As a human who is passionate about his work, needs to keep updated backup. The backup terminology mainly fits if you are using the IT resources to make your projects or websites done with blogvault plugin . Their might be many issues, some time sudden crash of the servers will happen, in such cases entire data will be lost. So in order to restore your data or collect your data back you need to support your work with a strong automated backup system.

For the websites owners it should be the initial security feature taken to project their sensitive data. The secure and pretty solution is to set up your website with an automated backup system which takes backup of your website timely. It helps to restore your data back in case of an catastrophic events.

Data backup or recovery is the most valuable investment you will be fed with in case of malwares.

For the WordPress users there are few reliable solutions which helps to take backup of the sites. Blogvault is one of the most popular service which helps in automatic backup of the WordPress websites. To more accuracy it comes with powerful list of features to encrypt and protect your data back.

Whatever the situation might be you need to take the backup of your website to safeguard yourself when an issues arises or server crashes etc.

Before listing on to the powerful features of the blogvault plugin, I am here going to discuss on how to set the blogvault plugin for automatic WordPress backup.

How to setup Blogvault Plugin for automated WordPress backup?

Blogvault plugin is the only WordPress backup plugin with the free staging environment. In order to setup the blogvault plugin for automated WordPress backup, you need to create a blogvault account as the initial step. Then they provide you 7 days free trial which helps you to test whether it does backup properly or not. You can test the accuracy and reliability of the blogvault plugin for free.

Then take a decision whether to go for it or not.

After the account had been created you need to login to the blogvault dashboard and then add your website address which you want for backup of data.

blogvault plugin

Install the WordPress blogvault plugin:

As a next step after adding the website for backup you need to install the WordPress blogvault plugin. You can install it directly from the dashboard or install it manually.

blogvault plugin

I preferred to use the automatic install of the blogvault feature. With in a fraction of seconds the it was installed and started my first website backup. The backup time of the website depending on the size of the website it may taken between minutes to hours also.

To my notice I see that many of the people believe that backup means we need to backup only the database files. It’s wrong opinion. Backup means it includes all the databases and files related to a website.Even though the blogvault plugin supports strong data integrity and backup solutions it’s a good idea to test the backup file which will take just a minute.

So friends i think that you got enough idea of how to do automatic backup of your WordPress websites with blogvault plugin. Yeah then I will drive you into more in depth information and full feature list of the blogvault plugin here.

Powerful feature list of blogvault plugin:

Here are the awesome features of the complete website management and recovery.

  • It supports the backups that always work:

With blogvault plugin WordPress backup one can experience incremental,reliable backup of their work form the comfort of the blogvault dashboard. Because it helps to backup files, database as well full website too.It supports automatic, daily and on demand backup facility also.It gives high optimization with zero load on the servers.The full website backups are carried out by the most capable blogvault servers only.

  • Real Time backup:

It reduces the website downtime by recreating the website form online backups.It supports real time syncing and each and every update is triggered immediately. It is also integrated perfectly for all the woocommerce needs.

  • Stage Sites From Within:

This plugin test the changes to your website in a secured staging environment.Safely test and verify all the changes, work regardless of the web host.

  • Merge Website Changes:

It develops fully staging website by testing the changes and updates as well.It does selective and quick merging.

  • Fastest Auto Recovery:

One can do the fastest recovery of the website even before the other find it out. You can restore all the files and databases from the blogvault repository dashboard.You can get back online instantly.

  • The blogvault plugin helps to easy migration to the other web hosts. Just one click migration and automatically rewrites URLs and links as well.
  • You can even test your backup, auto validate the backup and organize the backup based on the versions too.
  • All the backups are stored in 100% secure offline storage servers which are protected by the encryption services.
  • Blogvault is perfect for the developers and agencies as it provides and does complete website management, update plugins,themes and manage user roles.
  • It provides clients reports and does white labelling. You can get detailed reports of the website backup and recovery. You can rebrand and hide white label while offering or providing services to the clients.

Exclusive benefits of the Blogvault Plugin:

Here are the benefits of the blogvault plugin:

  • It does auto install in just 5 minutes.
  • It does all the backups even in offline, multiple and encrypted backups also.
  • You can do backups, staging and migration without any extra fee.


Blogvault plugin is the powerful WordPress backup and management solution plugin. The staging features help for the managed web hosting mostly. I can definitely say that blogvault is the ideal choice for the agencies and web hosting companies. It provides 7 days free trial also. So enjoy the automatic WordPress backup with the blogvault plugin.