List of 5 Best WordPress Android Push Notifications Plugins in 2018

If you want to enrich your website with more traffic and income juice, Push Notifications helps a lot. You can experiment with this web push notifications this year 2018 to drive more traffic which I had done.

Are you thinking whether these push messages definitely drive consistent traffic?

Yes, I am sure that web push notifications help a lot in this aspect.

It’s not possible always to send messages individually to your website visitors. You can send all the web visitors in one go about your website updates. The push service makes your work easy and let’s know your visitors about your updated content.

One thing is that you can let push notifications even when they are not on your website.

On using the push service you can drive impeccable results, as a co-blogger, I encourage you to do the same to increase the traffic.

Now let’s walk through a few concepts regarding push notifications.

What are push notifications?

Push notifications are the kind of system generated messages to notify you about the latest updates on the website. You can get notified in the form of messages irrespective of desktop or mobile users. For example, Facebook or any other social network will update the things with the push messages itself.

Those push notifications never let your visitors go back and help in the growth of your business. THe push messages are helpful for small as well as large entrepreneur businesses. For any business to succeed needs to be publicized first then only you can achieve good results.

If you neglect the push service, it means you are lagging a good sign to improve your website growth.

As you are very much familiar with WordPress, it provides many plugins as well. Here you can reach out to the best WordPress push notifications plugins to let push notifications to your web visitors.

Before picking up any of the push notification plugins you need to check the following things.

  • The devices the service support.
  • The subscribers you can gain freely with the plugin.
  • whether you can get any extra features.

How to add push messages to your WordPress Websites?

Best WordPress Push Notification Plugins 2018:

1.PushEngage Plugin

PushEngage is the standalone service for both the mobile and web push notifications. It is the very much dedicated WordPress plugin to add the push notification functionality to the websites. It will send push messages to the FireFox, Chrome and Samsung Internet explorer. It works far better for the WordPress blogs.

There are many features listed with this pushengage plugin to make your work smart.

  • Multiple browser support and implements PushEngage in 5 minutes.
  • HTTP and HTTPS support.
  • It supports multisite and multi user login access control.
  • It does automatic notifications sending with the RSS feed.
  • You can segment your visitors based on the browser they receive push notifications.
  • It works fine with geo targeting concept.
  • You can add one or more call to action buttons.

In the free plan, you can get up to 2500 subscribers.

2. OneSignal Plugin:

OneSignal is also a standalone push notification service which can be easily integrated to any of the WordPress blogs. OneSignal supports devices such as Chrome(desktop and mobile), Safari(Mac OS X) and Firefox(Desktop only).

There is a slight difference between the PushEngage and OneSignal in terms of the device support, but same features list.

The OneSignal plugin configure the deliver push notifications to the visitors and customize the opt-in process too. It is trusted by many of the developers and marketers.

Features of OneSignal Plugin:

  • It supports Chrome, safari and Firefox(desktop).
  • It will send automatic notifications whenever you publish a new post and also set reminders even if the visitors did not reach to the website for long time.
  • It target the visitors based on their language and how many times they visited the blog.
  • It provides the opt in customization.
  • You can watch the real time analytics and check whether your visitors are converted to customers.
  • It performs A/B testing to figure out which messages will deliver prompt response from the visitors.
  • One can also schedule notifications for future based on time zone.

3 PushCrew Plugin:

PushCrew is also another popular WordPress push notification plugin which delivers good returns. It is very easy to install. Upon installing it will insert the pushcrew smart code into your WordPress website automatically. To use this push service you need to copy the PushCrew account ID and paste it in the plugins settings.

With PushCrew you can communicate with your subscribers in an easy and delightful manner. The opt-in and click rates are very amazing with PushCrew as the messages are sent directly to the subscriber’s browsers. You can get updated and real-time information.

PushCrew supports Chrome(both) and Firefox(Desktop).

Features of PushCrew:

  • It displays one to two CTA buttons in the push notifications.
  • It does perfect scheduling for sending notifications in future.
  • It will segment your visitors based on the AND/OR conditions.
  • It will notify you with expiry notifications.
  • Automatic updates with the help of RSS feed support.

It provides 2000 subscribers for free.

4. PushAssist Plugin:

PushAssist Plugin is also a standalone service provider plugin where the setup process is very easy. It makes your website to re-engage your most loyal customers with targeted push notifications.

When customers visit your website they can receive opt-in push messages from your website. You can alert your visitors when a new post had been published by sending them offers, tips or eventually readers to make them loyal readers for your website.

The PushAssist is more effective and efficient in keeping your audience engaged. The push messages are the user-friendly communication channel which drives more opt-ins and click-through rates.

It supports chrome, firefox, and safari.

Features of PushAssist Plugin:

  • You can get instant notifications which appears as message alerts or sound alerts depending on the OS.
  • It supports powerful APIs to send and receive data.
  • It does smart segmentation.
  • It works both for HTTP and HTTPS websites.
  • You can use GCM keys for push notifications.
  • With the PUsh Assist the premium account can send and schedule the marketing campaigns.
  • It will send automatic notifications when a new post had been published.

5. All Push Notification For WordPress:

All Push Notification For WordPress is a powerful plugin to send push notifications to the iOS and Android devices using WordPress integration. The push service is enabled with the custom editor from wp-admin.

It supports only mobile notifications and also had fewer features when compared to other push notification plugins.

Key Features For All Push Notification For WordPress

  • Apple Push Notification Service(APNS)
  • Google Cloud Messaging(GCM)
  • Firebase Cloud Messaging(FCM)

With the All Push Notification For WordPress plugin you can:

  • Send push messages to selected users.
  • You can send push messages when a new post is published or comment is added.

Benefits of using the web push notifications

  • Push notifications are very good at converting visitors to subscribers.
  • You can really drive real traffic, which increases blog performance.
  • It helps your readers or web visitors about your web content and brand identity.
  • Many push services offers free for certain subscriber count, once it had reached the limit there after you are charged.


I can say that PushEngage is far better and most valuable one as it provides decent traffic and 2500 subscribers for free. It does easy segmentation and the autoresponder tool for letting the push notifications very easily.