First, you need to know what does the wp fastest cache actually mean?

Well, the cache is nothing but which increase the speed of your projects. In wp fastest cache, we will store the data which is very frequently used. If you won’t store the data, you need to get it from the server it will take a lot of time, so to avoid such interruptions you can simply store the data which was recently used in a cache which is a storage or memory location.

So whenever you need to get the data it will simplify your work by taking the information from the cache system without the server. It makes a sense of increasing the website speed too. Here the WordPress caching plugins make your application functions easier and more simple manner.

Here are best-listed cache plugins for your blog which I had personally used on my blog to improve the speed latency.

WP Total Cache Plugin

: is a very good plugin which provides an optimized data to increase the web performance. This plugin makes your web content i.e pages, images or even objects to load very quickly. You can save a lot of bandwidth by minifying and compression of Html, CSS and RSS feed. The visitors can view a number of pages while the pages are rendering very quickly.

Using this plugin you can cache everything such as the pages, files, search results, posts in a memory, or in a disk or in a CDN(Content Delivery Network). You can also remove the unwanted data without changing the functionality.This plugin works in a corporate environment such as a shared networks, dedicated and virtual servers too.

We can import the post attachments directly into CDN(Content Delivery Network). This plugin is also a mobile friendly and can embed the javascript for the template which has to be designed.

WP Super Cache Plugin

: is one of the fastest plugins which cache your blog to a great extent. This plugin generates the static pages from the dynamic WordPress websites and serves them whenever the request are made without much strain and time waste.

This plugin simply serves the static pages instead of going to the web server for the highly complicated Php javascript files. WP Super Cache Plugin offers 3 ways to serve the cache files depending upon the speed they are:

1)Mod_Rewrite: You can serve the Superfast static files very easily.
2)PHP: You can serve the super cached files in dynamic mode with the help of JavaScripts.
3)Legacy Caching: It works for the users who are logged in and who leaves a comment too. It will cache their files very easily.

This plugin process and cross check each and every visitor information, what does he do whether he had logged in or given any comment etc.

WP Fastest Cache Plugin

: is the simple and fastest caching system. It also serves the static pages from the dynamic websites and saves them for future use. Integrating this plugin is very simple and there is no need to update the .htaccess files as they are updated automatically. Mod_Rewrite is the fastest method for caching the system data.

In order to overcome the use of PHP and MySQL for the processing data which requires a lot of RAM and CPU, you need to simply minify the files, HTML, and CSS. You also need to compress the javascript and files which will reduce the size while serving from the server. It had a facility to reduce the display of the page to the repeated users too. It is a user-friendly and mobile friendly where you can enable or disable the caching option for the logged in and out users.

The admin had given privileges to delete the information related to the cached files. We can also block the cache for the specific posts, pages. All the cache files are deleted when a specific page or post had been published.