If you want to earn a top-notch income with the Amazon products on your websites. Here I suggest you the best plugin for your WordPress websites. The Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin is the perfect one to advertise the Amazon products and earn surplus of commissions by using product boxes and Amazon bestseller lists.

Many of the bloggers earn affiliate commissions as a part of monetizing their website. It will be added as an extra weapon or income if you use the Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin in monetizing the blog.

With the Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin, you can increase the value of your affiliate page and increase the income rate for commissions.

In order to get started with the plugin you need to login into WordPress dashboard and then navigate to the plugins, add new plugin and upload plugin. Then click install and activate the plugin. In order to use this plugin, you need to register as the amazon associate and sign up for the Amazon advertising product API and then receive your personal API credentials. Next step is to configure the plugin for your Amazon account to retrieve your licensing key and Amazon API key.

For each and every country separate tracking id is given without it conversions cannot be assigned to your Amazon account. The tracking id should be like aawp-21 it might differ for countries.

After buying the plugin you need to do a few settings such as the licensing, Amazon API etc.You can receive a confirmation email about your license key and automatic updates are made to fix bugs.You need to give the license key and then activate the license key.

Amazon affiliate wordpress plugin









Next you need to set the Amazon API settings.In the status, you will be informed about the connection with the Amazon API.You need to enter the API key, secret access key. You need to enter the Amazon page you want to advertise for.based on the selection the product information such as the title, description and prices will be displayed.

Amazon affiliate wordpress pluginYou need to enter the tracking id to generate affiliate links and commissions.You need to specify the general settings such as the shortcode, cache, affiliate links, check the boxes to execute shortcodes within the text widgets, set the inline information etc.

Amazon affiliate wordpress plugin


You need to set the look and feel of the affiliate pages on the website. You need to specify the following output settings such as title, thumbnail, image quality, description, rating, pricing, button, custom CSS etc.You can customize the appearance of the affiliate commissions to your end.


amazon associates


In the functions option you can specify the settings of the each included functionality. You can set the icons, geotargeting, notices for the links. You can design the templates, notices, and styles for the boxes. You can set the bestsellers list, new releases and set the data fields in the form of a table which makes your Amazon affiliates products look attractive to grab the visitors attention on them. Whenever the products are updated in the amazon irrespective of any prices or new releases it will reflect on your blog also.


Amazon affiliate wordpress plugin

Highlighted features of the plugin:

  • You can enjoy the flexible shortcodes and templates because this plugin supports multiple theme formats.
  • You can get automatic updates regarding the product prices, new releases etc with the Amazon product advertising API.
  • It’s the very responsive and mobile friendly plugin.
  • You can design the output appearance of the products with different styles and customizations options available with the plugin.
  • With the plugin you can enjoy well crafted templates such as horizontal, vertical boxes, lists and tables.
  • It supports the geotargeting with the customized text links.
  • With the plugin you can create the bestseller lists, attracts the visitors attention with the new releases with different design layouts.
  • It supports the HTTPS/SSL secured connection.
  • It supports the event tracking, sorts and filters the generated lists.
  • This plugin comes with well structured admin area where you can customize the settings so as to adjust the display of the products.
  • Comparing the different products specification comes very easy with the table format.

[amazon table=”4157″]

Core functionality of the AAWP:

With the AAWP you can promote your amazon products profitably and earn high commissions too. You can increase the click-through rates of the products with the dynamic functionality of the AAWP. It requires no programming skills but one can gain high customer satisfaction.

1.Text Links:

With the text links one can give the specific product within the content and respective links, output names are generated accordingly.No hi-tech knowledge is required for doing so.

2.Single or multiple product boxes:

You can display the specific Amazon product on any page or post you like. By just one shortcode you can be displaying the product boxes more accurately. The content that needs to be displayed in the product boxes is title, description, current availability, prices, discounts and call to action button are displayed in the product boxes.

3.Bestseller lists

You can list the bestselling products list at one place for the easy navigation of the customers and tell them which products are gaining more visuality based on the keyword searches in the market. With the appearance of the bestseller lists, you can give your visitors a strong reason to buy the particular product.

4.New Releases List;

You can attract the visitors with the new releases list based on the specific product range.

5.Data Fields:

Data fields helps you to display the individual information of the products anywhere in the pages or posts with the help of the PHP functions or templates.


If you want to display the products in the sidebar of the websites, pages, it comes possible with the widgets section.You can place the shortcodes within the text widgets for better glance.

Amazon affiliate wordpress plugin
  • Promote Amazon products profitably
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Increase click-through rate and revenues
  • Knowledge of programming not needed
  • 30 days money back guaranty
  • Flexible configuration
  • Design customizable


Dynamic text links
Product boxes in different variations
Automated lists (Bestseller and New Releases)
Displaying single product information (e.g. price)
Filtering and ordering of lists
Usage of AAWP functions inside your theme