Generally people won’t bother about customizing their WordPress login because they think that it is no the part of their blog.

This is the wrong way of thinking. If you want to familiarize your WordPress website or blog you need to approach or present with a new, attractive WordPress login. The WordPress custom login add a good impression to the website visibility or personality.

In the process of customization of your WordPress login page there are many WordPress plugins in front to help you in this aspect. With the power of plugins, you can customize your WordPress blogs very easily.

The first thing you will be seen when opening the WordPress dashboard is the WordPress login page. Through my blog post, I am going to give you the best 3 WordPress plugins which help you to create WordPress custom login pages for free.

By default the WordPress login page is shown as below:

WordPress login

Customization is a good technique to add more personality to your blog. Many of the great and business websites add their brand logos to the login pages to make clear their business. You can observe that many of the premium websites had the customized login pages.

Even though you are not a premium member but still you can create WordPress custom login pages for your websites.

Best 3 plugins to create WordPress custom login pages:

Custom Login Page Customizer:

WordPress login

The custom login page customizer is the very perfect plugin to create WordPress custom login pages very easily. It had more than 80 thousand active installs. You can customize your login page straight from your WordPress customizer option. It had a good feature that you can preview your changes to the login page you made before saving them.

This plugin helps to customize your login page similarly to that of theme customization. In the WordPress dashboard get into the appearance section and then custom login page customizer plugin to get started. You can customize almost like anything you prefer.

Upon activating the plugin you will be driven into the WordPress customizer window, where you can see the login customizer with many options to do. You can edit and customize the login page to your interest as follows.

WordPress login

This plugin comes with more powerful and expectational features as well. You can style your WordPress login with the logos, security-based captcha etc. You can set alignments for your logos such as width, height, and padding as well. You can set the background color, image and form styles as well as buttons too.

Below is the custom login page which was created using the WordPress plugin.

WordPress login

Custom Login Plugin:

WordPress login

The custom login plugin is quite different from the custom login page customizer plugin. It had different and enriched functionality and feature set. You can make your WordPress login page more excited with this custom login plugin. It supports many versions.

you cannot customize the login page using customizer instead it had a separate detailed option in the settings page to edit as shown below.

WordPress login

There is no need to understand the HTML, CSS, Jquery because custom login plugin supports all the features inbuilt for doing advanced customizations. With this plugin, each and every part of the login page had to be separately customized. Your login page is separated into the logo, login form and anchor texts, buttons etc. You need to specify and select the customize option separately.

Custom LOgin(Login Page Styler)

WordPress login

It is the best plugin to create beautiful WordPress login pages even though it might not be so popular. But it had many advanced features to style your WordPress custom login. It offers multiple features where you can access some in the free version and needs to upgrade for the premium version if you expect beyond.

The custom login plugin is compatible with any other plugins. The login page styler gives you the admin custom login, registration and recovery pages with a new customized look in a few minutes. Use of this plugin requires zero coding skills and is very easy to use. You can design eye-catching login pages within a few minutes itself.

In the premium feature it had the flexibility of creating the custom login pages very attractively. This plugin is a very good choice for the business websites. It provides all the features as the other plugins do. The security feature such as captcha.

The below image shows how beautiful is the login page created using the custom login plugin.

WordPress login


  • You can put plugin on/off mode.
  • You can add your own custom logo on the admin custom login pages.
  • You can change the logo style and title with the login page styler plugin.
  • You can style your logo dimensions.
  • Using this plugin you can change login form styles, color, dimensions etc.
  • You can customize the textboxes, button styles, navigational links using the login page styler plugin.

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The above described are the 3 best WordPress custom login plugins to customize your login pages in any way you like. It’s up to you. This custom login plugins mainly benefits the business websites more rather than normal websites. They provide good security in the form of captcha.