Best apps for duplicate photo removal in Android devices

Hello guys, today I am coming up with a new top which will be very useful to you a Android phone user.

Are you worried about the storage or space in your Android devices? Without your notice their might be several duplicate flies, photos may exists in your storage. Those duplicate photos not only occupying your space but also degrades the performance of the Android devices. As a result you may experience several issues while browsing. The device may handout suddenly, battery may power may degrades etc.

Remember how best it is, if you remove the duplicates in your devices. To make our work easy to remove out the duplicates from your folders, just pick the Google Play Store. Here you can find out the best duplicate photo removal tools for your Android devices. Below I had listed the #1 duplicate photo removal tools just have a look at them in order enjoy the safe and enriched browsing experience.

1. Duplicate Photo Finder:

The duplicate photo finder app is the smart space cleaner app which is used to delete all the duplicate photos instantly. You can get more space on your phone storage to store other important files. It is also termed as the image cleaner app as it does deep research on the phone storage for duplicate photo removal.

The best part of this app is it is very much free to use and paying.

Features of Duplicate Photo Finder:

  • It had a clean and neat interface so that anyone can use it without any intervention. With a simplified number of steps one can easily clean or remove the junks in the Android devices.
  • This remover app does the work faster when compared with other duplicate photo removal tools.
  • With the help of preview feature you can check all the images before your are deleting and find out any right photo is dropping out.
  • It also supports the auto marking feature where all the duplicates are marked and removed automatically with a single delete option or button.

2. Slidebox-Photo Organizer:

With the slidebox you can easily organize your photo gallery with a quick gestures. By scrolling the photos in the full screen and swipe up to delete the duplicate photos.It is very easy and simple method. Slide Box also does not keep any track of your deleted photos or folders.

Features of Slidebox:

  • You can delete unwanted photos with just a swipe itself.
  • You can easily sort your photos into albums and keep them organized.
  • You can compare the similar photos and sort the best photo into album and remove the other one.
  • You can organize all your photos and galleries in your Android gallery so that you can work with any of the existing apps and services.

3. Duplicate File Remover:

The duplicate file remover or duplicate file finder is the powerful app to remove the duplicates.It’s very easy to find and remove the duplicate files and photos on your Android devices. The duplicate file finder app will remove the duplicates and optimize,organize your phone memory. It just scans and delete the duplicate files, and recover the storage space on your device. It also helps to check with the preview before you perform the delete option on your selected photos.

Features of the Duplicate File Remover:

  • It is a free app and very easy to use.
  • Just it requires one tap to remove the duplicate photos and files.
  • The interface is 100% user friendly and easy to use.
  • You can easily scan the photos or files for duplicates and remove them.

4. Duplicate Remover:

Photos and videos occupy most of our storage space and if we don’t identify such duplicates our storage goes waste. By using the duplicate remover you can identify the similar photos, videos, audios and delete them with one click. The duplicates may exist in your android phones because of downloading the same content multiple times.

Features of Duplicate Remover:

  • Easily identify similar photos from your galleries.
  • With group visa appearance selection of media for more clarity.
  • Remove similar and duplicate photos,audios and videos from the gallery.
  • Also you can check where the duplicate contents are placed and delete from it.

5. Search Duplicate File:

The duplicate files occupy a lot of storage space and slow down the speed. It prevents you from downloading the more music, audios and video content. The search duplicate file is the Android smart utility app where you can locate and remove the duplicates very accurately. It is the first and fastest search for finding the duplicate files.

Features of the Search Duplicate File:

  • You can search images which are duplicate,incomplete and search by resolution.
  • Enriched user experience.
  • It reminds you with a message after search had completed.
  • We can group the search results and save them to find the duplicates.

6. SD Card Cleaner-Storage Cleaner:

The SD card cleaner is the easy storage cleaner and speed booster which optimizes and speed up your Android phone. The speed booster can easily clean all the duplicates and empty files so as to ensure the greater performance.

Features of SD card cleaner:

  • It is one of the easiest uninstaller app.
  • You can clean fast so as to attain the speed booster on your Android devices.
  • The clean master will automatically speed up your phone.
  • It also cleans memory, large file cleaner and SD card cleaner etc.
  • You can free up space very easily and quickly.

7. Duplicate Media Remover:

The duplicate media remover app will remove all the duplicate media files present in your internal and external storages.

Features of Duplicate Media Remover:

  • The selected folders are scanned and searched is performed for duplicates.
  • Each and every individual files that had the duplicates are marked for deletion.
  • You can even schedule the scans allowing only one scan per day.
  • You can even share the scan results also.
  • It perform the routine search thereby improving the speed of the each scan done.


If duplicate files accumulate on your device a lot of storage space goes waste. So in order to deal with such conditions or issues there are very helpful tools like duplicate file remover an effective solution to deal with junkie files. In my above conversation I had clearly explained the tools which removes the duplicate photos, files, audios and videos etc from your Android devices. If you had gone through any of the apps beyond this please comment below.