[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If you want to grow your income then you should definitely use the podcasts.Podcasting represents the massive growth in the terms of revenue and audience. If you are thinking to create such a podcast then you required a website to promote them. As we know that WordPress is a multiple source you can make the podcast website. The thing is that you need to select the right podcast plugin to do the following tasks.

With the wordpress podcast plugin, you can

  • Publish your podcast feeds.
  • Create an user friendly player.
  • Can view the downloaded statistics.

Now let’s go through the best podcast WordPress plugins to get good revenue as well as the right audience for your website.

1. Powerpress Podcast plugin by Blurry:

The power press is the #1 podcast plugin which is made available on the wordpress.org. This plugin had good review ratings. It’s the simple and advanced plugin with players, subscribe tools, sidebar widgets, and SEO features. This is the free plugin and you can enjoy the premium with some advanced statistics. Both the subscriptions are helpful .

The power press is equipped with the rich set of features for you. Here is the list of them.

Features of the PowerPress

  • You can add iTunes and google play music support, podcast feeds to your wordpress website.
  • You can integrate HTML5 audio and video media players with the embed support from sites.
  • Subscribe tools for the responsive screens and Apple retina displays.
  • With the podcasting SEO you can increase the visibility of your podcast on the search engines.
  • You can import your podcast from other podcast RSS feeds.
  • You can migrate quickly to other episodes without losing any data.
  • You can create multiple podcast based on the category.
  • You can create podcasts from the custom post types and taxonomies.
  • You can get media statistics from the media dashboard.
  • It supports the iTunes which are required for the podcasting.


  • It supports the iTunes and Google Play Music.
  • Supports RSS feeds and media formats.
  • Easy migration tools for import.
  • Subscribe tools and podcast SEO too.


  • You can look at the advanced statistics of the countries demographics and traffic only on the paid plans.
  • You need to use the CSS compulsory to style the player.

2. Seriously Simple Podcasting

Next to the power press podcast plugin, seriously simple podcast plugin stands out. It’s the powerful and simple podcast plugin for the WordPress websites.You require the minimum WordPress settings and the native WordPress interface to publish your content. Its also rated the best and mainly focus on the simple way to create the podcasts.

Features of the Seriously Simple Podcasting Plugin:

Here are the list of features which are supported by this simple podcast plugin.

  • The simple settings make your podcasts run quickly and easily.
  • It provides the integrated podcast hosting platform castos which allows you to host your media files on the dedicated platform.
  • Redesigned and customizable media player includes your podcast cover image.
  • You can run multiple podcasts from the website with unique RSS feeds.
  • Free Stats add on helps to gather stats of the listeners.
  • Podcast taxonomy, post type are meant for managing the podcast episodes.
  • It supports both the audio and video podcasting.
  • Highly configurable and robust RSS feeds are designed for the iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher.
  • You had the freedom to host your media files anywhere on the website.
  • Full i18n support.

The blurry power press podcast is the best option than seriously simple podcast because lots of people are listening to the blurry WordPress website player.The downside about the seriously simple podcast plugin is that it uses the native WordPress media player on their own website which is not a good idea or practice.


  • You can run multiple podcasts.
  • It supports free add ons.
  • It also provides the short codes to embed all the episodes.


  • It uses the native wordpress media player on their own website.
  • No subscribe link in the audio player.

3. Podlove Podcast Publisher Plugin:

Podlove Podcast Publisher plugin is another plugin which saves your time, worry less and also provides a cutting-edge solution as well as listening experience to your audience. These plugins manage your RSS feeds and showcase your podcast episodes in the web player.

Features supported by this plugin:

  • It is very easy to create efficient, expressive and super compatible podcast feeds.
  • It supports the multi format publishing which embraces all the modern and legacy audios and videos.
  • It provides the optimized HTML5 audio and video web player.
  • Chapter support to link to any part of the episodes directly without disturbing the other episode.
  • It supports the flexible template system where you can change the template style whenever you want .


  • The podlove podcast publisher plugin helps to link to any part of the episode with the instant playback.
  • It supports the GUID control to replace the faulty episodes and makes the clients to reload.


  • You are unable to fetch the episodes from the podcast feed.
  • You need to upload the files one by one, it does not support multiple uploads at a time.

4. Buzzsprout Podcasting Plugin:

The buzzsprout podcasting plugin supports the highly secure and reliable hosting to publish and promote your podcast episodes online. It really looks simple and everything does for you.

The buzzsprout helps you to

  • Fetch podcast episodes from the feed URl.
  • You can embed episodes.
  • It provides secure and works with all self hosted accounts.
  • It will upload and optimize your podcast episodes.,/li>
  • It will create web players and view stats for the podcast episodes.
  • iTunes podcast specifications support.
  • It provides the podcast migration tools.


  • It’s very simple and easy to handle with this plugin.
  • You can fetch and embed the podcast episodes having the same or specific tags.


  • It works only on the self hosted accounts i.e. on the buzzsprout accounts only.
  • You cannot display the subscribe link in the media player.

5. Libsyn Podcasting Plugin:

With the help of the Libsyn team arrived the plugin named Libsyn podcasting plugin. Libsyn account is required to connect your account to your WordPress website for easy publishing. With this plugin, you can easily create episodes, generate drafts and schedule the posts. You can directly upload your media files to the Libsyn.

Best Features:

  • Your RSS feeds and media files are unaffected by the web hosting services.
  • You can choose a style for your media player


  • It is designed in such a way that it can be integrated to different platforms.
  • You can look after the podcast episodes even if your website works slow or even down in terms of functionality.


  • It works with only the Libsyn accounts.
  • No customization option is provided.


If you are looking for free plugin then definitely your choice should be Blurry Powerpress podcast plugin and seriously simple podcast plugin.Because they offer you better media player and also publish episodes, manage RSS feeds.

Fro premium the pod love podcast plugin is much better as it can integrate and provides good media player functionalities such as subscribe link.

If you are going to use the dedicated hosting service platform them Buzzsprout and Libsyn podcasting plugin are very good choice.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]