As a blogger or any small business owner who owns a platform to share their business, a simple question lies in every mind.

In every mind, a simple question rises such as,

How to make more videos from the content available?


Where do I get more data to make everlasting video content?

The best you can do to promote your blog content is through using the best video maker platform.

You can make the best videos for your blog content.

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How to convert the articles into videos?

In order to convert the articles into videos here is the best video maker platform your articles i.e Lumen5. You can make your social videos very fast using the lumen 5 in just 5 minutes itself.

Here I am going to share with you guys the most elegant and fastest way to transform your existing, old articles into videos is by using the Lumen5. After making videos using this video maker you can use this videos on social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, and other video marketing agencies to gain traffic and links for your content. It will ultimately generate the sales for your links.

In general, you can find many video software and tools to turn your blog posts into videos. But to my experience and simplicity Lumen5 is the ultimate choice for many as it drives good results.

  • it helps to create videos manually from the blog posts.
  • The Lumen5 video maker will automatically converts your blog posts into videos using the RSS feeds.

Creating videos manually consumes your time but through RSS feeds it speeds up the process with little perfectness.

No doubt the Lumen5 is the perfect video maker platform to ruin your online business on the web.

It’s the time to start step and step to turn your articles into videos.

Step By step Procedure to turn articles into videos:

As an initial step to turn your content into engaging videos you need to do following.

  • You need to create the account.
  • Now click on the create a video link.
  • You can select from the available 3 options.

video maker

Now you can select any of the options. I am selecting the first option to add a blog post link to convert into the video. Then click go option which will be taken to the dashboard where all the magic happens for the creation of the video.

You need to select the video formats displayed if not required you may just skip them.

Well, it also provides you an option to select the theme for your video, it is not required you may just ignore or skip it.

You are now at your dashboard to do the edit as you required. You can add the content for the video making, music background along with image background for your selected scenes in the article. Once you had added all the requirements you can save and click finish button. The video will be rendered to you in some minutes. Just wait until and then you can submit in on your social media channels and you can also insert it in your blog posts also.

I had tried a video by using this video maker platform. Please have a look at this video below.

Highlighted features of the Lumen5 video maker platform:

  • Transforms text to video content.
  • Just enter link of your article and Lumen5 will automatically does everything to structure the video based on the content specified.
  • it also provides you the option to copy and paste your content and convert into videos.
  • By simple RSS feeds plugin you can create automated videos as well.
  • Lumen5 does automated workflows with the assistance of AI.
  • It helps to determine the scene length, text positioning, keyword highlighting, media library, music track branding options, branding colors and logo maker etc.
  • You can also set the video formats, fonts, resolutions and aspect ratio as well.

Pricing details of Lumen5:

video maker


Well, Lumen5 as the best video maker platform for creating incredible videos from the existing blog posts or content serves as the major purpose for the bloggers and video marketers. It helps to speed up your video creation process very fast when compared with manually creating videos.

However feel free to share any of the video maker tools and your views, comments on the lumen5 tool after experiencing.

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