WordPress looks great for content publishing. By using the wordpress one can build beautiful and attractive blog which can attract the attention of the viewer to a lot of extent. In order to make your website look awesome one needs proper structure and design to build the site.If you want your site to be exposed to a great extent and display the content publishing in the site systematically we need to go for portfolio based designs.These portfolio based plugins will help one to establish the content very neatly in the blog.

Now lets us have a small discussion on portfolio:

What is portfolio?

Portfolio is nothing but displaying the information neatly and systematically. For example if you want to display all the projects in our career these portfolios finds to be appropriate one to be chosen.These portfolio plugins helps in each and every point of view mainly to the website designers. Portfolios will make them to separate the data into sections to be visualized clearly.

Here we can find the best wordpress portfolio plugins:

Career portfolio plugin:

Portfolio Plugins

The Career portfolio plugin is the best plugin to show up your portfolio items, clients as well as and co-partners information in an appropriate style by using grid layouts.This information will not overcomes images location ,there were designed in such a way.Career portfolio plugin comes with some extra-ordinary features which are used while designing.The loading progress of portfolio items is shown in odrer to avoid confusins.This plugin provides full screen support for displaying the portfolio items and the images are viewed through silde shows.This plugin is provided with 3 best styles to diplay the portfolio items ,they are square /rectangular style,masonary dyle and puzzle style.socia sharing is madepossible wih the links placing over the items.


  • Career portfolio plugin has high and elegant responsive designs which will attract the viewer’s .
  • Using this plugin we can easily filter the items based on categories.
  • It finds good to view the elements in a full screen.
  • This plugin provides slideshows of the items and we can also zoom them to our need.
  • There are 100 hover styles and animations to show up your items,descriptions etc.
  • Here this plugin will link up the items to social sites to promote the site.
  • There 5 quick popup viewers of the items.
  • This plugin supports almost all design customization options very clearly.
  • For embedding a portfolio on any page by a single click we are using short-codes.This plugin supports it.
  • We can also use css and js to customize if necessary.

Awesome Filterable Portfolio Plugin:

Awesome Portfoilo

Awesome Filterable Portfolio plugin offers awesome experience to its users.This plugin will help us to create modern and outstanding portfolio.With the help of jquery animations this plugin will perform filtering of the portfolio.A wide range of effects and animations are used to customize the portfolio.The time required for configuring this plugin is very less and can be customized easily within few seconds.It provides a great experience to the designers, photographers and artists.


  • Awesome Filterable portfolio plugin is very easy to use and customize the website.
  • Using this plugin we can configure animation properties.
  • This plugin provides us categorized portfolio items very easily and quickly.
  • This plugin supports unlimited categories and portfolio items.
  • We can filter portfolio items using jquery animations.
  • This plugin is available in 9 languages and even more.
  • We can order portfolio items and categories very easily using this plugin.

Unite Gallery Lite Portfolio Plugin:

Unite Gallery Plugin

Unite Gallery Lite Portfolio plugin provides great response to the image gallery and videos gallery.This portfolio plugin helps us to display several images as a single image.It is very efficent when you to have a glance at the childhood photos in a single image.This plugin works fine with java script version and the intuitive power is handed over to the wordpress admin for ease use.It maintains some unique effects which attacts the attention of the viewers a lot.In the gallary option provided we can view all the descriptions of the items which were designed logically in the gallery.

Tiles used in design:

There are 3 tiles used in arranging the gallery items. They are

  • Columns tiles: This type is used for the best image organizing and place the images close or separate to one another.
  • Justified Tiles: This type is used to organizing the images without any gaps and spaces.
  • Grid Tiles:This type is used for maintaining the unique size of the images in the gallery.

Themes used:

  • Default theme:This theme comes with the popular gallery arrangements and enriched features
  • Slider theme:In this theme we can navigate to different slide with the help of navigation buttons.
  • Compact theme:It is a simple theme to place thumbnail any where we want.
  • Grid theme:Here the arrangement of thumbnails in many columns you like.

Some important features of this plugin are as follows:

  • It maintains excellent Zooming effects.
  • It is provided with touch enable facility to have great responses from gallery.
  • It is supported with full screen sliding facility.
  • All the themes which supported to this plugin are very responsive.
  • We can even upload multiple images within a single click.
  • We can customize the navigation of the slides very easily.
  • There are unlimited display options to customize your gallery.
  • We can arrange the items based on the categories.

JDS Portfolio Plugin:

JDS portfolio

JDS Portfolio Plugin is responsible for adding the projects and displaying their information regarding the projects in the portfolio page systematically.It makes one easy to maintain aregard of the past and present projects.


  • This plugin is fully responsive in nature.
  • It provides multi columns layout.
  • Navigation of projects is maintained depending up on the category.
  • It supports slide and fade animations.
  • It can customize the image height and width.
  • It provides admin for customization and elegant visible of the popups.
  • It has 5 excellent colour designs.
  • Here filtering is maintained by the navigation of the slides.

TLP Portfolio Plugin:

TLP Portfolio

TLP Portfolio Plugin is the best choice to display the company’s details,personal information as well as gallery items.All these 3 are supported in this plugin.It provides greater response and it is mobile friendly.It is very easy for us to handle form admin panel by adding the portfolio listed items.It is provided with the widget in such a way that we can apt different items to be viewed.It has isotopic nature.The carousel slider enables us with many different features and settings to display the portfolio items.It maintains different custom fields, shortcodes , tools and techniques.

This plugin use html5 and css3 for coding.For the display of portfolio items we used grid view with the help of shortcodes and 4 different layouts.


  • This is fully responsive in nature.
  • The widget used is the carousel for sliding the items.
  • It has 4 different layouts for portfolio items to be displayed.
  • We are provided with the order option to drag and drop the portfolio items.
  • We can size the image to our need.
  • CSS customization is done .
  • Color and permalink are controlled using this plugin.

Portfolio Pro Plugin:

Portfolio Pro plugin

Portfolio Pro Plugin is mainly intended for professionals.It is very simple and smart plugin for gallery.It is provided with greater response with grid system.This plugin filters the gallery to a great extent.It is mansory based isotope.Beatiful animations are done by filtering the gallery items.Using this plugin we can create a unique a page for displaying the items which consists of screen shots ,project names,client name urls tags etc


  • It is fully responsive plugin.
  • It supports shortcode.
  • It has 3 grid layouts they are mansory fit rows,vertical
  • It is very easy to use and customize the items for wordpress.
  • The image is grayscale.
  • Adding of the Items are limited in using this plugin.
  • Ordering of the images is included.
  • We can unlimited number of projects and portfolios.
  • We can set different number of columns in per a row.
  • Using this plugin we can describe each and every item of your portfolio clearly