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WordPress Contact Form Plugins

Contact Form Plugins for wordpress makes the website look beautiful and are of great responsive in nature.Adding contact form plugin to your blog means making your site free from unauthorised users.These plugins are provided with great responses to the user actions.These plugins can easily caught the spam users.It aslo maintains the forms data secretly ,avoids junk informatiom.it can even email the users information for future reference.

The following are the best contact form plugins provided for your website.

Fast Secure Contact Form Plugin

wordpress contact form

The fast secure contact form plugin is the best plugin to build your forms data easily.It mainly focus on spam users and filters them.In this plugin there is no templates to mess with.Using this plugin one can build the form quickly and can addd multiple forms.We can aslo add,remove,delete the fields,and even we re order the form fields.The emails were sent the blog admin by the users and also can arrange meetings to be held over the phone.


  • It is provided with new version code
  • Using this plugin we can add, remove ,delete ,re-order any number of fields easily
  • Adding, deleting,removing,editing,preview are done smoothly with this contact form plugin
  • This plugin provides the fields labeled with some standards
  • .We can add multiple fields of any type:textarea,checkbox,radio,select etc
  • It warms the user if any field is not entered before reloading the page
  • it can easily hide the message and subject from the spammers
  • This plugin provides customized css and form fields
  • This plugin provides all the fields with updated settings and versions
  • This plugin provides greater response to the online schedulings ie arrangement of meeting through phones etc.
  • this plugin comes with akismet which protect the blog from spammers.
  • Using this plugin CAPTCHA images are improved

Contact Form 7 Plugin

Wordpress Contact Form
Contact Form 7 Plugin for the wordpress is the one of the oldest plugin with multiple downloads and usage.It is user friendly and flexible plugin.it provides us to create mmultiple number of forms easily.it is very easy to handle the forms data simultaneously.


  • This plugin provides an easy support for customizing the form contacts and emails with a single markup
  • This plugin mainly support Ajax powered submissions,CAPTCHA and also Akismet for spam filtering.
  • This plugin enables HTML editing
  • This plugin supports several file attachments
  • It is integrated with other plugins for effective functioning

Pirate Form Plugin

wordpress contact form

Pirate Form plugin is a simple plugin for the displaying the contact form.It is also a free plugin for us to create a good wordpress contact form.It provides an easy interface with its users.It supports an user friendly contact form and always stay connected to the visitors.This plugin is easy to use by providing the shortcode on the page where you want.This contact form plugin is fully customized.It provides reCaptcha and avoids spam messages.It comes with SMTP making sure of the messages sent by the visitors.It will secure the contacts by placing them in the databases


  • This plugin has the ability to the choose the fields of required
  • It also a option of choosing the labels
  • It also show some error messages
  • It stores the all the visitors contacts in database for future use
  • This plugin supports reCaptcha
  • it avoids spm users from our blog

Easy WordPress Contact Form Plugin

wordpress contact form

Easy WordPress Contact Form Plugin is the best plugin to build form beautifully.This plugin provides the dragging .and dropping of the forms in a few seconds.It is an easy and powerful process to build multiple forms.This is user friendly plugin and provides great resonse to all devices.One can easily customize the forms by using html blockswidgets,css etc.


  • This plugins provide 100 % response to its visitors
  • It uses pre-built templates in order to save time and effort
  • It provides online form builder facility to just drag and drop of the forms easily
  • It maintains logic based on which fields to be shown and which are not to be shown
  • It splits long form into multiple single forms for easy moments
  • It provides CAPTCHA for spam detection
  • It will respond quickly to the incoming queries and gets notified
  • It will media and files through online forms
  • It has mailchimp to create list of emails
  • Aweber forms are also used to create email list

Ninja Forms

wordpress contact form
Ninja Forms are the type forms which are used with drag and drop option.These forms make one’s work easier and saves a lot of time.The main theme of these ninja forms that they will simply create a form and submit through the simple drag and drop interface.it is very simple to create a form without worry about its limitations, ninja framework maintains all the standards.


  • Using ninja forms we can add multiple form fields into your form
  • we can export and also import required forms and fields
  • we can set datepicker to the text fields
  • We can save some fields of our interest and can reuse them when required
  • We can also set the field which is required for your form
  • We can email the results from form to any number emails
  • Ninja forms are provided with 4 anti-spam options to avoid spammers
  • ninja forms are developer friendly
  • Using the wordpress editor we can customize the emails

WCP Contact Form Plugin

wordpress contact form

WCP contact form plugin is the plugin which has the tendency to exhibit dynamic behaviour of the fields,reCAPTCHA and many other things which makes easy to add the contact form on your blog easily in a few clicks.It is very ready to use up on installaation.The customization of fields is made possible.


  • This plugin provides dynamic form fields which can deleted ,reordered
  • It supports 3 types of CAPTCHA ie numeric Captcha,Alphabetic CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA
  • It maintains different styles for our contact form
  • Here html5 validation is done and some error messages can be edited
  • It has visual indicator for the new messages at the admin toolbar
  • We can export messages to the CSV format
  • It can style the pages to great extent
  • It has autoresponder feature for its users and administrator
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