For each and every business, whether it might be small or large analytics plays a very prominent role. Because it decides how well your business is doing. 

This analytics will help your business to gain potential buyers, clients, customers, team members and business partners as well.

As your analytics data is very confidential and could give the clients direct access to your Google Analytics account.

Here comes the most prominent tool i.e MonsterInsights to give your clients or partners secure access to the analytics without any issues.

Today, I am going to share a few points on how to share the analytics reports without giving permission to your google analytics account.

Reasons to share analytical reports

You had a doubt that there was any need to share your analytics reports.

Yes, there is.

Showing good statistics and data is one of the most powerful ways to persuade people to your side. So here are some situations in which you might need to exchange your Google Analytics reports:

  • When you’re an agency that handles a lot of clients, you can easily share your Google Analytics reports by keeping them up-to-date on their site performance. 
  • You may need to share these reports with other team members of your company at times to keep them up-to-date on various metrics without needing to use Google Analytics.
  • You will turn a potential buyer to a consumer by showing them how many customers are currently using your product and for how long. 
  • When you intend to form a relationship with another organization, they will most likely ask for statistics on your website. It is also secure and easier to exchange accurate information.

Giving direct permissions to access is not recommended and unsafe and now let’s go through how to share the reports for safety.

How to share Google analytics reports in a safe mode with Monsterinsights

In order to share your reports for hassle-free, there are simple ways without giving access to your analytics account.

Step1: Get weekly stats using email summaries in Monsterinsights

Sometimes, few of your clients or yourself need the weekly or monthly stats of the particular things. In Spite of your busy schedule, you couldn’t spare time to look after the analytics one after the other. 

In that aspect, to simplify your job, Monsterinsights had come with an option i.e email summaries, where it can deliver the important stats to the preferred email inboxes directly.

The report generated is very simple and easy to understand to make important business decisions based on the analytics data.

If you want to view those reports, just go to the dashboard then navigate to Insights>>Settings>>advanced>> just scroll to see email summaries option.


Here you can add up to 5 email ids and run a test mail also. To show your clients how well you’re providing the analytics report, you can add the brand logo to the header section as well.

Step2: Exporting Analytics reports as PDFs

When you’re using MonsterInsights on your website, you can simply download any report as a PDF file and share it with anyone you want. 

No issues can be seen because of the easy to use and flexible export pdf report option. You can see this option in the top of the monsterinsights reports generated. Just click it to get the properly optimized and formatted reports that can be shared very easily with the clients.


Step3: Giving permissions to view the Analytics reports

Sometimes, it needs to give permissions to others to view the reports, in such circumstances, there is a chance to control some user roles and actions. By adjusting the settings, you can give access to preferred clients to view the google analytics reports. 

Monsterinsights makes this process very simple and accurate. Using it one can easily manage the Google analytics account permissions.

Go  to Insights » Settings » Advanced and navigate to Permissions. Here you can see which user roles are allowed to access files, save settings, and which roles are exempt from monitoring.

Step4: How to share Reports in other formats

You already know that Monsterinsights generates the reports in PDFs formats. And if you want to get those reports in some other formats in order to evaluate its performance to a great extent.

You can also generate the reports in Excel, csv files and google sheets also. In order to do so, just go to the google analytics account, navigate to the report that you want to share, you can find the export option as well. Just click the export and select the file format that you needed to download the analytics.


Your report will be generated automatically and you can share to your preferred people via email or share the drive folder directly.


Sharing the analytics reports will expose your brand to a vast extent. Moreover, you will be finding or getting trusted partners for your businesses. Monsterinsights helps to solve your queries very easily and provide the stats accurately to the clients.