Everyone who maintains the website first looks for design which attracts the attention of the viewers, here comes wordpress which helps you to create extraordinary design for your website .Among the various tools which help to create great websites wordpress finds to be perfect because of its simplicity and in built features.In wordpress we find various plugins and themes of our interest, if we want to have any certain feature in to our website it is simple in wordpress, if you want any feature or functionality to your website you can add plugins to your website instead of writing the code for that particular work to be happened.

There are various categories in plugins too..
I Am here discussing about the top 5 newsletter subscription plugins which helps the website for getting accurate emails list with out any junk information and also collect the subscribers information in our website ,also useful for expanding business into the market.You can find the discussion of newsletter subscription as follows:

Elegant Subscription plugin:

newsletter subscription

email subcription

Elegant Subscription plugin is the best plugin for newsletter subscription as this plugin helps in showing a feed burner popup as soon as the website gets loaded.The viewers sign up for free and get nofied whenever we have new post in our website.It avoids junk emails.


  • Elegant Subscription Plugin is the most popular one subscribing emails and converts active viewers as its subscribers.
  • It has important feature ie supporting other plugins activities such as mail-poet,feed burner and other newsletters.
  • It maintains some standards such as feed burner form appears in the website where the time interval set by owner of the software.
  • It has high responsive nature and adjusts itself to various devices such as pc, tablet and mobile devices.
  • Consider the design part on including this plugin is very good, smoothy going on load and exit.
  • We can our own logo image and it is easy to handle admin side.
  • We can add another newsletter subscription form such as mailpoet instead of feed burner using shortcode.
  • We can adjust popup form to our own interest with respect to style,color,width etc.
  • WYSIWYG editor is used in backed to enter messages.
  • Elegant subscription popup form is customized to any kind of theme and the code is highly optimized to great extent.

Mailpoet Newsletter Subscription plugin:

newsletter subscription

MailPoet Newsletters

Mailpoet Newsletter form is auto responding tool to the emails sent and also delivers the newsletter post notifications.This plugin looks great for marketing in wordpress and works beautifully.It captures the viewers with the help of subscription widget.

  • We can drag and drop newsletter editor and send latest posts automatically.
  • We can information regarding the newsletter who has opened ,clicks ,subscribers etc.
  • We can also get data regarding the list of viewers who are subscribing and viewing repeatedly certain newsletters.
  • This newsletter appears same in Gmail, Yahoo,and mobile phones.
  • Mail poet newsletter is very responsive and suits well for wordpress.
  • It automatically removes bounced emails from your list and gives you clean email list.
  • We can segment your mailing list according to opened,unopened and clicked mails.
  • We can add up to 2000 subscribers to receive your newsletter.
  • Spam collector is also available here.
  • It is customized highly.
  • Mail poet newsletter plugin offers over 70 themes .
  • It has a dashboard for displaying subscribers and newsletter.

WP Subscribe plugin for wordpress:

Newsletter Subscription

WP Subscribe plugin is the best, simple and powerful email subscribing plugin which supports Aweber, email list and feedburner.We provide optimized code the pages loads in few seconds.With this plugin we can convert website visitors to loyal email subscribers


  • Email listing is good if we add WP Subscribe plugin to your website.
  • It has effective way to drive repeated visitors and customers to your website.
  • With the email list we can interact with the blog audience .
  • Aweber in wordpress helps the visitors for newsletter subscription in your website either for commenting or registering in your blog.
  • It maintains marketing service which make its owner stay in contact with the users,their website visitors,blog readers.
  • Mailchimp is an online email marketing which helps to connect to their visitors and expand in their business locally as well as globally.
  • Feedburner in the website helps to gather the biggest fans and to keep in touch with the email subscription form.
    It is fully responsive and can change text in subscription box.
    We can place Email subscription form any in theme you have chosen.

Newsletter Subscription Plugin:

Newsletter Subscription


Newsletter subscription is a plugin for wordpress to add a real newsletter to your website for free of cost.It is perfect for maintaining queue.it just looks like an outbox and can easily create mails, send and track them.


  • It provides customization widgets and forms.
  • It has unlimited emails for tracking and subscribers for information gathering.
  • It maintains drag and drop email facility.
  • It has themes which can be customized.
  • It also provides subscribers preferences to find the target subscribers.
  • It has facility to import already registered users.
  • It has automatic confirmation on first login.
  • It has diagnostic panel to check mail capability.
  • It provides html and text versions of mails.
  • It is compatible with WP Mail,SMTP,WP Mail Box etc.

Tribulant Newsletter Subscription Plugin:

NewsLetter Subscription

Tribulant Newsletter

Tribulant Newsletter plugin for wordpress has extra ordinary features for its subcribers which is created by tribulant software.It functions good for personal and business purposes.It works on how you create newsletter and expose them in your website.It provides all in one features and has best experience for email subcribers.

Tribulant Newsletter has mailing lists

  • It Checks spam folder.
  • It maintains list of mails and schedule them according to categories.
  • It has excellent templates for sample.
  • It has expandable sidebar widgets and entire information regarding emails.
  • In styling it Has AJAX features.
  • It provides SMTP authentication and can import ,export its subscribers.
  • It has Email tracking facility and different themes.
  • Tribulant Newsletter has auto res ponders feature.
  • WordPress dashboard widget maintains all its subscribers and customers.

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