I see different website owner discussing the security of the WordPress. They all say that WordPress is an open source platform so hackers can easily attack it. But actually, it is not true, because when your site is hacked it’s your mistake. The owner should care about their website by doing different tips. So here is a question arise that how you protect your site from hacking.
This article is based on different tips to secure WordPress site.

Part (a): Secure WordPress login page and prevent brute force attacks

Everyone knows the standard WordPress login page URL. The backend of the website is accessed from there, and that is the reason why people try to brute force their way in. Just add /wp-login.php or /wp-admin/ at the end of your domain name and there you go.
Every website is linked with its URL and a WordPress URL is famous among the hacker and website developers. Because of its URL hackers just type a /wp-login.php or /wp-admin/, after the domain name of the website.
What I suggested is modify the URL of the login page. This is the first thing you should do when we talk about the security of the websites.
Now we explain some tips to protect your login page.

1. Set up website lock down and ban users

A lockdown option plays an important role and saves you from a big problem, when any person does a wrong attempt then for them it has no other choice for the attempt. When a hacker continuously put a wrong password then the website automatically hack. Also, an owner has acknowledged of the illegal act. In your website, you define the number of the wrong attempt after that the page is a lock.

2. Use 2-factor authentication

2-factor authentication is another technology to protect your login page. In this user can prove their authentication in two different way. It depends on the owner that what type of authentication they used, like password along with a secret question, a code, your favorite thing or some personality and much more. I suggested using the secret code in 2-factor authentication of your website.

3. Use email as login

Normally users enter the username for login but I suggested to used email ID rather than a user name because it is a more safe way and user name can easily hack but email ID not. For that, you can use a WordPress email login which is excellent in their work. Also, it does not involve any type of configuration, you just activate that feature in your website.

4. Rename your login URL

As I told you earlier that the WordPress URL is easily accessible. Suppose if the hacker can know your login page URL it can easily break your security and they try6 different attempt with different user name and password.
For that used email and remove the login page URL and if you just limit the editing of login page URL by this way you can save your website from hacker 99%.
iThemes security supports you in this regard like:
Modify wp-login.php to something unique; e.g. my_new_login
Modify /wp-admin/ to something unique; e.g. my_new_admin

5. Adjust your passwords

Another thing is to change your website password on daily basis and it includes upper and lower case letter, number, symbols and special character.
Part (b): Secure WordPress admin dashboard
An admin panel of any website explains the overall function of any website so for a hacker, it is an attractive part of them. If the hacker hacks the admin dashboard it will destroy your business and website.
Here you can protect your website from this attack with these attack.

6. Protect the wp-admin directory

The essence of your WordPress websites is your wp-admin directory. So if this part is a hack then the complete website is destroyed.
You can save from this attack through password protection of wp-admin directory. In this, there is different authentication for different Assignment Writing Service users like if the owner is login they have to enter two passwords one is for login page and other is for admin panel. For users, there are different criteria to get permission.

7. Use SSL to encrypt data

Now a day’s owner protects their website and admin panel through SSL (Secure Socket Layer). SSL guarantee you for the safe transfer of data from a user browser to the server side. It is hard for the hacker to break this link.
So buy an SSL certificate like Wildcard SSL certificate. Also with the help of SS|L certificate, you can increase your website ranking in Google and improve traffic on your website.

8. Add user accounts with care

In case if you run multiple blogs then you required to communicate with different people to approach their admin panel. Due to this, your website becomes weaker and easily hack. For that, Use force strong password for users
Part (c): Secure WordPress database
All the data of your website is stored in a database. So you also focus on the security of the database.

11. Change the WordPress database table prefix

If you install the WordPress then you should know the wp-table prefix, which is used by the WordPress database. It is suggested to change prefix with something unique.
If you use built in prefix then the hacker inject your database easily. You can prevent this by changing the prefix like my new wp or my wp and etc.
In case if you install the default prefix then there is some plugin that helps you to change the default prefix.

12. Back up your site regularly

Without considering that your website is hard to hack, keep the backup record is the best practice for all the website owners. If you have a backup then you refresh your WordPress website anytime. Set a timer which automatic backup your data like after every 30 mins.

13. Set strong passwords for your database

Set a strong password for the database is important. For that use upper and lower case letter, use numbers, symbols and special character.