seo tips to increase your site traffic from web.

In previous article we discussed about How to Index Your Website to Search Engine Use.Now we see how to increase organic traffic by using seo tips on your website.

• Optimize your content for search engine.
• Guest Blogging
• Commenting on Blogs
• Social Sharing
• Email subscriptions

Before going to seo tips, I would like to share my views on creating and maintain a blog, most of the bloggers create their own blog to make money online, and it’s a best practice to make money through blogging.

To maintain a blog we need to write articles passionately, writing content continuously is challenging task, sometimes we lose our patience.

Starting a blog and earning thousands of dollars immediately not possible, its time taking process, continues blogging might be frustrating at beginning but have one word for you; NEVER GIVE UP, every successful blogger has lots of efforts and hard work behind it.

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Optimize your content for search engine: Here content plays most important role in search engine optimization, if you’re running micro blog with particular product, for this content should be rich and unique.

Quality content can boost up your blog, which gets good traffic from search engines, depending your niche, you should always helpful to your readers and not just for your own satisfaction alone.

Here I will revile some tips for your content, just implement on your website, which increases your site traffic drastically. Let’s check below tips.

  • Use focus keyword in H2 – H4 tags
  • Use keyword in your post title tag(H1)
  • Add your focus keyword to your image alt tag in your blog post.
  • Maintain focus keyword in your blog post content.
  • Maintain post title under 70 characters.
  • Try to add focus keyword in Meta tags and description.
  • Try to write long articles (more than 1000 words, google will index quickly).
  • Your website should load in 1 to 2 seconds, it helps google to indexing fast and user will show interest in visiting multiple times.
  • Maintain good security for your website, which builds trust on your users and increase traffic.

You can also read below articles for best security tips for your website.

If you running a blog, you should consider your blog design, if your blog is not professionally designed, user may leave your blog at the same time it makes you looks unprofessional. For this you need to select best wordpress themes from studiopress themes, which offer best themes with Genesis Framework, which helps to maintain your design easy without any difficulties.

Guest Blogging:

Guest blogging is one of the best practices to drive traffic from search engines, this is better than blog commenting and article directories.

But, main problem is putting it into effect, because most of the blog users not interested in guest blogging. For this we need to create one page for guest blogging, those who are interested in guest blogging can contribute their article in your website.

To increase web traffic to your site, you need to post 1 to 5 guest articles in your website. This drives additional traffic from search engines. There’s are many other significance of guest blogging like

  • Showcasing your writing skills.
  • Building your own brand.
  • Gaining some good reputation in online web.

Commenting on Blogs:
Commenting on blogs is one of the best traffic generating tip for your website, most of the bloggers use this tip in other blogs.

For example, if your blog is related to programming, you just search for best programming website and answer the blog post using comments system and post your links on comment area, that’s it you will get traffic from that website. Your answer should be problem solving, then only user’s trust on your website.

Social Sharing:

One of the popular and best traffic generator to your website is social sharing, for this we need to add wordpress social share plugin, in the market there are very good social sharing plugins, which offers lots of features, if we install one plugin we can see all social media networks in single plugin, once we post the article in your website, this plugin will automatically post your article in all social media networks which you linked to it. Now let’s check one of the best wordpress plugin available in the market with best features.

Elegant themes offer a social share wordpress plugin called monarch, which offers 20 social networks to choose from, you can add and arrange any number of available networks to create a custom collection of sharing options for your visitors.

You can add social sharing buttons in 5 different ways as below.
• Floating side bar
• Above and or below content
• On images and videos
• Automatic pop-up
• Automatic flyin

To check more features of above monarch social sharing plugin please click the link. One of the best ways to generate the traffic from facebook is just join to public groups related to your business logic, and start posting your articles in all groups you joined. By doing this you can drive traffic from facebook.

You can also create a facebook, google+, LinkedIn and twitter pages and promote your website, which makes your website more popular and get traffic from these networks will increase your site traffic.

Email Subscriptions:

An email subscription helps to promote your websites, products etc. Every blog or website need email subscriptions; with subscriptions we can get lager no of email lists of user’s visits to your website. By taking users emails you can keep in touch with your readers.

By using this email list we can send our daily news letters, and we can also promote our products, for this we need best email templates to promote our website and products.

In the market place instabuilder 2.0 is providing best features, which helps to increase your product sales and generate traffic to your website, now let’s check some of the features below


1. New User Interface (Slick UI)
2. Responsive and Mobile Ready templates
3. Drag and Drop Visual Editor
4. 2-Step Opt-in Technology
5. 3-Step Opt-in Technology
6. Built-in Image Editor
7. Built-in Marketing Graphics
8. Advanced Statistic and Analytic Feature
9. Count-Down Timer (Fully Customizable)

I recommend you to take instabuilder wordpress plugin to get more traffic from social networks.
Thanks for reading this article, I request you to share your views using comments.

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