Well, writing the quality content in order to expose on the web is the first preference.

But today techies mostly depends on watching the video content rather than reading the bulk of articles.

If you are a blogger or a small business owner who wants to publicize your business, you can do by contributing the articles on your website as well as others. But as per the current trend, you need to build or create videos more for your business.

Some people might not be well familiar with creating videos. To help the newbie there designed some video editor tools which help in their work. These video editor will definitely suggest and helps you to build an eye catching videos. Follow the simple steps by clicking the below link to generate quality videos for your content.

4 simple steps to create quality videos for your content.

Here I am going to discuss with you some of the best video maker tools for transforming the articles into videos.

5 Best video editor tools for converting articles into videos:

Below is the list I had mentioned upon my personal experience.

    • 1. Lumen5 video making platform
    • 2. ArticleVideoRobot
    • 3. Animoto: Great videos
    • 4. Rocketium
    • 5. Animaker

1. Lumen5 as the best video editor:

Lumen5 is the best video editor tool to transform or make social videos very fast. It enables the automated video creation with the help of inbuilt artificial intelligence technology. With the AI powered technology, it transforms the articles into more engaging videos as well.

Features of Lumen5:

      • You can easily transform articles and blog posts into videos.
      • Just enter a simple link and it will automatically fetch the content and display it in your dashboard.
      • It also supports the copy and paste of the documents when you are offline.
      • With RSS feeds you can create the video templates automatically everyday.
      • Lumen5 helps to determine the scene length, keyword lightening and text positioning according to the system specifications.
      • you can also select the music track, media files, branding colors, still images and video clips for making a professional and quality video.

For more in depth information of the lumen5 you can click here.

How Lumen5 serves as the best video editor in 2019.?

2. ArticleVideoRobot:

Yeah, Articlevideorobot is also an exciting video editor tool which helps you to create videos from the content instantly. You can definitely increase your website sales and traffic as well. It pricing plans include free and paid accounts. In free account, you can make 30 seconds quality videos. If required you need to upgrade to the paid plan. In the paid plan you can enjoy all the benefits such as selecting the music track, themes, stil images, branding colors, fonts etc to design your video content more accurately and revenuable.

Features of ArticleVideoRobot:

      • With the articlevideorobot you can make your video marketing more easy. You can create stunning video marketing with animation, music background, graphics and a complete voice over with in a second itself.
      • It provides the 6 gorgeous video styles to choose from.
      • You can automatically submit your videos to Youtube, Facebook and social networking sites.
      • It comes up with stunning new and user friendly interface which works everywhere.
      • You can create videos with your personal touch and also the optimized ones.
      • You can create the video with the cutting edge of natural voices.

3. Animoto video editor tool:

With animoto, you can make great videos very easily and simple. You can make marketing videos for business, slideshow videos for photography and families etc. It come sup with 14 days free trial. Coming to pricing for personal use it charges 8$/month, for professional use, 22$/month and for business use, 32$/month.

It’s very simple and easy to go with the animoto video editor.
Just 3 steps.

      • To set the tone for your video choose a style and the song.
      • Next you need to add photos, video clips and text required.
      • Then you are ready to produce and share the video for marketing.

4. Rocketium Video maker Platform:

With rocketium you can make videos solo or in teams. You can enjoy the best video creation workflow. You can also enjoy the free trial before purchase. It does automatic video creation with rocketium video APIs.You can easily generate the 1080p videos in multiple aspect ratios.

For professional monthly charges 39$.
For experts 79$/month billed annually.
For teams 149$/monthly.
For businesses 299$/monthly.

With the rocketium you can make the fastest video, powerful styling and can meet simple editing. You can collaborate with other teams and bring them together on the dashbaord. By using the APIs, SDKs, and automation helps in the creation of videos at your desk.

5. Animaker: Animated videos at your fingertips

Animaker is the best video making software available online and it is 10 times far better than any other tools. It is shockingly very easy to use with the available 6 video styles.

It is the world’s largest animated library with full collection of images, gifs, maps, charts, animated characters etc. It helps you to think more elaborately and beyond the boundaries to create ideal videos for your business or projects.

Features of Animaker video maker:

      • 6 video styles from the single application.
      • Animaker whiteboard 2.0 with 5 unique style boards.
      • It also resembles as the world’s first infographics maker.
      • The pro level features includes record, multimove, camera, curve, transition effects etc.
      • You can add life to your videos with the music, voice overs, backgrounds, branding colors, sound effects etc.
      • It is the one stop solution for the visual needs from the enterprise perspectives.


All the video editor tools mentioned above are very excellent. As a person who wants to promote your business on a large global scale, you should definitely try them at least once.