Compress Image Using Imagify WordPress Plugin

Most of the websites faces loading issues, some of the issues are asynchronous javascript loading and css issues and Image issues .

Now we will fix image loading issues using free image optimizer wordpress plugin, which provides you free account with monthly 25Mb image compression data for your free account,compress image using Imagify wordpress plugin also provides best features like Bulk image optimization.

Imagify image compression wordpress plugin come with three levels of compressions they are

Normal image Compression: which will not affect image quality in this level

Aggressive Compression: which uses lossy algorithm, which applies stronger compression with small loss in image quality.

Ultra Compression: A strong image compression algorithm comes with backup option, if you want to use original image, you can restore it, this ultra compression will reduce 85% of your total image size, image quality may vary when compared to original image.

Now create your free account in imagify and download imagify wordpress plugin from here
Let’s check how it looks after installation and how it will help to compress jpg images using this image optimization wordpress plugin.

Compress Image Using Imagify WordPress Plugin

Now here you can see three levels of compression’s available in image optimization, let’s select aggressive level and click imagify all button. Then all images will load into queue and compress all images one by one and shows, how much Kilobytes you saved under image details, which looks same as below.

Compress Image Using Imagify WordPress Plugin

Lossy algorithm will checks for image size, if image is already optimized it will send small notice, image is already optimized. You can refer below image

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Compress Image Using Imagify WordPress Plugin

Image compressor will help you to load your website fast, which helps your website to rank in search engine ranks, to rank your website on top of the google search engine you can follow Complete Guide to Writing and Optimizing Great SEO Content.
Now register your account with free plan, after registration dashboard of imagify looks like below,

Compress Image Using Imagify WordPress Plugin

If your website is related to e-commerce, which uses lots of images for your products display, here free plan have limitations, every month imagify will offer you 25MB data for compression, if you need more data you need to opt for their pro plans,which looks like below

Compress Image Using Imagify WordPress Plugin

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