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The responsive jquery slider means that which uses the latest animation effects for slideshows of your content. The wordpress slider gives great look and feel to the websites. The jquery slider helps us to create with more fashionable way.
Here are the best jquery slider plugins for wordpress:

responsive wordpress slider

Responsive wordpress slider plugin

Soliloquy is the best responsive jquery slider plugin for the wordpress which is of free and lite. The jquery slider plugin is the easy and provides the most optimized code for performance and security purposes. By using the custom post types soliloquy helps in creating an unlimited number of jquery slider with many images in each slider on a single click with mouse. It has many features in built and slider management comes very easy with this plugin


  • This plugins uses custom post types to create unlimited number of jquery sliders.
  • We can even drag and drop the image, sorting and saving the image for each wordpress slider.
  • It is SEO optimized and contains alt attribute in the images of all the sliders for display.
  • It is very responsive i.e. on simple touches it gets enabled.
  • It uses shortcodes and template tags so that we can insert them anywhere in the wordpress sliders.
  • It has editing options for metadata of the images i.e. titles, alt attributes .
  • It has smart loading js/css so that it loads on the soliloquy basis.
  • It has an media uploader button to insert in to the posts easily with the help of WYSIWYG editor.
  • This plugin filters to manipulate the sliders output accurately.

FA lite WP responsive slider plugin

FA lite Plugin

WordPress jquery slider plugin for creating responsive sliders fro the featured content. It also create very responsive video sliders from the wordpress content. It helps in creating sliders for already written content in your blogs. It may be either posts, custom posts, pages or gallery images too. The featured article is the best jquery slider which comes up with multiple themes and slider scripts for effectiveness. We can even extend the functionality by adding slider scripts to the jquery slider.


  • It helps to create sliders based on Nivo slider and the compatible theme for it.
  • It is very responsive plugin and mobile ready.
  • It supports multiple slider themes.
  • We can create sliders based on posts,images and pages.
  • It has navigation arrows for navigating through the slides and pagination for identifying.
  • It uses third party slider scripts for implementations.
  • It has preloading functionality on the page which it loads.
  • It is SEO friendly.
  • There are lot of filters and customizes options for the functionality.
  • It has many animation options and layouts.
  • It supports various slider publishing methods.
  • This plugin has a feature where the dynamic areas for fast publishing of the content.

Slider Ultimate plugin

slider ultimate

Slider Ultimate plugin adds a responsive slider to any page using the shortcodes. It has multiple slide effects. It supports wooCommerce integration and product catalog. It is a simple plugin which is very easy to add responsive sliders on any page using shortcodes. It has multiple slide transition effects for the slide to be very unique. The jquery slider has the options to set the slider for auto play or play after specified time interval and time delays also. The slider styling can be changed using the custom css input. Here we had a chance to choose the slider from the wooCommerce or product catalog. We can also provide links o the slides for the people to access the important pages on the blog.


  • It supports full width slider layout which is perfect for all the pages.
  • It uses the simple shortcodes for adding the sliders to any page in the blog.
  • It will create multiple slideshows based on different categories.
  • It is integrating with product catalog slider and wooCommerce.
  • It supports unlimited number of slides in your slider for display in your web page.
  • It will drag and drop the slides to arrange them in order.
  • We can even add youtube videos to the slider.
  • There is a timer bar to notify when the slide changes takes place.
  • It uses thumbnails for slides to be navigated.
  • It has customizable slider options for auto play.
  • We can also add watermark to protect the images on the jquery slider.

Responsive Sangar Slider plugin

Responsive sangar slider plugin

Sangar slider is the best and high responsive plugin for the wordpress jquery slider. With the help of smooth animations, layered slide, touch and swipe support is very easy and truly responsive plugin for the sliders. It has the option to create our own templates as well as some premium templates for the sliders. This plugin is full featured and is very easy to use it. It has an ability to add the html content on the sliders and awesome layer sliders too. There is a chance to create our own theme and template by using an extensive API system. It requires no coding and the layer editor helps in editing and creating the layer content of own. It is very good and animations are observed with an eye catch.


  • It provides very fast and smooth animation effects.
  • We can display the huge content on the slides.
  • It is developer friendly and uses API system.
  • No ads are indulged here.
  • It uses touch and swipe gestures.
  • It is very responsive in nature and very easy to use it..
  • it supports layered videos as well as popup videos too.
  • It has multi layered slides and comes with rich set of options for customizing.

Skitter Slideshow

Skitter Slideshow

Skitter slideshow is a free jquery slider with multiple responsive animations and different options fpr layouts. It supports numerous customization options that suits well for your theme. This plugin crops the images for better presenting in the slides. Here the images divided into categories so that we can handle them easily by simply select that category and presenting in our slideshow. The animations are done to a great extent which attracts the users and viewers a lot.


  • We can crop the image selected to our need.
  • It supports several customization options.
  • It has high quality animation effects for your jquery slider.

WP Slider Plugin

WP Slider Plugin

WP Slider Plugin is the simple jquery slider plugin which is very responsive and vvery beautifully designed. It is very easy and modern plugin to be handled. By default this plugin comes with beautiful configurable slider skin. We can even extend the functionality for skins using premiums.


  • We can create unlimited sliders with multiple slides in it.
  • Using shortcode we can insert the sliders anywhere in our websites.
  • It is very elegant and responsive too.
  • For the reordering of slides in the sliders we used modern drag and drop interface.
  • For each slider we can set its own options which can be configured.
  • WYSIWYG editor is used for editing the jquery slider.
  • It works on all mobile phones such as android, iphone etc.
  • It is very responsive for touch gestures.
  • It supports the keyboard for navigation between the slides in the sliders.
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