In order to increase your site traffic and generate more revenue from your blog we need to publish your content in all the social media platforms. Social media platforms include Facebook, twitter and google etc. For the wordpress based websites we have the social media auto publish plugins which does publish of your articles in all the social media sites whenever new updates are made in your blog

Here are the best social media auto publish plugins for the websites.

Social media auto publish plugins

social media auto publish plugin

The social media auto publish plugin for our websites helps to publish our content i.e. posts automatically to the social media sites in a single go. Here we no need to update in each and every social media sites.


  • This plugin will publish posts with a message on the Facebook.
  • It also has the facility to share the link of the post attachments.
  • It publishes to the twitter with an image icon.
  • It also get published by the linked in with an image.
  • This plugin also filters the items which were to be published based on the custom post types.
  • It also filters the items which are to be posted based on the category sections.
  • it has the facility to post on the specified pages of the Facebook.
  • It also enables and disables the wordpress from publishing of the pages on the social media platforms.
  • It has separate and customization message formats for Facebook, twitter and linked in.

NextScripts:Social Network Auto Poster Plugin

NextScripts social networks plugin

Next Scripts social network auto publish poster is the best plugin which automatically re-publishes the posts from your websites to the social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter, linked in, p interest, google+, tumlr, plurk, Instagram, telegram delicious profiles and pages. The entire process with this plugin is fully automated and if you even does any editing for back links to the post will automatically implies in the social media platforms. So that we can reach to a lot of audience to the websites by publishing the posts on different social media tools. This plugins works well for community pages, groups and business pages. The messages are 100% accurate and customization on every network. The main idea of this plugin is to promote yourself by using different social media platforms.


  • This plugin has the categories for each post to be published on the different networks.
  • It uses hashtags to promote on the tags and categories.
  • It supports different message formatting for different social media platforms.
  • It will automatically imports Facebook comments for the post as the wordpress comments.
  • It also imports the replies and mentions from linked in as the wordpress comments.
  • It supports URL’S parameters and url’s shorten-er.
  • We can export/import the plugin settings easily.
  • We can even see the direct links to the published post from the edit page.
  • It has the ability to the spin the message post templates accurately.
  • It will automatically reports the old posts after certain interval of period.

Facebook auto publish plugin

facebook auto publish plugin

Facebook auto publish plugin is the best one which publishes the posts automatically to Facebook pages and profiles.It will automatically update the blog posts into the Facebook. One can publish the posts to the Facebook as a simple message text or by linking and also with an image. It supports the filtering option based on the custom post types and categories.


  • It will post on the Facebook profiles page.
  • It will add the post with an image.
  • It will even share a link to your website posts.
  • we can even attach our blog post to the Facebook.
  • We can post to the specified pages on the Facebook.
  • This plugin can enable and disable of publishing wordpress pages in the social media.
  • The filtering option provided to filter the content based on specific tags.
  • It has supported message formats for displaying the content to the Facebook.

Twitter auto publish plugin

twitter auto publish plugin

Twitter auto publish plugin automatically publishes all the posts from websites to the twitter. We can even post our content as the simple text messages on twitter. We can filter the posts published based on the custom post types and categories.


  • It will post the data with a simple text message.
  • It will publish the post with an image.
  • it too had the facility of enabling and disabling the publishing of wordpress pages.
  • It also filters the content based on the categories and custom post types.
  • It also provides great support for message formats such as post title, post description etc.

Blog2Social- publish plugin

Blog2Social plugin

Blog2Social is a social media plugin which publishes all the blog posts to the social networks from time to time. It has the facility to customize and schedule all the blog post publishes individually to all the social media platforms. This plugin will explore your blog in the society and increases the traffic to the websites. It does the cross post of the content in all the networks. It will repost and schedule all your posts to be published on all the social media platforms such as Facebook, p interest, twitter, linked in, google+, iIstagram etc. It will post to all the community groups on the network, business profiles. The posted messages can be easily customized and scheduled for all the networks. By adding back links it will repost the old posts individually. This plugin enable us to create multiple set of social media networks pages, profiles for the blog and the user. It just needs a single click so that it can be updated on multiple social media platforms. It will even schedule and buffer the posts individually and automatically.


  • This plugin will automatically posts to all the networks.
  • It can schedule posts for individual networks and comments for each network.
  • It can easily share to all the network profiles.
  • It can even set time to publish the posts in future.
  • It will post with the images too.
  • It can manage the posts individually and collectively.
  • It helps in to gather tons of traffic to the site.