Adsense Plugins for wordpress

Before going through Adsense Plugins for wordpress,first we need to what is adsense and how it helps the website.


Adsense is nothing but earning money through online.Earning is made possible with the help of ads made available on the website.There are several plugins for integrating the adsense to your website.Ads will appear in the blog depending up on the content described in your blog.this plugin also provides a google serch box option for searching

Among the Adsense Plugins for wordpress the first priority is given to the google adsense

Google Adsense Plugins for wordpress

Adsense Plugins for wordpress
Google adsense is the official plugin written by google for earning profits by displaying the advertisements.Google adsense also supports other webmaster tools too.Google adsense makes available all the google products.We can easily use them.These adsense ads are placed very simply by a simple point and click UI overcoming the placing of snipplets.Google adsense automatically finds the position of placing the ads in the website.


  • Google adsense plugin helps you to add advertisements easily to earn money from your site.
  • Your site gets notified with the webmaster tools by a single click
  • With the help of point and click interface ads are managed easily and quickly
  • You can insert the ads manually in your blog which you considered
  • It supports mobile specific ad layouts by a single click
  • Google Adsense makes some pages exclude from ads

Easy Plugin For Adsense

Adsense Plugins for wordpress
Easy Plugin Adsense makes the blog to earn huge revenue by placing the ads in our blog.It is the first plugin to provide the complete view of adsense ads in our blog.It maintains and manage all the responsibilities of the adsense.This plugin comes with easy and complete adsense support.This plugin inserts ads into posts ,sidebar and every where in the blog.


  • Easy Plugin monitors all the activities for displaying the ads in each and every post.
  • Easy Plugin provides support for multiple languages
  • It maintains the simple possible configuration interface nothing but cutting and pasting the adsense code
  • It provides rich set of options for displaying the ads in our blog ie on header,footer,front or home page
  • It provides sidebar widgets for placing the links
  • This plugin overcomes the google adsense policy of displaying more than 3 ads per page

Google Adsense Integration WP QUADS

X Adsense Plugins for wordpress
Google Adsense Integration WP QUADS provides an integrated adsense to your blog.It provides faster loading of adsense in the blog.It is more efficient to insert google ads and many other ads into your site quickly.It provides quick responses inthe blog.It is used by the developers.


  • This plugin imports all the ads settings and store them in a serial fashion
  • It is supported in multi languages
  • This plugin supports import and export function which helps to migrate to other sites easily
  • It maintains high performance by loading the necessary options of the ads
  • All the code related to the plugin is placed in your site no need of external dependencies
  • It supports the dynamic positioning of the ads
  • W can insert google adsense anywhere in the post or page
  • We can also display 10 ads on your post
  • Google TOS allows only 3 ads per page
  • Sharing of profits from ads is impossible
  • We can insert adsense code any where in a post or page

Now! Plugin For Adsense

Adsense Plugins for wordpress
Now! Plugin for adsense is the simplest plugin to display the google ads.It provides profits to your blog from google adsense.This plugin puts your adsense code only in 3 spots in your post or page in the website.Admin interface of the now! Plugin provides a generous support for every option.Ads EZ a personal server is compatible with this plugin to apperar your ads in multiple websites.


  • This plugin provides popover help for each and every option available
  • This plugin will monitor the adsense blocks in each and every post or page in the website
  • It provides the simplest possible configuration
  • This plugin is beautifully designed and is of full response in nature
  • It enforces the google policy of not displaying more than 3 ads per post
  • It provides rich set of options to suppress the ads on all the home/front pages if necessary
  • It has interface tour to get yourself familiarize with the features of this plugin

Google Adsense by BestWebSoft

Adsense Plugins for wordpress
Google adsense is the best plugin to add ads to pages, posts,search results and widgets.This plugin creates blocks for displaying the ads in our blog.It also customize the size,color,format of the element in the ads on the website.It maintains uniqueness and originality of the ads on your website.


  • This plugin displays add blocks in the widget provided
  • This plugin displays the ads before content,after comment form
  • It will insert ads in the home page, posts,custom posts and tags
  • It will receive the ad blocks from google adsense account