Well, here I am going to discuss about the wordpress and its plugins which should be considered while developing a dynamic websites. WordPress is the trusted web development platform by millions with a optimized content. It is very easy for the users to install, easy to going with and the most important factor is that it gives an optimized content with greater of use of the SEO concept. In wordpress we can get different plugins for building the SEO projects on a good scale even for the beginners, so a good wordpress SEO website is nothing but the use of the best plugins.

3 Rules for WordPress websites to succeed.

  • Do not install plugins as appears on the screen, first you need basic idea about the SEO and plugins.
  • For beginners need to have complete knowledge of the wordpress to install..
  • First learn the SEO tricks and then go for plugins installation

Majority of the people looks for the code, Seo plugin and some other things whenever there are errors on the website. Its not a good practice because getting remedy for the problem at that point of time is easy but you need to know and fix the issue with the clarity and full stuff. There are hundreds of things to be considered and needs to apply to resolve the issue. If you want your website or business with a quality SEO audit then first learn the SEO and the rules to follow.Go deep and brief about the plugins you had installed and their functioning.

Errors caused due to SEO plugins

In real life I had came across several cases and many times that the SEO plugins causes serious SEO errors too. The errors include the title duplicates, duplicate meta descriptions, canonicals to several pages, slowing the page load by the poorly optimized queries and so on.

For let us consider the All in One SEO plugin , when it is deactivated it includes the noindex tags in the category and it will deindex without your notice.

When you install a plugin, it appears as you’re code and effects the queries as it does with the incompatible templates or other plugins, duplicating functions … etc. SEO, SEO is work and in WordPress too.

WordPress Seo Plugins for your Website:

WP Customer Reviews

WP Customer Reviews is the great plugin if you had a dynamic blog. Here in the blog if the opinions of products or services are important, this is your plugin. This plugin incorporates the opinions of the users with microReports hReview, hProduct and hCardn which will be very helpful in decisions.


The fuzzy SEO boost is a very great and interactive plugin which works quite well and improves the post visits for a long tail. But it has to be used in a good sense with a caution. Trying to abuse or forcing the machine is considered to be keyword stuffing i.e the grounds of penalty.

Functionality Fuzzy Seo Boost : It will track user searches on to your posts and enter them as words at the end of the post.
Check out the microformats of your WordPress: http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/richsnippets

Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker is the one of the SEO plugin which checks the broken links of your site by clicking a button on the screen. It is a very fast, simple and convenient indispensable plugin for the users. This plugin helps to modify the broken links without having to edit the post. If you are the website owner needs to install it compulsory.

Google Analyticator for WordPress Seo

In Spite of many plugins which control the Google Analytics statistics, but for me Google Analyticator is the best. Google Analyticator provides the dashboard widget to control the operations and look them. You can view entire statistics about your projects.

Search Excerpt Plugin

The search engines which are available with wordpress on default does not provide a good result regarding the SEO optimization so this plugin came into function.The search excerpt returns an excerpt containing the the text snippet with the highlighted keywords as the google does.

TAC (Theme Authenticity Checker)

Theme Authenticity Checker is the best plugin to find any malicious program, code or any hidden links in your template that damages your SEO. It helps to get the perfect templates for your projects with no spread of spam data.

Some more similar seo plugins: Yoast Google Analytics for WordPress Seo, Google Analytics Visits, Google Analytics Dashboard.

The question is that what good is it to optimize searches if any SEO would recommend adding a noindex in your blog.?

This is what makes fun and interesting because here wordpress SEO is not a rule that you have to follow, it’s a creative job, creative solutions to badly solved problems. So learn better SEO from the google panda to apply better. Incases the SEO has been misindexed and poorly optimized , if this is applied to wordpress the tags are mis applied to the not related content.

So you can choose another option by Changing the tags by searches, with a single line of code in .htaccess.

RewriteRule ^ tag /(.*)/ /index.php?s=$1 [QSA, L]

But do not apply this way. :) It lacks a security layer so you do not get hung urls. And fix the 404 that sure will appear to you. I hope you enjoy it :)

Infinite Scroll

Well, fine let’s have a look on the another typical issue SEO problem i.e. pagination. The paging or pagination is must for all the wordpress listings i.e. for the Categories, Tags, Home etc. The pagination is a classic in the conversations between SEOs, the desindexas or not. The what to do with the Desindexas or enriquecer ultimately Infinite Scroll is the choice.

Here I am going to provide a more clarity by the Infinite Scroll plugin with a creative solution then the crappy information. Infinite Scroll plugin loads the page or post as soon as the user reaches the bottom of the page. Here the page loads with the Ajax which is the matter of testing.The Infinite Scroll plugin helps to remove the “Next / Previous” links in the page if you enter without active javascript, such as Google. It helps in improving the page performance by making it faster.


Zemanta plugin is the first WordPress SEO plugin which helps to bind the related and authoritative content for the users. Using this plugin helps to gain authority on the content and posts.It helps to get the content for your post, adding links to other posts and related images. You can simply control the content by connecting to the Flickr account and your Google Reader accounts. It simply add content to the post without using any extra tables. It is very free tool and uses its own API. This plugin helps to find the related posts and can test the the websites for promotion.

Plugins to increase the speed of your WordPress (WPO)

The WordPress Optimization plugin is very important to increase or speed up the page performances so as to increase the user experience. This Plugin helps to have the better ROL and better pageviews too. It the best plugin which was tested and can take care of itself.

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache plugin is the best plugin in caching the information on the wordpress websites. You can use it without a second thought because it supports the shared, virtual and dedicated servers. We can integrate it with the large projects by the CDN. It provides the Database object caching, to reduce requests and integrated Minify. It’s a complete plugin which supports a lot.

The important point is that the cache plugins hide the problems of speed of load without resolving them. We need to first optimize the wordpress and then apply the cache techniques.

WP Minify

WP Minify plugin is very important for the wordpress websites as it combines the CSS and JS files so as to reduce the burden to the server. This plugin helps to compress with the gzip format and html also. This plugin helps to increase the page performance by the page load time by saving them.

Head Cleaner

Head Cleaner plugin is the plugin which helps in removing the duplication of the Meta descriptions, Keywords .This SEO plugin solves the issue and also adds the OGP (Open Graph Protocol) tags to Facebook, minimizes css and js etc.

WP DB-Manager

WP DB-Manager plugin is the best plugin to manage the databases of the websites. We can take backup and restore the databases if necessary. It optimizes, repairs and allows you to do SQL queries without having to enter the database manager that you use.

Better Delete Revision

Better Delete Revision plugin to erase the old revisions of the post, lightening the database and making the searches are faster.


The Web Page Speed ​​Checker is an SEO plugin for WordPress that we developed to control that the Pagespeed ​​Score and we did not have knowledge of it. The Page Speed ​​Score is the best value that Google gives with the speed of loading of your page and that goes from 0 to 100. Well, this plugin alerts you by email if this value changes below a figure that you mark.

I here conclude that using the best WordPress SEO plugins to optimize the website is to provide and increase the security , page performance the yoast SEO plugin is the best.