As a marketer or a business owner worried about boosting sales for your business or promoting popular posts on your website. Indeed for every business in order to attain success, there should be proper user engagement, views and interactions of the customers.

Nowadays every business is focusing on web promotion in the form ads, content display ads on the website, etc. 

Might the website owner try to fix the problem of promoting the most engaging posts on the website.

All sorts of failures in the promotion of business can be removed with the help of monsterinsights. It’s a powerful and user friendly platform that helps in bringing your business a success with their strategic business decisions.

Whatever may be your business, you can reduce the bounce rate, increase conversion rates, maximize the profits, boost page views, within a few clicks. All these happen with the help of monsterinsights.

All now can access your best content and products anywhere on your website using MonsterInsights. 

It’s not just that, but it’s better than ever to get actionable insights and make the best use of your data to improve the efficiency of your site.

Now lets walk through each of these features in detail.

Helping users with best content through popular posts:

Have you worried that your content goes waste and no one else is seeing it. Sometimes, your best posts cannot be caught by your visitors. 

All the things get changed if you use the Monster-insights.

MonsterInsight helps to show your readers the great and popular blog posts on your website and gain easy page views, user engagement and keep logging visitors on your website. If more people are reading your content, then you can get more clicks and conversion ultimately.

Monsterinsights comes with 3 popular features to display the most popular posts on your website and to gain outstanding performance and increased revenue share.

They are:

  1. Inline Popular Posts : It helps to display posts within the text of your content.
  2. Popular Posts Widget: It can show up to 10 articles anywhere on your site, such as your sidebar or at the end of the post.
  3. Popular Products: If you have an eCommerce store, then make your popular products visible and boost your revenue with these attractive features.

Here is an example of how the popular posts would appear in the blog posts of your website.

When the visitors are going through the content in the blog posts, there will be more chances to go through the content displayed in your blog posts.

eCommerce revenue increase with popular products:

If you want to double your conversion rates for your eCommerce store and grow your revenue, then monsterinsights takes the chance to boost your revenue.

With the help of monsterinsights popular products, you can promote your five star rated products on your online web store, so that you can place the right products before your customers. 

Even a single visitor cannot miss it.

For example, if you possess any eCommerce store related to the clothing, and want to make more money, the monsterinsights popular products feature lets you place your popular products at the end of your product page and sell to your customers easily.

Customizing the most popular  posts on your website:

If you want to make your most popular posts match to your website themes, then monsterinsights shows up a wide range of options to customize your popular posts.

Monsterinsights help you to choose between the flexible themes, font colors, best layout option and changing the font size, etc. Whatever the theme may you select, it comes with more and added customizable options just like that of add label text.

By going to settings in the WordPress editor,, you can change the way your popular posts appear on the website. Even you can edit the popular posts instantly also.

Select the popular posts to display:

You will learn how to display popular posts in the articles. Monsterinsights offers 3 ways to display which posts to show the popular posts. You can start your popular posts based on the comments, number of shares and manually select the top posts.

There is even a possibility of combining automated and curated popular posts. If you have custom dimensions set up on MonsterInsights, the top 10 posts from the last 30 days will be automatically added.

Growing business with contextual insights:

With the help of monsterinsights contextual insights, you can get the important information a business requires for growing your businesses.

This plugin will let you know the website performance and actionable insights for growing your businesses. For example, monsterinsights will send updates regarding the people showing interest on your website from a particular region. Based on it you can interact with your audience, change the website exposure, marketing ideas so as to attract the target audience.


In order to boost your website sales, or page views or getting more user engagement, Monsterinsights is the top rated solution for your business success. You can rely on it for your business exposure at agreta extent.