If blogging is your passion and needs to put a keen interest in growing the blog structure statistically. You need to put your hands forward and work hard in order to learn your audience interests, the content they show more interesting, the traffic originates and needs to check whether the blog is running in right path or not. In that scenario, Google Analytics plays a major role.

As a professional blogger needs to update with all the above stats for everlasting and dynamic growing of the blog.

To get all the information or data pertaining to the blog, you need the analytical tools like Google Analytics.

If you need some extra information such as the reports and useful data you need to go for the analytic plugins supported by the WordPress.

The plugins help in tracking the Google Analytics code as well as you can view the analytical reports right from your dashboard itself.

IS IT Mandatory to Use the Google Analytics Plugins?

No, it’s your wish. But using the Google Analytics WordPress Plugins will have some benefits such as:

  • Simplify your work process.
  • You can see the reports on your WordPress dashboard itself.
  • You can give input to advanced methods of tracking such as outbound link tracking.

However, you can also add the Google Analytics to WordPress without a plugin too.

The first thing is you can add or paste the google analytics tracking code in the child theme header.php file.

The second way is to use the Google Tag Manager where you can add the tracking code very easily by managing all the script files.

Otherwise, you can opt the plugins where your work is simpler with advanced google analytical report and features in front.

Here are list of 5 best Google Analytics wordPress Plugins:


The monsterinsights is the most powerful and easy WordPress google analytics plugin. It’s very easy to connect the monsterinsights to the WordPress websites and track how visitors use your website. At monsterinsights, the utmost priority is given to the user experience. Because of its simplicity and easy to use you can view all the things in the google analytics reports.

The google analytics tracking code and the workflow with the monsterinsights are user-friendly. With the monsterinsights your site performance and analytics are easy. It’s very easy to insert the google analytics tracking code by switching between themes. You can see the stats from the google analytics dashboard from the admin area itself.

It supports universal tracking and also provides the page level analytics too.

With the monsterinsights you can add google analytics tracking code in two ways:

  • By authenticating using the google account.
  • By manually pasting the google analytics ID.

You can observe the google analytics reports on your dashboard as follows.
Google Analytics

Major features from the monsterinsights are:

  • Ecommerce tracking, ads tracking, file download tracking and link tracking.
  • Events tracking, custom dimensions tracking, popular post tracking, custom post type tracking and performance tracking all are done very easily.
  • Google analytics tools for the enhanced link building.

GA Google Analytics

The GA google analytics is the lightweight when compared to the monsterinsights plugin. It really makes the sense of adding the google analytics tracking code very easily without much difficulty.

With the GA google analytics you can see a small box where you need to give the property ID tracking the google analytics reports for the websites.

You can easily customize the tracking code for the blazing performances.

The enabled google analytic features are as follows:

  • Universal Analytics.
  • Enhanced Link Attribution
  • Display Advertising
  • IP Anonymization

Google Analytics
After adding the google analytics tracking code to your website you need to enter the GA property ID and then save changes.

Analytics Counter

Unlike the MonsterInsights, the Analytics Counter works in the same way. It helps to add the google analytics tracking code either

  • By manually copy and pasting the google analytics tracking code.
  • By signing with the google accounts.

Google Analytics

If had added your Google Analytics account you can start using the analytics counter to view the google analytic data as an overall.

The major defect with this plugin is that you cannot view the google analytic report of any specific pages or posts. You can view the entire reports as a whole.


  • By connecting your Google analytics account you can get stats.
  • Compatible with all the versions of wordPress.
  • You can group the stats by day, hour, minutes and seconds.
  • Multi language support and easy to track.


Analytify makes your google analytics dashboard simple and easy. You can easily add the google analytics tracking code to make all your analytic data accessible at one glance. You can view the entire google analytics reports from the single analytify dashboard itself.

One important thing about this analytify plugin is that you can view important metrics related to the google analytics tracking code or dashboard at this level and compare over the periods and time changes how they are performing.

Google Analytics

You can access the real-time stats, campaign stats, browse stats, social media stats and can check how people are finding you.

It’s a good option for the bloggers to check out this analytify because you can see the stats separately for each and every pages and post.

The google analytics dashboard supports :

  • Front end stat tracking and display
  • eCommerce tracking
  • Helps in SEO optimization.
  • Customizable with any CSS style.
  • It supports or provide stats for premium versions only such as shortcodes, campaign stats, real time stats etc.

Google Analytics Dashboard For WP

Google Analytics Dashboard For WP is also known as the GADWP. It is the most popular google analytics plugin in WordPress. It had millions of active installations because of its free features and easy to use.

It comes quite easy for the google analytics dashboard to add the google analytics tracking code to WordPress. This Google analytics tool will help you to get

  • Over all stats of the entire website.
  • You can also get the stats of the specific post or pages for basic google analytics reports of that specific or desired posts.

Google Analytics

  • You can also get the stats related to the top searches, top pages, and top referrers too.
  • You can get the google analytics dashboard for the traffic overview reports also.
  • You can get the google analytics dashboard for WP stats per page on Front End.
  • You can get stats for the cities based on the geo and regional maps too.

The noticeable features are:

  • In real time to show the google analytics reports of the visitors, channels and traffic source details.
  • The google analytics reports shows you the sessions, searches, page views, bounce rates etc.
  • The google analytics tracking code helps for full code customization.
  • The google analytics dashboard helps to track the events like emails, outbound links, downloads and affiliate links so on.


If you don’t want the advanced reports and features and wants the simple way to add the google analytics tracking code simply use the google tag manager or the GA Google Analytics Plugin. I recommend the MonsterInsights because of its good interface option.

As the google analytics dashboard for WP is free with best and advanced features I also prefer it. And finally comes the Analytify which gives the stats for the individual pieces of content separately. Depending on your choice, preferences, and budget you can opt the best Google Analytics plugin for websites.