Each and every blogger should checks their websites running with more speed or fast. Quick loading of the blog makes your blog visitors happier which in increase the blog popularity on SERP results. Many people are searching on the google and if found delayed they will leave a negative approach on your website.

Here the time carries the sense and needs to react in that time to enhance the speed of the blog so that your visitors remain consistent.

A blog with fast loading pages will definitely give good results than normal ones. There are several factors to be considered for fast loading of the blog. One of the main things is about the compression and optimization of the images.

Most of the blog size is occupied by the images. If you compress those images properly then you can load or increase the blog performances.

In WordPress, you can see many compression and optimization plugins for the images.
One among them is the ShortPixel image optimizer.

ShortPixel Image Optimizer:

The short pixel image optimizer is the freemium, stable, comprehensive and frequently updated image compression plugin. You can shrink the image size by 70-80% without affecting the image quality. You can increase your website rankings, sales and visitors with this image optimizer plugin.

This plugin optimizes the image son the websites as well as on the media library too. The short pixels work with all the images types such as the PNG, JPG, GIF and PDF documents. You can also choose from types of compression required for you.

Compression types are:

  • Lossy
  • Lossless
  • Glossy

Lossless means no change in image quality.

Lossy means the slight change in image quality.
Glossy is a high-quality lossy optimization algorithm specially designed for photographers.

Pros and Cons of the shortPixel:


  • Shortpixel supports great compression algorithm.
  • It does compress and optimize very quickly.,/li>
  • It is provided at affordable price.
  • No file size compression limit.


  • It does not support the bulk optimizing of the images at a time. It’s the only disadvantage.

2.Smush Image Optimizer Plugin:

The Smush is the number one optimizer plugin for resize, optimize the images. You can set width and height of the images will be scaled down to resize the images. With the smush image optimizer, you can strip down the bulk information without reducing the quality of the images.Smush uses the super servers to cut down unwanted data which increases the website speed.

The smush image optimizer takes care of all the image compression needs for free without losing the image originality.

Pros and Cons of Smush:


  • Its very easy to use plugin and you can optimize wordpress images no sooner you upload them to your website.
  • It can optimize wordpress the bulk images at one time.
  • You can easily improve the site performances.


  • With the free version you can optimize the images upto 50.
  • 1MB file size limit for free version.
  • Lossy compression is available for pro version.

reSmush.it Image Optimizer

reSmush.it image optimizer is a free image optimization based on the reSmush.it API. It reduces the size of the images based on several advanced algorithms. It accepts all file formats to 5 MB only for optimization. It performs optimization just in 2 clicks.You can adjust your image optimization level according to your need.

It is used by the websites on different CMS such as Drupal, Joomla etc.

Pros and cons of the reSmush.it


  • It optimizes the image styles without touching the original quality of image.
  • It supports plenty of debugging information.
  • Their web service is free and does not depend on other third parties.
  • Improves the site quality.
  • It focus only on image optimization backend which makes it simpler and lighter.


  • You find this optimizer little imperfect and optimizes only upto 5 MB file formats.

Hummingbird Page Speed Optimization Plugin:

WPMV DEv released the Hummingbird plugin in order to provide good optimization facilities for the bloggers. This plugin helps to catch the performances of the website that slow down the loading, such as script files, catching, minification and compression.

The best part of this hummingbird Page Speed Optimization Plugin is that improves or boosts the page speed to specific files you need to edit. You can load your pages very quickly and get good score on the Google Page Insights.

Pros and Cons of the Hummingbird PAge OPtimization Plugin:


  • It provides the users with the site performance reports and gives you clear picture of where your site is lacky.
  • It does minification i.e. combine the files, minify to get compress the images for top performances.
  • Catching suite helps to load the pages faster with full page, Gravatar and browser cache controls.
  • GZIP compression for effective compression of files to great extent made possible with the hummingbird.


  • The only negative side of this plugin is that it had many more great facilities for the premium version which starts at high price range i.e 49$ per month.

Cheetaho Image Compression and OPtimizer:

It’s the simple, reliable and awesome plugin which compress the images and increase the website speed load.

The cheetaho Image compression and optimizer plugin allow you to resize and scale images down to your specified size, optimize and compression new images which are uploaded through this plugin API. It supports the lossless and lossy optimize modes and file formats of JPEG, PNG, and GIF.

If your website owns smaller images then your files will load much faster.

Pros and Cons of the CheetahO Plugin:


  • It provide API access and provides 500 free images optimization with 4 MB file sizes.
  • It performs the pixel perfect optimization using innovative tools and progressive rendering.
  • Supports one API key for multiple sites.
  • It supports the lossy and lossless optimization modes.


    The negative approach on this plugin is that it supports only 500 images per month after that you need to go for premium version.

kraken.io Image Optimizer:

The kraken.io Image Optimizer allows you to optimize wordpress images and resize the new and existing images which are uploaded to the websites using the kraken.io Image Optimizer API. It supports the lossless and lossy optimization modes with file formats of JPEG, PNG, and GIF and file size limit of 32 Mb.

Pros and Cons of the kraken.io:


  • It’s very easy and free to use.
  • You can compress images upto 90%.
  • Excellent option for optimization.
  • Quality results and quality services are provided with the kraken.io.
  • You can optimize wordpress images according to the Google Page Speed.
  • It provides the perfect solution to speed up the website performances.


  • WP Super Cache Plugin does not supports the kraken.io image optimizer and gives bad results.

Highcompress Image Compressor:

The high compress image compressor is the best WordPress plugin for image compression. You can compress the images to 95% less. It’s the powerful tool to compress images without losing any image quality. It’s the advanced image compression tool.

Pros and Cons of the Highcompress Image Compressor:


  • It uses low bandwidth and loads the website faster.
  • Using this plugin you can compress images without losing any time.
  • It supports 3 levels of compression i.e normal, high and super.


  • You need go for paid version after 500 images for optimization. It’s only disadvantage.