We all know that wordpress is a free software which can be used by multiple users so as to manage and create a dynamic high quality content in the website. Majority of the users shows a great interest in spite of multiple features and free to use. The main advantage feature i.e virtue, but it can be defect or worst because of its open source anyone can attack and theft the content. It is very defective as anyone can analyze and exploit the problems, errors involved in it and take it to their advantage. In order to better the security feature to the wordpress website I am going give a 6 tricks about WordPress Installation Tips To Increase Security.

In consequence to the bit like bait for sharks in wordpress websites, hacking is the major threat. Because it’s damages the consequences and the fame of the company as well as the reputation of the individuals too. So here I am going to present a few tips to reduce the hacking threat on the websites by maximizing your content on the predefined applications.

WordPress Installation Tips To Increase Security

If you were the novice or an expert users just forget it before the making changes to the code and it’s also better to take the backup of the files so that you can test them on the wordpress installation lies. You can proceed further or implement them when they they are improve correct, in spite of your site functioning. You can also do editing the files as we are going with the help of FTP or by using the cPanel file manager which works ultimately which good results.

Here are the best points where your site can be secured:

1 . Changing the Default prefix during manual installation process:

In order to simple and very fasten the wordpress installation make available the customers the Fantastic tool in the control panel of your web hosting.In order to add extra security feature while installing wordpress manually change the default prefix of the tables(wp_) to another or different one which will be better.

It’s always very good idea to set the username, password, database name, prefix for the tables on the same screen appeared while uploading the files to installing the wordpress on your server and running them. This is very simple and easy way.

2 .Migrate to latest version periodically

You should be alert to the warning and notifications regarding the update son the new versions as the wordpress updates are not optional. The new updates helps the websites in resolving the flaws and also complicate the hacker’s life who had found the holes in the old versions. Please look on the updates very often.

You should also check the plugins and templates used in your websites over the time and needs to be updated. If they had not been updated for long period of time it’s better to choose the alternatives. If you had some inactive sources on the websites they will help the hacker to attack and make you hurt by some flaws.

Always choose and use the best plugins which were need and delete the deactivated plugins and stick to the better choice.

3. Change the default user

The very first thing and the priority is to get into your WordPress to enter the default user, which is “admin”. If you do not mind in changing it, you will have done half the work: you will only need the password. It’s very simple modification. Next create a new user to provide administrator privileges and delete the user “admin” and, when your are notified with the WordPress i.e. what to do with the posts and links belonging to that default user, go for the “Attribute all posts and links to:” option and choose the new user.

4 .Delete the WordPress version of the wp_head section

One important thing is that you need to delete the wp_head section because it specifies the version of the wordpress which had been installed. wp_head section should not be public , if so it can be used by the hacker to detect some flaws in your wordpress to attack you easily. To delete the information, go to the header.php file and delete this meta tag:

<Meta name = "generator" content = "WordPress <? Php bloginfo ('version'); ?>? />

5. Disables template editor

Always disable the text editor i.e template editor which comes by default you will not be able to modify any changes to your code. If your worpress had been hacked by the hacker they can enter the files of templates with some malicious programs so that they can manage your content by taking permissions and uploading files where your content can be theft.

To do this, go to the folder where you installed WordPress and look for a file called wp-config.php. You need to add this code so that files can no longer be edited from the admin panel:

/ * Disable template editor * /
Define ('DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT', true);

6. Protect wp-admin folder with password

Protecting wp-admin folder with password will prevent from exploiting any WordPress vulnerability that may exist in your folder. That is, even if a hacker has the access data to the application, you need to go over this security measure, which is server hold, and will disqualify the access to the administrator.