, which makes post beautiful with different icons. We can also add job description to the post by adding custom templates, which makes website look good and more attractive.
It has a best feature in front end, job seeker can apply for jobs using apply with facebook and apply with LinkedIn features.
Job seeker can upload resume in all extensions, Resume parsing technology which reads a resume (Word, PDF) and fills in the form on behalf of applicant.
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