Before going through the plugins for social sharing one need to know about what is social sharing?
Social Sharing is nothing but exposing your content in public ie presenting your skills in the form of electronic device.There are the best plugins where social sharing is very pretty and awesome.

WordPress button plugin Maxbutton:

MaxButton Plugin
Max Button was the first plugin for wordpress regarding social icons. WordPress buttons plugin is very powerful and effective to create social icons and also beautiful buttons for social sharing.These sharing buttons are designed using CSS3, which will give very fast responses in our blog.The plugin features helps you to modify the existing social icon or social share buttons.

Features of Max Buttons

  • It will create unlimited number of buttons for social sharing.
  • No code is required this plugin will take care of every aspect it does.
  • it has 5 beautiful social share sets which can be configured.
  • It also used color picker for beautiful color animations.
  • It good enough for all the latest browsers.
  • It is fully animated with CSS3 by text shadowing and box shadowing facility.
  • It is very easy to see the buttons on several background colors.
  • it also supports shortcake to see your buttons in editor.

Features of Social Share

Max Buttons also has the capability of presenting social sharing icons to share your content on the website.One can easily promote the social sharing with the help of the network.

The following are the social sharing icons:

  • P interest
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Reddit>
  • Digg

AccessPress Social Share Plugin:

Accesspress Social Share Plugin
Access Press Social Share Plugin is the free wordpress plugin which is used for social sharing of our content in the website.It is also used to expose your blog to a great extent.this plugins helps any one to share your website content on any social icon easily.It increases the social share is friendly social sharing plugin.This plugin provides us to activate the social share icon of our interest.


  • Using short code one can display social share any where in our blog.
  • This plugin includes the major social media icons.
  • it fetch the data this plugin uses all the latest APIs.
  • There is a option to select which social media to be selected.
  • This plugin is of full response.
  • It is user friendly plugin to share the data.
  • It will get free updates for lifetime.
  • This plugin provides several up gradations.
  • This plugin has dedicated email and forum support too.
  • Social Media Plugin:

    Social Media Plugin
    Social Media Plugin is a free plugin and is very easy to use it.This plugin adds tons of icons to your blog with more customization features.We can add several icons for mail,Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn,Google+, You tube and can upload custom icons of our interest.we can display those social media icons and tailor them to our need.


    • We can place icons before and after the posts.
    • We can also place the icons on the home page too.
    • You can also display the icons of our interest before and after the page.
    • Using this plugin it is easy to fix the bugs if any.
    • It will show a pop up asking the people to follow or share.
    • It also the users to subscribe by the emails.
    • This plugin will add count to the icons placed in the website.

    Facebook Lite Box Plugin:

    Fcebook Lite Box Plugin
    Facebook Lite Plugin is very simple and it is easy to be configured.This plugin helps to display the Facebook lite box on your website.It can be added to sidebars for easy use.This plugin enables you to increase traffic to your site.You can also get viewers through the Facebook. It is very easy to use and is very important from the social optimization point of view.


    • It is very user friendly.
    • This plugin enables use to set Facebook lite box width,height and language too.
    • We can add Facebook lite box button using short codes.
    • We can also add Facebook lite box popup.
    • It has facility to add Facebook sticky box.
    • This plugin helps us to set the sizes of the sticky box.
    • we can hide or even show friends faces.
    • We can even select Facebook lite box header size.
    • We can also hide or show lite box cover photo.

    Monarch Social Sharing Plugin

    Monarch Social Sharing Plugin:

    Monarch social sharing plugin is a new plugin created by the elegant themes.This plugin provides share counts in order to avoid negative proofs.We can social icons on side bars and also we can monitor their look.It comes with pop ups and fly ins which encourage the social is also well optimized for social sharing.

    Monarch Social Sharing plugin is the private plugin where some cost is put on it ,to get it used.


    • This plugin comes with multiple options.
    • It has a great support for social networks.
    • This plugins pop ups will encourage for social sharing.
    • we can even track the social likes,shares and following with the statistics.
    • It will help us to display the icons on the side bars.
    • We can even change the look of the share icons to our interest

    Cresta Social Share Counter Plugin:

    Cresta Social Share Counter Plugin
    Cresta Social Share Counter is a new plugin came in to wordpress. Your posts and pages are easily shared with this plugin by showing the share count.

    We can share through the following networks:

    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Google+
    • P interest


    • This plugin shows floating share buttons.
    • It supports 9 button styles.
    • It will fade animations to the buttons.
    • It will show share buttons before and after every post and page content.
    • It uses short code to display buttons anywhere on your website.