Well, if you want to turn your WordPress website into a membership site then you need to select the best WordPress membership plugins.

With the help of the member site plugin you can grant access for only the registered users of your site. Thereby ensuring more security and safety.

Choosing or opting the right membership plugin for your site is very hard because it decides your fate. If the selected plugin is very good in terms of functionality then all is good if not the condition reverses.

If you want to generate decent income flow, sell your online content or need to build an email list of all the registered users then these membership plugins serve in good purpose.

Benefits you enjoy in creating the membership site:

If you are building or making your WordPress website into a membership site then you can enjoy the following benefits to a great extent.

Building a membership site will allow limit to downloads, accessing online content only for the registered users thereby gaining the email lists etc.

The true reasons why one need to create the membership site using the WordPress membership plugins are:

  • The membership site helps to create the high engaging email list.
  • It helps to establish an identity or authority for your website.
  • You can just earn the recurring income from the subscription of the registered users.

Things to be kept in mind while choosing the WordPress membership plugins:

It is a daunting task for the website owners to choose the right WordPress membership plugins. They need to consider a few things stated below before choosing any one.

  • You need to choose the ease to use WordPress membership plugins for your site if you are not interested in hiring a developer to do so.
  • Make sure the plugin is compatible with the WordPress themes and plugins by testing it on the local WordPress sites.
  • Select the unique membership plugin related to your website and a decent features list.

Now I am to go list you the 7 best WordPress membership plugins in 2019.

7 best WordPress membership plugins:

1. MemberPress WordPress membership plugin:

Memberpress is known as the professional membership plugin for WordPress. It is one of most complete and All In One WordPress membership plugin when compared with other plugins. With this plugin it is easy to create the powerful membership site. It helps to transform your existing website into fully functional membership website for WordPress without any hassle.

Memberpress builds the membership site very easy, control who sees your content and limit access to downloads and also to particular pages in your website. It accepts secure payment gateways. It charges the users instantly for using your membership site.

The pricing for the memberpress plugin is as follows.

  • The basic plan starts at 129$ which is very good option for beginners to launch their websites with membership plugins.
  • The Plus plan starts at 249$ which is very good for entrepreneurs and small businesses.
  • The Pro plan starts at 349$ which is good for advanced membership sites to drive good results.

2. LearnDash WordPress membership plugin:

LearnDash is the best WordPress lms plugin in 2019. It is regarded as the #1 choice for many companies, organizations and entrepreneurs for creating and selling their online courses.

LearnDash helps you to present or offer a robust learning experience to the users as it supports with all the lastest learning trend and techniques etc.

It is not very easy to sell your online courses, thanks to best lms as it makes your work easy and simple. You can sell your online courses in 3 ways.

Through memberships it provides access to all your online courses.You need to implement a shopping cart where users can buy individual courses. You can earn recurring payments through subscriptions.

With learndash you are able to unlock the new courses upon completion of the old courses. It helps the users to engage in most of your online courses. Based on the users performances you are able to award them with the badges and certificates also.

Pricing comes under 3 plans. The basic plan starts at 159$, Plus package starts at 189$ and pro package at 329$.

3. Restrict Content pro Premium membership plugin for WordPress:

The restrict content pro is a full featured and powerful membership solution for WordPress. You can look exclusive content and give access to the valued members. It is a lightweight plugin where different features are added with the help of addons.

This plugin offers with a lot of built in payment integrations for the users safety.

Features of restrict Content Pro:

  • It comes with unlimited discount codes or offer percentages and flat rate based discounts etc.
  • Supports built in integrations to support multiple payment options.
  • It shows reports about your membership site i.e how well it is performing.
  • You can generate the CSV of all the active members of any subscription level.
  • It provides extensive help for the users at fingertips.
  • It is simple and easy to set up and easily manage all your members and emails etc.

The personal plan pricing starts at 99$, plus plan at 149$, pro plan at 249$ and ultimate plan at 499$.

4. Paid membership Pro Plugin:

The paid membership pro is the most complete member management and membership subscription plugin for WordPress. The Paid membership Pro is especially designed for the premium content sites,newsletters, clubs and subscriptions etc. This plugin helps to add a new revenue source to your website. It is very much flexible to fit all the needs of almost all online and offline businesses.

It is easy to install and customizable with unlimited flexible pricing plans.Customizable reports and members dashboards, 60 premium addons for best functionality.

The membership levels for the Paid membership Pro are bronze plan is for free, silver 5$ a month, gold 5$ now and next month onwards 25$ and platinum 5$ now, 25$ from next month.

5. Ultimate member plugin:

Ultimate member plugin is the #1 user profile and membership plugin for WordPress. It is easy to sign up and become members of your website. With this plugin you can easily add beautiful profiles and is perfect to create online communities and membership sites. Ultimate member plugin being lightweight used to create any type of site.

The features of the plugin includes front end user registrations, user profiles, user logins, user emails and content restriction etc.

The ultimate member plugin comes with the range of extensions that allow you to extend the power of the plugin. You can increase the power to your plugin by purchasing all extensions at reasonable discount prices.

6. Members WordPress membership plugin:

Members is a plugin which increases or extends your control over the website. It is the user role or the capability editor plugin which was created to make the WordPress members more powerful CMS. It puts you in control with the permissions on your website.

Members plugin features:

  • The role editor of the members plugin helps to create, edit and delete the roles and capabilities of those roles etc.
  • Members plugin can give one or two or more roles to any user.
  • One can easily build a new role by cloning the existing role.
  • One can use the shortcodes to control who has the access to control.
  • You can make your site private completely if you want.

7. WP-members membership plugin:

The WP-members membership plugin can easily turns your WordPress website into a membership site. It can restrict the premium content and create custom registration fields and forms very easily. The WP- members is an easy to use plugin, set and flexible too. Moreover it is a great tool for the sites which are offering the premium content to subscribers and is applicable to each user.

The features include:

  • The WP-members plugin can hide or restrict pages, posts and custom post types etc.
  • The plugin is very flexible so that the user login profile and registration are integrated into your website theme.
  • It will notify the admin for new user registrations approval.
  • For extensibility it contains the library of API functions.
  • It can create powerful customizations and shortcodes for login etc.

The above mentioned WordPress membership plugins are very much useful and helpful for the bloggers to earn the recurring income. It helps to build authority for your online business.