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5 Best Cryptocurrency WordPress payment plugins in 2018

Well, these days we often hear the words bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. In order to digitize every part and secure the information from being theft, we do follow many things to consider.

At present a large trade happens between the different bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges. As all the transactions happened online, there will be a tight security to your wallet as well as information. In general sense trading, a bitcoin will help you to earn a surplus amount if you tackle with infinite knowledge.

However as the trading using the bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are very secured they extended their usage into the WordPress blog. They are implemented so as to deliver their services to the Cryptocurrency WordPress blog.

There are several cryptocurrency WordPress plugins to receive the cryptocurrency payments on the WordPress websites. It also helps the website readers to get information on the cryptocurrencies.

In my post I am going to discuss the few cryptocurrency WordPress payment plugins which help to collect payments and also deliver some special functionalities too.

List of cryptocurrency WordPress payment plugins in 2018:

The below-stated cryptocurrency WordPress plugins help to make cryptocurrency payments and donations on your WordPress blog.

1. GoURL Bitcoin Payment Gateway:

GoURL bitcoin payment gateway is one of the most popular cryptocurrency WordPress plugins to accept payments, donations and other cryptocurrencies.

GoURL, when integrated with a few add-ons, deliver some extra functionalities. It can be easily integrated with Woocommerce, Easy Digital Downloads payment gateway, PAid Membership Pro bitcoin gateway, bbPress premium membership with bitcoin payments, MarketPress bitcoin and a few other additional plugins too.

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The goURL is the convenient and easy to go plugin. It is a third party plugin which charges a 1.5% fee as the charges. There are also the plugins which don’t charge for their service such as WooCommerce, easy digital downloads etc.

Features of GOURL plugin:

  • It is 100% open source with White Label solution.
  • You can get payments right to your bitcoin wallet address with little transactional fee.
  • It supports pay per product, pay per download, pay per view or page, pay per membership.
  • It works far better with third party plugins and can be easily integrated to one s WordPress websites.

2. Cryptocurrency All in One plugin:

Cryptocurrency All in one plugin is the multipurpose cryptocurrency WordPress plugin which can handle different tasks. It is very easy to set up and accept payments, donations online. It is very neat and easy to use the plugin. It supports both free version and premium version. In the free version, one can accept donations easily and in the premium version, one can order payments very easily.

It not only accepting the bitcoins for payments but also does things beyond this.

Cryptocurrency All in One Features:

  • It displays the cryptocurrency prices and market cap.
  • It also displays the cryptocurrency exchange rates.
  • It also adds a calculator for the visitors to calculate cryptocurrency prices in different flat currencies.
  • In free version it accepts donations and in paid version it accepts orders and payments.

3. BitMate Author Donations:

BitMate Author Donation plugins are the unique and ultimate WordPress plugin for the authors of the WordPress blogs to accept donations. This plugin helps to add a stylish donation box at the end of your posts. You need to set each wallet for bitcoins to receive donations.

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It is very easy to use and looks awesome. Even you can add the shortcode for the donation box to appear. You can customize the shortcode according to your need i.e on widgets, visual page builders.

Features to be noticed first:

  • It supports multi currency display when you add different currencies.
  • You can set the bitcoin and message wallets when using the compatible bitcoin wallets.
  • It uses the compatible URI formats.
  • It uses local and self hosted colors instead of calling servers.

4. Cryptocurrency Price Ticker Widget:

Crypto Widget plugin is a very helpful plugin that uses the Coinmarketcap API to display prices of various cryptocurrencies. You can display the prices in your website sidebar or in the website content through a shortcode notation form. This plugin supports or displays top 50 currencies in the free version, if you want beyond this you need to go for premium version.

It supports the advanced ticker, price label, multi-currency tabs, fiat currencies support, one can do custom colors, settings and CSS. In the premium version, one can select for the predefined styles and currencies, historical prices and real-time update support. You can easily add widgets and earn affiliate income as well.

5. Bitcoin Faucet:

The Bitcoin Faucet is a software which rewards the visitors for visiting the website with a small fracture of bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. It is nothing but exchanging the traffic to small rewards or for the recapitalization of the banner impressions. If the visitors are viewing the page with ads then he is rewarded with a few Satoshi.

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It is very easy to use and if you want to create the Bitcoin Faucet website then this plugin will be very useful and helpful. It had features such as ad-block detection, style options and used for doing small micropayments also.

Features of Bitcoin Faucet:

  • It supports several cryptocurrencies, captchas, several faucets on the same website.
  • Works perfect on all the mobile devices and adblock aware.
  • High configurable admin interface and no programming skills required.
  • You can get extra traffic from the Faucet Exchange list.


If your website or blog is related to cryptocurrency than the above-mentioned cryptocurrency WordPress plugins will add more functionality to your blog. You can easily accept payments and donations in both the free and premium versions. You can also showcase the crypto price of different currencies in your website.

So make use of every cryptocurrency WordPress payment plugins and themes which just fit your requirement.

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