It’s an additional option in the anti-spam plugin. This helps to block access to the websites which contain the spam IP addresses. The spambots are blocked before you getting access to the website and also blocks the pages which contain the spambots. It reduces the burden on the database and the web server.

How does the spam firewall works?

  • When the user visits the website.
  • The data of the HTTP requests are cheeked in the database for any spam IP addresses.
  • If the Ip contains the spambots then it shows the users a special message or else it will redirect to the requested page or website.
  • The entire process is made available in the database or even in the dashboard section for references.

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#1 Clean talk Security firewall protection:

The clean talk security firewall protection adds an extra advantage to look your website more secure. The brute force protects your website and checks for every hour in order to detect any spambots are running and filter them. The clean tank security firewall allows to protect and secure your websites from the brute force attacks in order to find the admin login credentials. It blocks all the sign in attempts which are entering in the form of spam emails.

The clean talk security firewall protection allows blocking access from the specified countries and individual IP addresses.The security firewall reduces the risk of hacking and reduces the load on the server. It also blacklists the IP addresses to enhance the security to the website.You can also get daily security report to your email about the incorrect logins.

CleanTalk WordPress Plugin

Anti Spam WordPress plugin to avoid serious consequences:

You need to take proper care of the security of the website.

  • You need to publish the posts from different accounts i.e creating roles such as the administrator, editor and content writer etc. This helps to get your posts organized and you can increase the security also by assigning the posts in different roles.
  • If anyone requires the administrator access for the configuration change give and remove after the completion of the task.
  • Maintaining the updated backups will help you a lot in spite of any issues.

Security Log by the cleantalk:

The security log feature online will track and keep the log of attempts to log in.The clean tank security traffic control tracks each and every visitor and provides the traffic parameters. It will check the parameters such as date, time of the visit to your website, time spent on the website, IP addresses, browser, source country operational system, type of visitor and the number of pages visited all those things are checked.

Clean Talk WordPress Plugin

The clean talk anti-spam plugin is a free plugin but works effectively for the premium. The clean talk security firewall protection helps the website from entering the spam or bots.

How to increase the service months from the clean talk:

  • By sharing your clean talk homepage on the LinkedIn you can add extra 1-month free package to your license.
  • By sending the link to the clean tank review which you had posted on your blog, you can add 12 some extra bonuses.
  • You can also enjoy one month free by tweeting.
  • By sharing on facebook you can add 3 months bonus to use the clean talk services.
  • By paying the license amount early you can enjoy 3 months free which will be added to extend the license of your purchase.
  • In order to provide some privileges to your installed plugin on your website you need to look at the advanced settings option and check whether which features will help you to do WordPress scanner and the clean tank security firewall protection.

    Clean Talk WordPress Plugin

    Make revenue from affiliate program of cleantalk:

    You can earn from the affiliate program of the clean tank by sharing the affiliate links with your friends. You can earn 30% from the first 10 paid users and 70% from the first payments from the more than 10 paid users by the affiliate program. All the payments made are genuine and are highly secured. You can get various designs of affiliate links in order to attract the website visitors.

    Clean Talk WordPress Plugin

    Note: If you had any issues in using the anti-spam plugin then simply raise a ticket and their support will approach you via email.

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