Recommended Best Security Pugins for WordPress:

The first thing after installing the wordpress based website is that you should be very intellectual in selecting the wordpress plugins . Because these plugins helps your website remain in an active state and generate traffic to your websites.

There are lots of plugins for keeping your website secure from the hackers, plugins to increase the speed performance , the plugins which helps to run the affiliate programs successfully and the plugins which help your website indexed well using the SEO techniques. These SEO Plugins helps to keep your website content in an optimized format and increase the speed of the blog.

In this article I am going to discuss on the best security plugins for wordpress website, in each phase which suits your website to rank better and index on search engines.

Best Security plugins for wordpress Website:

Here are top two security wordpress plugins which I had personally tested and used in my website to make it secure from the intruders and malicious attacks.

Considering the security point of view many bloggers opt to build their websites on the wordpress because of its highly secured in nature and impressive results from the wordpress plugins. Though our wordpress projects are the content based ones many hackers tries to misuse our website content . Day by day the hacks on the websites are increasing, so you need to be very careful in making every corner of the website with a tight security by using the best and updated plugins.

Wordfence security plugin is the very efficient plugin in making and maintaining the website in a secured manner. This plugin helps to make your online business secure from the hackers and reduces the risks.The plugin easily detects the brute force attacks from the hackers and rectify them. It will continuously checks for the flaws, malwares, scan the files very often and update you if there are injuries to your blog.

It also prevents the wanted traffic entering into the website with the help of a firewall and does scanning from the background sections.It also increases the blog performance by preventing the malicious code running undauntedly in your website.

Highlighted features of this plugin are:

  • This plugin helps to secure your sensitive information such as login details and does authentication too.
  • It does scanning to check any vulnerabilities in your website.
  • It monitors the website from real time scenario.
  • It does block the intruders who tries to attack the website.

The next higher security wordpress plugin is All In One WP Security Plugin. It’s a user friendly plugin which functions with the best from user perspective.The finest thing with this plugin is that it’s very stable and maintain security in all aspects to a large grading system. It will secure the website from every possible way.

This plugin is very easy to install and protects you from the login sessions by securing them. It maintains authentication to the user accounts and identify in case of multiple accounts, it also recognize the default usernames too i.e admin by default is an username which you need to change.

It also blocks all the invalid usernames and forces the users to logout after a particular time span. It also eliminates the spam registrations and backup your data through any email. It will protect your data from displaying on other websites. The blacklist functionality helps to ban the unauthorized users.

One can easily update the .htaccess and WP-config files for security.We can easily inject the export and import functionality into your website for the security point. It also detects the suspicious IP addresses by performing the whole lockup . It also acts as a firewall to prevent malicious code entering into website before loading the pages.