Hi,guys today I am going to give a more knowledge on how to get better conversions for your applications. There are the plugins listed here to know the conversions of the applications with the wordpress AB testing wordpress plugins. These plugins help to know from where you are getting the customers, when we are running different applications. For example if you have landing page with form below the content and another version of landing page having form on right side can see the variation of conversions using wordpress AB testing. You can notice the difference that which landing page is performing well using wordpress ab testing.

Five best wordpress AB testing plugins

Nelio wordpress AB Testing Plugin

Nelio wordpress AB testing plugin provides the users with the high conversion rates and with the beautiful heatmaps which were designed for the wordpress. This testing technique helps to keep the track, manage the ab testing experiments by combining with the heatmaps.It is compatible on the woocommerce platform and you can simply test the names, featured images and descriptions of the products. You can also use your orders as the conversions actions so that the customers can buy the products easily.

Nelio the best solution for the a.b testing for the wordpress

  • It helps in creating alternatives pages, better posts and creative landing pages too.It helps to test from title headlines to the end of the post or page. It also tests the widgets and the CSS rules. It is compatible with the other wordpress plugins too.
  • It helps in increasing the processing load from the server without slow downing the site.
  • This plugin is very easy to install and setup the free trial to know the plugin indepths.

Reasons to select the wordpress AB testing plugin

  • Native A/B testing solution for wordpress helps to track, manage the experiments without a second tool.
  • While creating the A/B testing experiments it will test the pages, custom post types and posts of the website.
  • It will starting testing from the initial line of the posts including title headlines too.
  • It will test the menus and widgets > It will duplicate the default menus and the widgets with the default user interface and test them to increase the conversion rates.
  • It will benefit the business by testing the themes and css rules too.
  • It will regard the important actions the visitors take i.e the conversion rates and the evolution of experiments.
  • It supports the caching systems and improves the loading process of the server.
  • It provides an outstanding support and subscription plan too for the customers.
  • It will optimize the wordpress website to get higher conversion rates.

Icegram WordPress plugin

Icegram is the best plugin to create the optins, call to actions of the choice and show the targeted visitors and converting them as the fans, loyal customers. Its very easy plugin and featured too. No need to hire a developer for the maintaining and starts recording the results right now. It’s a multipurpose plugin where you can grow the subscribers list, convert the traffic to sales and call to action buttons to drive the visitors as fans.


  • Its very easy to use and target the unlimited optins forms and messages.
  • It helps to display different pop form styles i.e popups, header/footers notifications, messages notifications etc.
  • It supports multiple theme designs so as to make call to actions work beautifully and amazing.
  • It can easily integrates with the email marketing services such as the mailchimp, aweber getresponse etc.
  • It helps us to have the powerful targeting display campaigns and locations too.
  • It provides customization options, tracking and giving the analytical reports too.
  • The split a/b testing which is premium feature helps to determine which messages would be better
  • Exit intent is a premium feature which helps you by driving the abandoning visitors to your site.

WordPress landing pages plugin

The wordpress landing pages plugin is very good plugin to create landing pages and to monitor, improve the conversion rates, run the a/b splits and customize your own templates too. This plugin was designed to convert more leads to sales on your wordpress sites.


  • This plugin helps to create beautiful landing pages.
  • It supports visual editor to make any changes to the landing pages on the fly.
  • For continuous optimization it will track the conversion rates on the site.
  • It will run a/b testing on the variations and does the clone to the existing landing pages.
  • It helps to expand the repository with the third party add ons.

wBounce Plugin

wBounce plugin is the best plugin to boost the conversion rates and sales on your wordpress websites. This plugin is a free exit popup software to boost the conversion rates, boost marketing, signups and sales. It is the lightweight plugin used for the optimizations.


  • The plugin helps by displaying the inline popups before the users leave the site.
  • It also displays the pop ups after a specified time interval.
  • It defines the custom content using magic shortcodes for the pages and posts individually.
  • It supports plenty of animation styles.
  • It will add custom css and shortcodes from other plugins.
  • It will set default status and event tracking with the google analytics.

Free Landing Pages Builder plugin

Free Landing Pages Builder plugin is very simple and helps to create the interactive landing pages to host them anywhere. It will monitor analytics, improve the conversion rates and also collect emails. It will create website popups and forms for your website within few minutes.The free plan will helps you to get 200 leads and the premium is available for $69 per month.


  • It will build your landing pages with simply drag and drop option and use simple controls to style them.
  • This plugin helps to find out the best template for your site on the 50 template available.
  • It creates the multiple testings of your landing pages with the clicks.
  • You can integrate them to popular services for marketing, sales etc.
  • This plugin provides the landing pages which are mobile responsive also.
  • It helps to build form with more customization options.
  • It uses the advanced versions of javascript and css files to style the look and feel of the landing pages.
  • It uses the merge tags to know the visitors information.
  • It provides the real time reports and lead tracks.
  • You can receive the emails as soon as you get new leads and its a friendly support plugin.