Understanding of the customer’s behaviour is the true success for your WooCommerce store.

MonsterInsights Ecommerce tracking gives you all the data required for the WooCommerce stores. With ain a few clicks, you can easily integrate the Google Analytics Ecommerce tracking addon to your stores and track the performance.

Adding the powerful Google Analytics Ecommerce tracking helps in finding customer shopping behaviour, optimize your store and drive more revenue.

In this article, I am going to share on how to add Google analytics eCommerce tracking to your WooCommerce store.

Before driving in-depth into the topic lets have a few discussion on the benefits of enhanced eCommerce tracking than traditional eCommerce tracking.

  • Enhanced eCommerce tracking will help you to know the detailed data, powerful reports of the shopping behaviour, product lists performance, checkout behaviour and sales performance.
  • In traditional eCommerce tracking, helps to access or track individual product reports whereas in enhanced eCommerce allows tracking based on the product categories and rand taxonomies that are relevant to your business.
  • Get more detailed insights about the shopping and checkout behaviour reports in enhanced eCommerce tracking
  • You can track the performance of the product lists that are shown to your customers.
  • Can also generate the marketing reports related to sales and discount coupons.

Moreover, the enhanced eCommerce tracking gives you the most essential data that is needed to optimize your store performance to boost revenue.

How to add Google Analytics in WooCommerce?

Just follow the process step by step to set up the WooCommerce Google Analytics using enhanced eCommerce.

Step1: Install the MonsterInsights and eCommerce addon

It’s very simple and easy to start, install the MonsterInsights, it is the best Google Analytics WordPress Plugin to get detailed reports of your dashboard.

Without any coding knowledge, you can set up Google Analytics for your store.

It’s very easy to drive actional insights and configure this plugin to improve the store performance using Google Analytics eCommerce for ease.

Google Analytics in WooCommerce


With the help of MonsterInsights eCommerce Addon, you can easily set up the enhanced eCommerce for your WooCommerce Google Analytics tracking.

In order to activate the eCommerce Addon to your store go to the Insights > then click Addon and then navigate to eCommerce.

Google Analytics in WooCommerce

Once the activation is completed simply head-over to the Google Analytics account.

Step2: Enable the Enhanced eCommerce tracking in Google Analytics

Log in to the Google Analytics account and select the website that you would like to enable enhanced eCommerce tracking and click the admin in the left taskbar.


Click the eCommerce settings on the right side of your page. You need to enable e-commerce, enable related products under this section as below.

Google Analytics


Click the slider under the enhanced eCommerce settings and turn it from off to on and then click the submit button.

Google Analytics in WooCommerce

Step3: Go to the dashboard and enable enhanced eCommerce in MonsterInsights

In order to access MonsterInsights in your WordPress dashboard go to Insights>> click settings and then eCommerce in the top menu of the page.

Now, enable the use enhanced eCommerce option as below.

Google Analytics


The addon is added automatically to your WooCommerce to store and then you can make decisions based on the reports, stats generated to grow your business revenue.

Now it’s time to find out how to track the store performance.

After enabling the enhanced eCommerce feature to your store just go through the below-mentioned reports to track your site performance as a whole extent.

Tracking WooCommerce store performance

MonsterInsights is one of the best plugins to track your WooCommerce store performance. Just go through the reports generated to know how it’s performing.

Go to the insights>> then reports and eCommerce where you can see the overview of the store such as store conversion rates, transactions, revenue and average order value etc.

Google Analytics in WooCommerce


Just scroll down to know the top best products that are performing well. In the top products reports you can know the details about the best products that drive more traffic and sales to your store. Based on this one can have the idea about their products that are performing well, so that they can concentrate on the top products more.


In the next step, you can find the top conversion sources of your products. The report shows the list of websites that are sending traffic to your store. Based on this data you can find out the sources for more promotion of your products.

Google Analytics

You can also get the reports about the products that are added to the cart and removed at the checkout process. You can also view the Time to Purchase and Session to purchase reports to see how much time to took for the customers to convert on your store.


If you want to boost your sales, then install, set up enhanced eCommerce tracking to your WooCommerce store. Definitely MonsterInsights is a great plugin to make your eCommerce business a success.

Try out MonsterInsights today for hassle-free and make your business grow.