What is meant by rss feed?

RSS means Rich Site Summary where rss feed uses some standards web formats for displaying and updating the frequently updated information. Registering of new users, blog entries, latest audios and videos etc which were updated from time to time, by using rss we can have the updated and latest news into our view. An rss document which maintains the summarized text is also known as rss feed or web feed. The rss feed enables the publishers or bloggers to update the information automatically. All the updated information is cached by the rss feed and gets published.

Here are the 5 best rss feed plugins to your wordpress based websites:

WP RSS Aggregator Plugin:

WP  RSS  Aggregraror Plugin

WP RSS Aggregator is the best and efficient plugin for importing and displaying the rss feeds item on the wordpress based websites. This plugin is very comprehensive and a excellent solution for rss feeds on wordpress sites. WP RSS Aggregator has the facility to aggregate the rss feeds item from different sources to a single site. We can also import the rss feed items directly into the website by using short codes. This plugin comes with some premium ad-ons which make this plugin very advantageous.


  • This plugin has an ability to limit the age of the feed items stored in a database.
  • It is integrated with the simple pie library which comes on the wordpress installation.
  • We can even had a chance to export rss feed items based on the feed source.
  • For each feed source a name has been set to identify among the other feeds.
  • It will multiple feed items from several rss feeds.
  • We can set pagination and time interval for the feed items.
  • The rss feed items are even imported based on the keyword filtering.
  • Using short code parameters we can display feed items based on categories.
  • The widget helps us to have a look on the imported feed items.
  • It has an option to choose i.e. whether to show or hide the feed sources.
  • It will export a custom rss feed based on the feed origin.

RSS FeedBurner Plugin:

RSS FeedBurner Plugin

RSS Feed Burner plugin helps in tracking of subscribers to a great extent. The main theme of this plugin is to detect the rss feed items and send them to the feed-burner, feed press, feed-blitz rss feeds. This plugin helps to maximize your blog users. Here rss feed optimization service is implemented without modifying the .ht access file. We can easily redirect our website rss feed items and comments feed items also.


  • This plugin is very simple to use.
  • It is very fastest plugin.
  • It is even compatible with other plugins too.

Display RSS Feed Plugin:

Display RSS Feed Plugin

Display rss feed plugin is meant for displaying other websites rss feeds in or website on the pages or on sidebars and footers. This makes your site automatically updated by the other sites rss feed sources. It helps us to read some important contents on our websites and even we can publish them. We just to insert the feed url’s on the website pages where your want to display the feeds. The plugin provides huge support for .xml and .rss feed items.

It’s very simple to install the plugin :

  • Just install the plugin and activate it
  • Display the short code of your feeds in the page you want
  • We can even display multiple rss feeds items in a single page


  • The height and width of the rss feed items can be customized to our need.
  • We can even set border, border color, background etc.
  • We can set the font size and color for our headings in the webpage.
  • We can also set title and description font sizes and colors.
  • We can set size and color to the creation date.
  • We can show or hide the read more link.
  • We can enable or disable the pagination.

RSS Post Importer Plugin:

RSS Post Importer Plugin

RSS Post Importer plugin is the most powerfull plugin and aslo supports the RSS Aggregate Plugin too. This plugin does the same action as rss aggregator plugin i.e. it imports full rss post. It is the best plugin for importing, merging and displaying the rss feeds on your website. This plugin simply fetches the rss feeds and publishes the full article content of the each rss feeds. Content syndication helps the blogger to get rss feed from other blogs and share the relevant information on the web page. This plugin also also some premium add ons too.


  • It imports the feeds automatically using cron.
  • It simple imports the full text rss feeds for displaying the full article in the blog.
  • It has options to set the number of posts per category.
  • It has an option to display all the titles of the posts using feed sources.
  • It has a simple template to format the imported data.
  • it will append each published post with some text or HTML code.
  • It has facility to append no follow tag to all outbound links for better SEO.
  • It will import and export the rss feeds item using CVS file.

RSS Feed Icon for SpecificFeeds.com

RSS Feed Icon for specificfeeds.com

RSS Feed Icon is the light weight plugin which adds the rss feed items using specificfeeds.com on your website. It uses short codes to display the feeds in the website. It is very simple that specificfeeds.com allows the visitors to receive messages from the blog rss feeds through emails.


  • It has 13 official icons for specificfeeds.com
  • Using short codes it will display the feed items in the blog.
  • It is very easy and ready for translations into other languages.

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