A blogger needs to be potentially and technologically strong in building the target audience from the Facebook channel to their blog. Marketing on the facebook will help you to gain some decent traffic only but not the full extent. This is possible with the help of paid promotions only. In order to drive the organic and retargeted traffic from the Facebook pages to the blog, there is a plugin called “ Pixel Caffeine WordPress Plugin” .

A lot of traffic is going waste from the facebook, so be active and start your right job to explore the organic traffic to the blog with the help of the retargeting feature which is very common term among the marketers and bloggers who buy traffic from the facebook, and other platforms to reach their targeted post to many audiences.

What should be done to retarget your facebook traffic back?

In order to use the retargeting option and make your post reach to the visitors for the last few months also, you need to set the facebook retargeting pixel and the Facebook custom audience too. The facebook custom audience is the one of the good marketing technique in the context of the blog to connect the audience to any specified category or section too. This serves simple in reality, visibility, engagements, simpler and effective approach.

As a newbie, you need to learn about pixel caffeine WordPress plugin before going on to set up the Facebook pixel and the configuring the Facebook custom audience with the help of Facebook Pixel Helper.

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WordPress Pixel Caffeine Plugin:

The pixel caffeine plugin is one of the simplest and easiest plugins for use. It’s very easy to install and generating the custom audience by settings the pixels. You can create a custom audience for any parameter you want or even based on the category. You can create a custom audience for the products and content viewed, web pages visited and even custom and dynamic events. It’s a free plugin to the world of custom audiences.

Features of the Pixel Caffeine WordPress Plugin:

Instant Installation: You need a simple click to get the facebook custom pixel site wide open using Facebook pixel helper .
Advanced custom Audience: You can create custom audiences based on the standard/custom events, categories, tags of content, specific URL parameters, referring sources such as facebook, twitter etc.
Facebook Dynamic retargeting option: You can easily track the visitors and retarget them with the Facebook advertisements.

Benefits of the Pixel Caffeine Plugin:

1. You can re-target the visitors with the lead generation and sales by creating the category audience.
2. Target the specific categories of people who viewed the particular products with some discount coupons and incentives.
3. You can create the audiences who are submitting the forms, clicking the buttons or search, navigating for some information.

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How to setup and configure the Pixel caffeine WordPress Plugin:

Now, let’s setup the facebook advertising WordPress plugin for good results.

Log into your WordPress dashboard and then install, active the pixel caffeine WordPress plugin.
Now click the setup now button.

Facebook pixel helper

Now you will be taken to the general settings option, you need to connect to your Facebook account and even insert the pixels manually if you are the experienced user.

facebook pixel helper

3) Now click the facebook connect and link your Facebook account to the plugin and then select the Facebook ad pixels you would like to use.

4)Then click apply and save button to apply changes.

Facebook Custom Audience

Now you add successfully added the Facebook pixel to your website. Now you can target the visitors who visit your website and every visitors will be tagged.

facebook pixel helper
How to setup Facebook Custom Audiences:

You can set up the custom audiences based on any category. You also create the audience report based on the URL, words.

facebook pixel wordpress

1. Click on the add new filter next to the special filters option.
2. Then you need to select the users based on the blog behavior.
3. You can select the category/tag/posts, pages or even the custom field.
4. Click save and then create the custom audience.

facebook pixel wordpress

This is the simple way to create facebook custom audience to your websites. Once the traffic you had got is decent then facebook pixel WordPress plugin will prepare the custom audience for the specified category and you can start promoting your articles.

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