Today I am going to present the readers with a new topic which brings new thoughts in your mind.

I am sure that everyone tries to make some private space on their blog.

If yes you can learn here how to make your WordPress private blog or private post?

You can gain a good stuff on making your WordPress private blog network very intellectually.

Making the WordPress private blog in the sense hiding your content from the others or unwanted personalities i.e you can open your content visible only to a selected members.

Always most of the bloggers work hard to bring a decent amount of traffic but there might be situations where your WordPress private blog needs to be created. You can make your entire WordPress blog or post, the page as private.

Making the private space is helpful when you want to make or share special thoughts or content to your selected readers.

Here I am going to share with you two different ways to make your WordPress Private.

  • How make single blog post or page private?
  • How to make your entire WordPress site as private?

Now let us continue here in deep:

How to make a single WordPress Post or Page as Private?

In the WordPress, you can see the feature to make your post or page as private. You can see the visibility option just before the publish button.

In order to provide the privacy settings to make the post as private

  • You can edit the page or post that you want to make private.
  • Look on to the visibility option and then edit it as follows.

You can see two options:

  • Password Protected: Users to try to view the post needs to enter the password.
  • Private: Users who had high previellegs only can see the post or else it will show 404 error.

Now I am going to show you how these two functions exactly work in general:

WordPress Password Visibility Protected Mode

If you selected the protected password, you need to enter the password as follows.
wordpress private blog

After publishing and updating the post, you can see your post as protected and in the front of the title you can see the protected. Anyone who clicks on this page or post will be directed to get a login page to enter the password for visibility.

WordPress Private Visibility Guide

If you choose the post as private then the users who are logged in with the administrator privileges can see the post. The only difference between the password protected and the private is showing the name in front of the post title itself.

wordpress private blog
If anyone who tries to open the wordpress private blog network then it will show 404 error messages.

If you want the other people other than administrator and editor you can use the plugins to make your WordPress private blog visible.

How to make your WordPress private blog network?

There might be situations where you need to make entire WordPress websites as private.

In such cases, there are few things to be followed up.

  • If you want to make your website as private while performing the maintenance you need to use the WordPress Maintenance plugin.
  • For accepting the private services such as payments you need the WordPress Membership plugin.
  • You can go with the My Private Site Plugin to unlock your content for the logged in users.

In order to make your WordPress private blog network as private, you need to install and activate the My Private Site Plugin.

Step1: You need to turn on the private site functionality.After installing and activating the plugin go to the settings, then check the box private site and then click save option.

Here your site is private if anyone tries to open will see the WordPress login page.

Step 2: Allow Self-registration of the people on your WordPress websites. If you check the box, anyone can see the content or else you need to create the accounts for the users who need to see the content.

Step 3: You can handle the user’s login into your site.In the landing locations and custom login sections you can control to which page after the user login goes and can create custom login instead of default WordPress login.

Step 4: You can go with the visible exclusions if you want to make some portions of the WordPress private blog as public.

You can set your home page as public, or entire category public or even a specific content as public.


If you want to make the WordPress private blog as private or individual pages or posts as private the core WordPress functionality is useful and helpful. On the other hand, if you want to make entire WordPress Website as private you need to require a plugin. My Private Site Plugin is very helpful in making the WordPress private blog network.