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If you are the person sketching with some more dynamic ideas to launch new websites for the business venture or projects? Are you getting worried to make a good responsive theme for your websites? Generally, themes stipulate the importance of the websites and their functioning. We can find many themes for free and the themes for paid.

Selecting the right theme for your website depending on the content and information is very important. While searching on Google for the best provider of the themes, I found that elegant themes are the best for the good performance of the websites.

Elegant themes are the most trusted themes by millions of people. Today I want to give the readers interesting and exciting themes for the website’s growth.

1. Divi WordPress theme:

elegant themes

Divi WordPress theme is the most popular premium theme with visual drag and drop page builder. It builds the page more visually and fast like intuitive editor which you had ever seen before. This theme will get adjusted depending on the changes in the website you made.


  • It supports and implements the real time design, i.e when a change is made it will be updated no sooner with the catch of your eye.
  • You can just click and type for adding the content to your pages . There is no need to go to the settings page.
  • Each and every element in the theme is customizable and can adjust the changes on its own.
  • We can enjoy the live responsive previews and can adjust the custom changes accordingly.
  • It contains about 46 content elements for doing any updations.
  • It’s a very fast loading theme and requires no refreshing.
  • The drag and drop option is very easy to organise the elements in the divi themes.

2.Extra wordpress theme by Divi

elegant themes

The extra theme is a very good and perfect theme for all types of bloggers and online publications. This theme helps you to create flexibility categories, home pages, and store related posts. It’s the ultimate magazine WordPress theme by the Divi builder.


  • This theme provides a easy way to establish the categories with a new set of post modules.
  • With the advanced drag and drop one can build a beautiful page driven posts for the website.
  • The extra is fully responsive and makes it look very great on any type of device and screen resolutions too.
  • The extra theme also provides the rating and the reviews system for the articles written in the blog.
  • The custom styles help the extra theme to work with woocommerce platforms more accurately.
  • The extra theme design is tailored to get the elegant pixel perfect design.
  • It provides all the perpetual updates to work with.
  • It also provides premium support if necessary.

3.Nexus WordPress Theme:

elegant themes

Nexus is one of the versatile magazine themes with full of custom widgets where you can get control of the pages very easily. It helps to present the bulk data to the reader in a clear and structured format for an easy go. It uses the grid and typographical hierarchy and a clean layout which provides enough room for displaying the content very clearly.


  • It helps to get the perpetual updates of all the wordpress versions and helps to run in a smooth manner.They maintain high secure and quality using the coding techniques.
  • This themes work under all types of browsers.
  • We can easily translate the theme as it and .pro files for translation.
  • Every space is monetized with ads in a proper manner with this theme support.
  • You can have the complete control over the homepage and do changes if necessary using the drag and drop option.
  • It provides a custom widgets to add the videos, images and many more to the list.
  • Using the theme customizer and the background images we can have the unlimited colors availbale at your side.

4.Vertex wordpress Theme:

elegant themes

Vertex WordPress theme is a very good and stunning theme for the bloggers who want to showcase their products listed in a scrolling through the vertex to end point. The homepage gives the visitors a chance to know the products and the galleries.


  • It provides the updates on all the wordpress versions and it supports browser compatibility.
  • It provides a very responsive design with the css media queries to trigger layout at different screen sizes.
  • The epanel theme option which comes with all the themes helps to control the website without going to the code.
  • The shortcodes help you to design and organise your posts more elegantly.
  • The page templates will give the bloggers an idea to build the pages with different options available.

5.InStyle WordPress Theme:

elegant themes

InStyle WordPress theme is a very good, bold and beautiful screen which turns your images into the canvas. With the help of the theme customs, background images you can grab the attention of the visitors. These themes are updated regularly and it supports all types of browsers.


  • The ePanel theme option in the theme helps to control all parts of the website.
  • Using shortcodes you can create simple and beautiful layouts.
  • The page templates help to make your work easier to get the styles and functions.

6.Sky WordPress Theme:

elegant themes

The Sky WordPress themes had a different approach to giving the visitors an attentive look at the websites with the beautiful styles of the sky floats. The sky theme uses the Ajax to load all your content making the visitors surprised and stunning. This theme supports to load multiple pages in the form slider format.


  • The ePanel theme option enables to make your website look more beautiful with the different layouts, color configuration and optimization techniques.
  • The shortcodes from this themes help to design and organise the posts in a systematic manner so as to increase the functionality.
  • The page templates help you to transform the pages of the website to your own styles and interest.

7.Event WordPress Theme:

elegant themes

Event is a versatile theme which helps to transform the blog activities into the events. All the events are displayed on the dashboard and are shown on the homepage to manage them in an interactive way.


  • The ePanel theme options help to style your website with the different configuration settings.
  • divi elegant themes

  • The shortcodes for the theme makes your website look beautiful and can manage the content very well.
  • The page templates of this themes will show the styles and different functions which help for the website expansion into the search engines.

8.eNews WordPress theme:

elegant themes

eNews is an exercise and subtlety to show the news in an informative way for the visitors. This theme is helpful for the people who wants to display the content more in a clear and user-friendly manner. Here we can cover a lot of information by using this theme. This theme best supports for the news publishing events.


  • The ePanel theme option panel helps to take care of the website functionality without touching single line of code.
  • The shortcodes will build your website with more content in any informative way to display them.
  • The page templates will signify about the styles and functioning format to be in the website for its growth.

9.MyApp WordPress Theme:

elegant themes

With widespread and usage of the mobile applications the MyApp theme had taken a significance in this market. Many people are interested in online applications for the mobile support. The theme of the MyApp is very convenient to create and promote the app very easy. This app was tailored for the mobile apps.


  • The ePanel theme options will help the website performance with the different options such as color changes, adjust layout, managing the ads and many more.
  • The shortcodes in the theme helps to design a good website with multiple content display easily.
  • The page templates are very good enough for creating a stylish and beautiful layouts and formats for the website.

In each and every theme from the elegant themes had their own significance and importance. Every theme has different layouts and designs too. We need to select the best one which suits your business or blog.

AliDropship is the best solution for drop shipping
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