Hello everyone, Creating and designing a website might be an easy task. But maintaining its accuracy and standards comes to the admin end. He needs to do proper research in establishing his blog career in a more profitable manner. If other bloggers or any agency wants to recognize your website they search your website stats based on the domain authority.

If you build your website with good and quality content as well backlinks then your website domain authority will be definitely high. There are many online tools which help s you to check your domain authority, SEO score, page authority etc. The best DA and PA will help you’re to quote the price for the sponsored posts on your blog.

What is Domain authority?

Domain Authority is the score which resembles the ability or strength of the website to rank best on search engines. If your websites had lower DA and PA this means it’s very difficult for your pages or website to rank best on the search engines.

Domain authority for a website is calculated in terms of 100. Your DA starts from 1 to 100. The greater the DA the more traffic and reputation of your website on the web. The page authority is calculated for 10. It starts from 1 to 10. If PA is more than your page value is increased a lot.

The factors which include calculating the domain authority are:

  • Number of referring domains
  • Backlink Count
  • Quality of those links
  • Site Content Volume
  • Domain age
  • Social Signals
  • Site Speed

Here are the best domain authority checker tools in 2019:

7 Best domain authority checker tools:

1. CheckMoz.com: Free domain authority checker

The free bulk Moz Checker tool which is very unique, user-friendly and very reliable to check domain authority(DA), page authority(PA ) and Moz rank as well. You can also analyze the SEO of your website with the help of this tool. It is the bulk DA checker of 10 URLs at once. The bulk URL opener is to open multiple links or websites at once.

Here in the image, I had given one website URL as follows. You can check the metrics below.



The smallseotools website is a free domain authority checker to check your website domain authority. You need to enter your website URL and hit enter. You can check 50 domains at once. It also does a good job for the SEO part. You can also check the plagiarism checker, grammar checker, checks word count, it also suggests article rewrites, keyword position checker, backlink checker, acts as the SEO score checker etc.

3. websiteseochecker .com website:

Here is another website domain authority checker to check the website’s stats i.e domain authority, page authority one after the other. It is the all in one website checker it does the SEO checker, it also helps you to check the website trust flow, domain age, Alexa rank checker, spam score checker, page authority checker, backlink and keyword difficulty checker etc.


4. Thehoth.com website:

Why one should use this domain authority checker tools. Because they will quickly evaluate the quality and lifetime of the website. The hoth.com is one such domain authority checker tool to calculate the websites DA, PA and spam score etc. The Hoth bulk Moz DA checker will determine the strength of some specific pages to evaluate the domain rank well in the search engine results.

With the Hoth DA checker you can check 25 website URLs at once by placing one URL per line. You can use this tool to quickly find out the website authority of your competitors as well. You can also have a close look at the links where your website is impacting a lot. You can also evaluate the potential link opportunities which benefit a lot.

5. RobinGupta.com website:

The RobinGupta.com website is a Domain authority checker tool to check bulk domains at once in an SEO friendly manner. It provides fast results with excel sheet download option. You can search for a maximum of 50 URLs per search. You can check domain, page authority, Moz rank and IP address as well.


6. TurboSeoTools.com:

Use the turboseotools website to optimize your website for search engine results. It a very great website with many useful and handpicked tools for you at one place. You can analyze your written content by using this checker. You can do plagiarism checker, SEO checker, backlink, English grammar checker, it also supports the meta tags generator and analyzer, article rewriting, URL encoder and decoder, Mozrank checker, server status checker. Moreover, this tool is a rich set of all the tools at one place for easy to use.

7. Prepostseo.com:

Domain authority checker by prepostseo is one of the fastest bulk authority checker available online. Making this tool captcha free even faster the checking process. Free users can check up to 50 URLs at once while paid users can check up to 500 URLs. You can also download a report for the results.


All the above-mentioned domain authority checker tools are very good to check the websites quality and trust flow. (However, prepostseo is the winner as it provides more details of the webpage). You can drive good results for your competitor’s websites and the links as well. You can just simply establish a flow to maintain the quality of the websites by checking and testing the quality very often. These tools will definitely drive unique results. So try now for yourself.