In any Website to present your content in an intellectual way one need embed videos too. Videos are very easy to hear than reading of the content. Videos give clear picture and view of our content. These videos attracts the attention of the viewers. The presence of the beautiful videos in our blog helps to gather rich set of visitors.

Here are list of Video Player plugins for your websites.

Advanced Responsive Video Embedder

Advanced Respnsive video Embedder Plugin
Advanced Responsive Video Embedder plugin is the simple and easy plugin to embed videos in our blog. It is the best plugin where no need to hanndle it.It is lightweight, responsive ad customizable plugin which supports videos in our website.


  • Advanced Responsive video embedder plugin is SEO friendly plugin for indexing the data to a higher rate.
  • WYSIWYG Editor helps for previewing of the videos without any mess ups.
  • This plugin embeds with CSS for quick responses.
  • It uses powerful shortcodes for display the videos.
  • It embeds URL’s along with videos magically.
  • It has a dialog for embedding videos.
  • This plugin comes with video alignments.
  • it sets the maximum length for display the videos.
  • It provides detailed description of the options available.
  • It supports every video with iframe embed codes.

Cool Video Gallery Plugin

Cool Video Gallery Plugin
Cool Video gallery Plugin is a simple video gallery to upload videos , multimedia files, youtube videos and manage them in the multiple galleries on the blog. It has automatic image generation preview for the uploaded videos using FFMPEG. This plugin comes with the option of providing previews for the images which are to be uploaded for the videos. It also supports .flv, .mov, .mv4, .mp3, .mp4 etc. video files respectively.


  • This plugin uploads and manage videos in multiple galleries.
  • It has multiple video upload feature as well as delete the multiple video gallery.
  • It has an option to add description and title for the galleries.
  • It has an option for setting height and width of the preview images which were to be uploaded.
  • It has a playback feature for loading of videos as a popup.
  • It has a feature to scan the gallery for videos you wanted.
  • Showcase and slideshows are enabled in this plugin.
  • It has a feature to sort the videos in the multiple galleries.
  • It supports youtube videos too.
  • It has shortcode feature for integrating of the videos.
  • It is HTML5 support based plugin.
  • It will attach media files from the library to the video gallery.

WordPress Video Player Plugin

WordPress Video Player Plugin
WordPress video player is a free wordpress video player plugin which is used to beautiful videos to your website. It adds HTML5 and flash players to your website by organising them into playback and playlist videos. Spider video player is a WordPress video player for adding videos to your blog. It has an user interface for embedding the videos with high quality and of full screen. It has a facility to update the themes of spider video player to make it relevant to your website design. It comes with social media feature which enable its visitors to share the videos through that social media.

  • This plugin supports both the HTML5 and flash playbacks.
  • It supports some videos which were listed as follows.They are vime, http, youtube and rtmp.
  • This plugin provides the feature of adding tags to the videos.
  • It has parameters for sorting videos and creating the playlists for them.
  • It has set video player to fullscreen mode.
  • It has social media sharing buttons on the website./li>
  • It has options to set transparency levels, colors and size of the buttons used in displaying the videos.
  • It has 7 fully customized themes.
  • It uses shortcodes for adding large set of videos and playlists.
  • It has positioning options for your playlists.
  • It has setting for your playlists.
  • It has an quick switch between the playlists and videos.
  • It has the facility to shuffle and repeat the playlist.
  • It has animations for the flash player load.
  • It has format priority for displaying the videos ie Flash or HTML5.

WP Video Lightbox Plugin

WP Video Lightbox Plugin
WordPress Video Lightbox is an easy and simple plugin to upload youtube and vimeo videos on your website in an efficient way. This plugin enables us to embed the videos over a page using lightbox overlay display. It is used for displaying vimeo, youtube, flash, images in your lightbox. We are provided with a facility of seeing videos on iphone and ipads. By using shortcode we can embed the videos.


  • This plugin enables us to resize the photos.
  • It also helps us to expand the images.
  • It has animation speed which is set to true or false.
  • PrettyPhoto option is enabled here.
  • The default width and height of the lightbox can be overridden.
  • This plugin comes with different themes.
  • There is an horizontal padding on each side of the lightbox window.
  • It will hide the flashes on the pretty photo.
  • It has the facility of using both the short code and html code for pop up media in the lightbox.
  • Overlay gallery enables us to have full screen image over the mouse.
  • This plugin will automatically starts the videos.
  • The deep linking enables the prettyphoto to update the url.
  • It will load youtube videos over https.

Videe.TV Video Monetization Plugin

Videe.TV Video Monetiztion
Videe.TV Video Monetization Plugin is very impressive for small and medium sized websites. It generates the money viewers looking up the video. It has a free library and adjustable player to generate income. On installing the plugin we come across the video library. In the video library choose one of the video to be played on our site to have revenue share up on displaying the advertisements. One can find the best content on the library to display it in the playlist. We can create a post with video from the playlist. We can track the video for viewers ie who are viewing it.

  • It is a free plugin.
  • It supports html5 and flash playback.
  • It has an high quality video content library.
  • It has video auto play option where the video is played.
  • We can overlay our videos with the images we wanted.
  • It generates real time reports by analyzing properly.
  • It supports the live preview of our videos.
  • It has 85+ demanding sidebars for monetization of our videos on the website.