Hello everyone, are you waiting eagerly to know how exactly I reached this magical figure.

Yeah, sure I am very excited to share my experiences in the blogging field through this article.

Let us through the step by step in details which added curiosity to my blogging career.

As a newbie, you should first learn from the other co-bloggers. You need to go through their blogs and how they are presented at the time.

If everything is fine, then you need to select the particular theme in which you are ready to go. Make your idea on a paper and launch your website with the free version of WordPress as a new to this field. You need to select the proper domain name for your website niche. You can go to the other paid versions one you are gathering enough stuff and knowledge required to proceed to further.

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Once you selected the free templates on WordPress, then you need to set up with few plugins for the website security.

You need to go for the best WordPress plugins which ensure greater security and high performance for your blog.

You need to provide your basic or personal information in the about us page, the services you offer. Then you need to create the contact us page as well. These ages play a vital role in the early stages of your blogging field. Because you will be exposed to the outer web through this pages only.

Yeah, once your website is ready for the online search engine marketing, then you need to choose the trending topics based on your website theme.

Before writing the exciting content you need to follow some basic rules and regulations which will add extra strength to your blog content.

Once the topic title is ready you need to search for the targeted keywords for that title. You need to look for the competitor’s keyword and try to collect the best keywords based on the high search volume and CPC rates. Then try to place those containing at least three times.

The basic introduction paragraph should be very clear and attentive so that it will grab the viewer’s attention. Put the quality content which justifies it.

You need to use the headings and subheadings in your content. Similar use the images or any videos if necessary so as to strengthen your data. Also at the end, you need to conclude the summary of the topic. It shows your way of presenting the content for your readers.

Yeah, while publishing your article you need to check the following parameters. You need to place the tags for your content, set the meta tags, meta description as well. You can also add an external link if possible. All of which makes your content excited and quality.

On the article is published your work is still pending, you need to promote your content through different networking channels such as Facebook and Twitter. You can also go through the option of automatically posting of the published article in social networks.

This is all about how to launch your basic website and publish an article in it.

This is how I followed to publish high-end quality articles in my blog.

Meanwhile, My blog was served with several ads and a little income out.

But I was not enough and committed to that figure. I want to earn more and spread my knowledge through this blog.

I researched a lot and found the affiliate marketing provides the best possible revenue shares and commissions. I started collecting the affiliate products and promoting through my websites and social networks.

As I am a newbie to this field I earned a few dollars through the affiliate marketing field.

If you find that you’re getting decent traffic and all is well then you can go for the premium version of the WordPress and its plugins for better and more customizable. You can also check the premium hosting companies and their services. If you are a premium member in any option then there are more choices available to make your content look wonderful.

Upon writing some articles, I also started interlinking between the articles which are closely related to one another. Interlinking also drives good impact on the website.

As the next step to widespread my blog i.e in order to build backlinks and increase the Domain and Page authority, I started contributing articles to the other co websites. As the days pass on my website DA and PA, web stats go on increasing on a good scale. I was very excited too.

Is your passion to start a website. Then without a second chance you can definitely start a website.You can definitely increase and spread your knowledge and at the same time earn revenue from it.