These days’ people are getting more focused towards building a website to expand their business. The main reason towards building a website is that a lot of people engage through websites these days. You can promote your web pages easily to millions of customer from all over the world at a very low cost. Al these things are not possible in real world.

Major thanks to HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript that made it happen. Nowadays there are very simplified ways to build a website, thanks to website builders.

Nowadays it is not a problem to make a website with having WordPress on your team. WordPress is the largest CMS or content management system which helps you to build a website in a matter of hours. You can customise WordPress themes; add a plug-in and play around to generate a cool website.

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There are two ways, through which you can make an awesome website. One way to do that is by doing all the work yourself like downloading/installing themes, plug-in and customising them. The other way is by buying premium themes where a lot of your effort will be reduced. The premium themes can be installed like the free themes only.

All you need to do is type in your required keyword and click on the premium themes tab and hit enter. After then you will find all the themes related to your keyword. Once you have decided to install a premium theme, you need to install the theme, and then a buy option will appear. Upon confirmation of the payment, your desired theme will be activated.  Let us take a look at how a premium theme of WordPress will save us.

You will get excellent Support with paid themes

Customer support is a very important thing in any service because whenever you get stuck at any point of time in any service, then the first thing you search for is customer support. Customer support will only be available for the paid services only so when you buy any service which is a paid service then don’t worry in case of any roadblocks.

The premium themes in WordPress come with premium 24 x 7 support. You will get direct support from the theme author itself on any malfunction and that how to solve it. Furthermore, you will also get tips and tricks to customise your parent theme and can also know about the plug-in that you can use in your theme.

The WordPress forum is not for all; because if you want to post your problem in the forums, then you need to be a site owner and that you should have bought a premium theme from WordPress.

You will get extra features with the premium themes

There are always some extra features with the download WordPress premium themes and plug-in. It’s better to know or two about functionalities of a theme and how a theme works. But with premium themes, a minimum knowledge is enough. For example, in a free theme you may get functionality locked, but in the premium version of the theme, you may access it easily. Premium themes always give you the freedom to do things; you may not be able to do in a free theme moreover it will take ages for you to get the exact configuration.

Coding Knowledge is must or not?

If you are anywhere near to website development, then you may know that the whole website development or design is dependent on coding and you don’t have to learn rocket science to know about that. HTML, PHP, CSS, and Javascript are the basic building blocks of a web design or development.

If you know these things accurately, then you can build any website, and for that, you need to master those languages. However, there is another way to solve this problem, and that is by buying a premium WordPress theme.  With a premium WordPress theme, you can build a site just like that.

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The ingredients that you need to make a site are already available and are readymade. All you need to do is go to WordPress, install the theme and buy the theme to activate it. If you need to change a thing or two according to your desire, then all you need to do is go to customise and select the settings that suit your likes.

Get your site secured with premium themes

When you install a free theme, then there may be a risk all the time of hacks. Nowadays anyone can get access to your admin account in just a matter of minutes if you don’t secure your site. There are various types of attacks which can initiate a hack like the SQL injection.

An SQL injection will manipulate in contact forms since they got saved in your primary folder and when they insert an HTML code along with the form which can trigger the attack and this is the problem with free themes because you wouldn’t get a premium contact form and that you will make one of your own.

This contact form made by amateurs are at high risk and vulnerable to attacks. However, this problem will be eliminated if you get your site secured with a premium theme because in a premium theme there will be contact form already which will be a more secure one.

Similarity in design

The most common problem with the free themes is the similarity in design. There are most probably 100 000 active installs on popular theme sets, and hence it may look all the same to your viewers. However, if you are a programmer, then you can manipulate the themes in the editor. But then you may end up corrupting the whole theme too. This problem will never arise in a premium theme as you may get a variety of designs when you buy a premium theme. Furthermore, you will get a very user-friendly customisation menu with a premium theme along with lot more features.


It is always wise to go for the premium themes if you don’t know any coding knowledge. However, there are flaws in a premium theme as well because they are not reviewed very much since they are paid, and maximum developers use the free themes so that they can get maximum profit out of their work. So it is better to have some adequate knowledge in a premium theme before investing in one.