Why google consider website page load time as ranking factor? google officially announced that page speed will be ranking factor.
if your page load fast users will stay on your website. if your page takes long time end users will leave your website. which increases
bounce rate. if your website have more than 85% bounce rate your website ranking will be decreased by google.

If your website loads in 2 seconds, it has more chances to index in mobile first. you should work on your website making your
the site as fast and accessible as possible.

Nowadays mobile users are increasing day by day. To make your website more visibility you should concentrate on page load time. if your website loads speed, it will be a ranking factor in its mobile – first index.

Now how we can improve page speed in WordPress websites:

one of the major advantages of WordPress is its open source software, we have lots of WordPress plugins available in wordpress.org
you can simply choose and use it on your website.

Steps to reduce page Load time:

1. Imagify wordpress plugin:

first we need to install imagify wordpress plugin to compress your images without loosing its quality.
its a premium plugin, if you want to register for free plan, imagify team offers your 25mb free for every month. for more details refer imagify review here.

2. Pagespeed Ninja WordPress plugin:

Pagespeed Ninja is best performance WordPress plugin, if you install this plugin you can make your site load faster on desktop and mobile, it will fix google page speed insights issues with single click and resolves all issues and make your site load faster.

Main features of pagespeed ninja wordpress performance plugin:

1. It enables g zip compression
2. It will fix render blocking css and java script issues.
3. Improve critical rendering path and auto generate above the fold critical css issues.
4. Minify css/js
5. optimize css/js order
6. compress all images
7. enables image lazy loading functionality
8. Enables browser caching and server-side caching
9. Optimize your images accurately for nearly 10,000 different mobile browsers thanks to the included AMDD database – one of the most comprehensive mobile device databases available.

Pagespeed ninja

After Installation you will see good difference in your page load speed, according to stats, ninja plugin improves speed of 4 out of 5 sites
how ever in some cases, certain theme and plugin combinations cause incompatibility issues.

To check the speed of your website ninja team created a simple tool where you can test your site before in-stallion and after in-stallion speed and compare both. you will surely satisfy
with this wonderful pagespeed ninja WordPress plugin.

Now let us check settings in WordPress admin, once you install and open the settings page in admin, its starts resolving your issues, it will show three color buttons

1. Green button represents its fixes the issues and reduce the page load.
2. Orange button represents that it partially fixed the issue.
3. Red button represents that we need to fix issues.

Pagespeed ninja

we also see an advanced settings tab, here you have a chance to select preferences, they provided some options to speed up the page load time, you can see below images for references.

Pagespeed Ninja Rating
  • Easily enable Gzip file compression
  • Fix render blocking CSS and JavaScript
  • Minify HTML, JavaScript and CSS files
  • Leverage browser caching and server-side caching


PageSpeed Ninja is the ultimate WordPress performance plugin. You can make your site load faster on desktop and mobile, fixing Google PageSpeed Insights issues with one click.