Now let’s know about SEO, Which mean Search Engine Optimization, here search engines have two major functionality.
1. Crawling and Index
2. Providing Results with best Ranks.

Crawling and Index:
Now let’s talk about crawling and index, the search engine needs to crawl and index a page .The best solution for this is Links.
These link structures will bind all of the server pages to together and displays best results by rank wise. Links allows the search engine to automated robots which called as “crawl” and “spiders” to reach the billions of documents, pages, videos, files, news and media on the World Wide Web.

Once they find the required pages, search engine saves the information into powerful database servers, when a user searches for particular query, Search engine will fetch the best results from database servers.

Providing Results with best ranks:
Search engines will provide best answers for keywords given by end-user, that’s why search engines are called answer machines.
How search engine will consider a page, document, video as valuable, the information it contains must be, this has proven fairly successful in terms of user satisfaction with search results.

Now we will know some best guidelines from google webmaster tools:

  • Provide useful content for users, not for search engines.
  • Don’t use copied content from others.
  • Write interlinking content and bind them using “links”.
  • Make website content clear hierarchy and text links.
  • Maintain Text links in every page, which reachable to link pages.
  • Make sure to add h2 tags in every pages.
  • Make sure title element and ALT attributes are descriptive and accurate.
  • Make sure to create information -rich content to your website.
  • Try to add keyword in title, which is user friendly to create URL.
  • Maintain 2 to 3 focusing keywords in your body content, which helps in search engine crawl and indexing; improves site ranks and traffic.

Now We Will Create Our Own Website:

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  • Now you created a website, use all tips provided by google web master tool and create
    a information rich content.
  • Try to add multiple content pages targeting a single keyword; make the page as close to identical as possible and add text link structures.
  • Now record the ranks of the pages in search engine, if your page is on top in search engine its good, else now make small alterations to page link structures and text formatting.
  • And check again impact on search results to determine what factors might push a result up or down against its peers. Here to drive more traffic from search engines you need to concentrate on Keyword research, here you have best google adwords tool for keywords which are having more paying for keyword .
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Now we will check top 5 search engines sends traffic to web:
• Google will send 85 percent of organic traffic.
• Bing will send 6 percent of organic traffic.
• Yahoo will send 5 percent of organic traffic.
• Ask will send 3 percent of organic traffic.
• AOI will send 1 percent of organic traffic.

Why your website needs search engine marketing?
Now a day’s search engines are increasingly more sophisticated, they are unable to understand the web pages in the web. For this reason we use search engine optimization(SEO), which makes Search engine understand the web pages and figure out , what each page tell about and how it may useful to users.

Even search engine have some limitations, let’s check what are the limitations are there.

• If you are using content management system in your website, you will find some duplicate posts, which refers same content and same titles; this leads search engines to confusion to pickup original version of post.

• Most of the search engine will not index input forms, because any content behind is hidden, it makes difficult for search engine to index.

• For example, if you are using wordpress CMS for your website, we use to create robots.txt file for every site; mostly this file is used for security, which helps to deny the folders from crawling in search engine. If your directive has any errors may lead to blocking in search engines entirely.

• In wordpress, we have standard permalink structure, which is not understandable by search engines it may lead to drop site traffic. To increase search traffic, need to change permalink structure to user friendly URL.

So to increase your site traffic, you need to overcome above limitations and follow above tips to make your pages more visible in search engines.

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