How to engage users with WordPress comment plugins?

As a blogger you need to concentrate on all the aspects of blogging in taking your website to great heights.

Yeah, you need to do the proper searching for your blog ranking aspects. As a blogger you can find several ways to attract your readers, so never let them go back.

Along with increasing the blog content quality you need to concentrate on the major things where you can grab attention to a few of the readers.

You need to turn every possible way in gaining traffic as well as income.

One of the best and possible ways to engage with your readers without delay is through the comment section on your blog.

Creating the comment section on your blog might be the little bit difficult but it is one of the aspects you need to focus on your blog future.

The comment section on your blog will definitely give a chance to engage with your readers as well as rank better on Google search engine.

In order to make your work simpler and easier WordPress lists a few plugins which help you to do more engaging with your readers.

You might be the little bit confused to select which plugin performs best for your blog. I here going to lists some the best WordPress comment plugins for your blog. You can find the good or positive approach to collecting the readers.

To engage with your readers here goes the list of top WordPress comment plugins.

Best WordPress Comment Plugins For Engaging Readers:

Thrive Comments

The Thrive Comments is a new plugin to build the army of engaged visitors so as to increase your blog growth. It is developed by Thrive themes. It works just like Reddit and Facebook. Leaving the comments on the posts will show your interests. In turn, you can get loyal visitors which can be converted into income.

To make your audience engage with your site, it had created the multiple elements of social media and forums for your WordPress comments.

With this thrive comments plugin one can engage readers naturally and can encourage the quality comments as well.

Thrive comments builds engaged and interactive community by giving the visitors,

  • Satisfaction of seeing others like their comments.
  • Does validation of comments through up votes and featured comments.
  • You can get a chance to share your comments on social media.
  • You can achieve through unlocking badges.

With thrive comments, you can turn your comments into conversations.

You can use the social power to amplify your comments. You need to engage your commentators with a free gift page or any offers and driving them to a new page which takes them to the social share button.

With thrive comments you had the chance to set post comment action which will be redirected to a URL showing related posts, social share option or opening a comment lightbox.

You can be tapped into powerful resources by letting your users leave a comment and then organizing those comments in a logical way. The thrive comments come with a set of reporting tools which help you to get to know your audience interests.

Thrive comment does

  • Displays a message after a visitor comments.
  • It had the comment moderation dashboard to control and look after all the comments.
  • We can also see the analytics of all your comments too.

No Selfie Pings:

No selfie ping is a simple plugin which needs to be installed to free your comments from the clutter. Whenever you will your posts internally with other posts on a blog you will be getting pingbacks. Some like it, whereas some don’t like it.

In order to exclude the multiple pingbacks you need to install and active this no selfie ping plugin. By default your website will be added you can be added other websites for getting not pinged multiple times.

comment plugin

Jetpack comments:

With the jetpack comments you can engage more readers. It is an all in one plugin which secures your website. It provides the hassle-free design, marketing, and services.

The jetpack comment plugin will replace your default comment form to a new comment system that had been integrated with social media login options.

The main advantage of using this jetpack comment plugin is to enable the users a smooth flow of interaction. When compared to other social media login icons you no need to create accounts separately you can comment on the social media profile you had.

A visitor can leave the comment as the guest or through, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

comment plugin

wpDiscuz Comment plugin:

wpDiscuz comment plugin is the very fast, beautiful, live and responsive plugin.It is AJAX powered WordPress comment plugin with custom comments and fields. It is designed to supercharge the native WordPress comments. In comparison with features it is the best alternative comments plugin to Discuz, thrive and jetpack etc.

comment plugins

Features of wpDiscuz:

  • It helps to add interactive comment box on posts and other content types.
  • It also allows and disallows comments on some posts.
  • It had very responsive comments form and thread design.
  • It also update new comments with notifier button.
  • It also sorts comments and full integration with social media logins.
  • It had special checkboxes and Ajax Button on the comment forms.
  • It dies comment voting and option to overwrite the comment template.

Simple Comment Editing:

The simple editing comments give or helps the anonymous users to edit or delete their comments for a specified period of time. This plugin helps to rewrite the mistakes made while commenting.

Commenting editing is very simple with this plugin. You no need to worry. Just install the plugin and no configuration is required. You can edit your comments forever.

comment plugins

Simple Comment Editing Features:

  • You need to install and it works very fine.
  • Anonymous users can edit the comments for a time period of 5 minutes only.
  • No styling is required.
  • Advanced customization is performed using the filters.


From my perspective to engage more readers to a great extent and to increase the blog ranking you need to activate your comments section. Activating comments on your blog will make your blog with more traffic and conversions.