Are you maintaining a YouTube channel and you are much worried to get the youtube subscribers to you’re channel. Don’t worry guys here is the solution, which increases or puts a lot of subscribers to you’re channel. What you need to do is select the best youtube subscribers wordpress plugin or else manually add the YouTube subscription button plugin code to your website sidebar widgets.

Here I am going to discuss about the plugin which helps you a lot in gaining more YouTube subscribers.

You-Tube subscribers button plugin

The YouTube subscription button plugin for wordpress based websites is very needful in gaining more number of subscriptions to your YouTube channel. In the wordpress development plugins you can find the YouTube subscription button plugin. What you need to do is that install and activate the plugin in your website.

This YouTube subscription button plugin will automatically adds you YouTube channel subscribing button. While installation and activation of this plugin you need to give some basic information for your YouTube channel to be integrated to each and every video you made in your website posts.

Up on activating the plugin then go for the settings to configure the YouTube subscription button to your videos and posts. This plugin helps to get a YouTube subscription button on every video embedded in your blog post. This YouTube subscription button is fully configurable and you can get a lot of subscribers to your YouTube channel as well.

This plugin comes with the best features and works deliberately for you YouTube channel to be subscribed by the website viewers. This plugin integration makes it every easy on part of you in auto detecting the embedded YouTube videos on the blog and increase the subscribers count for your channel.

This plugin reduces the amount or burden of the server loading and also does a great part as it is very mobile friendly and you can able to see the button on the mobiles too. This plugin works a lot in developing and gaining profits for your YouTube channel. We can get a lot subscribers list with this plugin and can create YouTube video site to sell the subscribers for other channels too. It also helps you to earn a little bit.

Some important features of this plugin

  • The YouTube subscription button is configurable to your end.
  • This plugin supports the important feature is that it is mobile friendly.
  • It will automatically detects all the YouTube videos and gain the subscribers list.
  • This plugin will make the users of the website to get subscribed to the You-tube channel

This YouTube subscription button adds a one click subscription button to any page or video post on the blog. Here this button is very grateful as it helps to subscribe to your You-tube channel without leaving the site or entering into the YouTube channel.

To know the more information regarding the you-tube channel integration to the blog and how it functions in the blog, the main advantages, features are discussed in the below article which would be very helpful while integrating your blog with the best you-tube plugin i.e YouTube embed wordpress plugin.

Using short code to add the You-tube channel to the website

Using short code technique to display the You-Tube subscription button on your You-tube channel videos and else anywhere you want to display in your website. Here you need to configure the button with some related information and get the code.You can also view the live preview of how you’re button will display in the videos embedded in the posts.

Now the copy the short-code for the you-tube subscription button and go to the widgets section on the website and simply drag and drop the code on the widget sidebars.You can also configure the you-tube channel subscripiton button color to our interest.
subscribers button
Here in order to get the short-code for your you-tube subscription button, go to the google developers channel to configure the subscription button. In order to generate the subscription button short-code it will ask you the channel ID, layout, theme and subscriber count. If you fill those information then you will able to see the short-code preview next below the page. Depends on the information provided you will able to see the you-tube subscription button and the related code below it. You can copy the code and paste it anywhere on your website sidebar widgets. Below image show how the subscription button appears on the blog or website.

You can find the channel id in the you-tube settings of your account and then go for advanced option there you can see the user id and channel id. You can delete the channel if you want. Here the I am going to discuss the configuration options for the subscription button layouts and different themes as follows there are some standard channels and paid channels. Buttons for the some standard channels are shown with and without the subscriber counts. The paid channels too have some themes and layouts for the buttons as shown below.

Buttons appearance for standard channels

standard channel

Buttons appearance for paid channels

paid channel

This plugin will helps you a lot in gaining more subscribers list to your you-tube channel and helps to maintain revenue from it by selling the subscribers to the other channel which pay for it.I hope better that this article helps even a few who cannot get more subscribers on their you-tube channels.

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