For every technology needs regular updates so as to maintain stability and accuracy. Here the WordPress had been updated to it’s latest version 5.0.2 with a new content creation style. In the previous version of WordPress, we are using is the classic editor. In the Classic Editor of WordPress, it’s about just copying and pasting the content from the word documents or Google drives.

With the introduction of the new style based editor i.e block editor one can easily add rich content to WordPress very simple and enjoyable. The block editor is a block-based editor where we need to streamline your browsing experiences across the website block by block. This editor helps to add the content based on blocks. With this block editor, you will have more flexibility how your content displays and write the code for living.

Well, this new block editor will not change the way your content looks instead it lets you rearrange your multimedia or images within a snap. Here each and every piece of content is placed in blocks and can be manipulated for grammatical errors very easily and quickly.

The first thing you need to do is to add the title for your project as follows.

block editor

After adding title next step is to select the blocks, we had tons of blocks available by default. We need to add them as per our need and requirement. You can directly include the block to place the any of the content. For example, if you want to include a paragraph then you need to select the paragraph block, if you need to embed a youtube video code then you need to select the embed block and from there you can directly import your youtube video embedded code into your content. Similarly, you can insert images, audios, columns, list, gallery, files and code etc.

block editor

With the help of the block editor you can easily write the content with the default tags available. You can see different heading formats here as follows.

block editor

By selecting the image block you can directly add the image to your content. You can upload it from the desktop or media library or even insert form the URL as below. You can also insert the text in the form of points or bullets directly. Please check the below image for a brief on how to add the images and list to your content.

block editor

By clicking on the youtube block in the block editor you will be shown a page to insert your youtube embedded link here. If you insert the youtube video link and click embed, it automatically takes the embedded code and insert the video in your content.

block editor

You can also directly upload any files available into your block editor. You can even drag your audio into your content with the help of the audio block which you can see in the above-mentioned image.

You can set the layout elements, widgets and embeds for all the social networks.

In the classic editor you need to set the author name below the content after writing the snippet i.e slug ,focus keyword etc. Where as in block editor your author name appears at the right side of the editor, you can switch between the block editor and classic editor according your benefit and usability. Block editor helps more than classic editor to simplify your work in no time.

The block editor maintains consistency look and feel. With it you can enjoy the freedom to build and freedom to write.The block editor provides more usable and accessible interface to all the users. Moreover the blocks provides the comfortable way for the users to change their content. This new exploration of the block paradigm to place the content is an everlasting solution for the bloggers and it’s users.


Block editor is a good option for all the bloggers who wish to create the evergreen content by including all the possibilities with in no time. It makes your work fast, easily accessible and accurate. You can check instantly the writing style of your content and can adjust accordingly. So make the block editor as your choice in 2019.