As a blogger you can write well-researched content for your blog. Simply producing and publishing the great blog posts is not enough for a successful blogger. He needs to market the blog posts properly for his growing business. If he wants to establish a good career in this path he needs to build a close relationship with the blog posts and it’s marketing.

Soon after publishing the blog posts it will be automatically published on all the social media networks you attached. Your main goal is to attract the visitors to your blog posts. It is not only possible through sharing links automatically on the social networks you had but also turning your blog post into videos whereby you can get traffic from the youtube sources.

Billions of people are closely attached to watching the videos on the web. So youtube had been emerged as the major platform to promote your business online on a large scale to get more traffic.

it might take many days for you to create an attractive and quality blog post. You might be crafting a lot to produce the best content on the web. There are chances where your old blog posts go unnoticed. Now it’s your turn to reproduce those old posts by turning them into proper scalable videos.

It costs you nothing to produce the quality video content from your blog posts.No need to the camera or video production agencies. With the help of the video marketing software and video making tools like Lemen5 you can create everlasting videos into the market in just 5 minutes.

4 steps to turn your blog posts into revenue videos:

To my notice more than 80% of video marketing business earn good revenue in the form sales. Video marketing will definitely bring you incredible and unimaginable results for your growing business cycle.

Moreover as a blogger or small business owner it took more time to create or develop videos for their business. You need to write the script, do the presentation and also requires editing with quality designs for your videos.

But it looks pretty easy to create quality videos from the existing blog posts on your website. In order to turn your blog posts into videos you need to handle with few things before proceeding further.

  • You need to pick up the great and quality blog posts.
  • make a list of key points from the post.
  • Write a short description based on the key points.
  • You need to select the free stock video images and free music background for your video.
  • Now you can insert the written script into the video using some text and animation effects as well.

1. By using Microsoft PowerPoint:

By using the Microsoft Powerpoint slide presentation you can turn your blog posts into video and then convert the slideshow into the video. You need to create a slide presentation by using the text paragraphs and subheadings in the blog posts. You can also add any images if required. Once you are ready with the slideshow presentation save it You need to choose to create a video to make an everlasting video from the slideshows. You can also select your video quality and export your slideshow as a video.

2. By using online tools like Lumen5:

If you don’t want to use the powerpoint presentation then you can find or get through plenty of online tools which helps to convert or transform the blog posts into an incredible revenue source videos. One Of the most popular online video making tools is the Lumen5.

The Lumen 5 is the user and beginner friendly online tool which helps to convert the blog posts into videos with fewer efforts and in 5 minutes. It also saves your time and money. The important point about this online tool is that there is no need for you to write any script. Because this online tool is AI-powered video creation tool which automatically collects the key points from the blog posts and adds them into videos in just minutes.

In the free plan offered by Lumen5 you can create a quality video of 480p clarity and you can use your own logo and custom colors in the videos. If you want to customize the effects in your videos you need to go for the paid plans.

For more details about the Lumen5 click here.

Best video maker platform for turning articles into videos.

3. By using free video editing software:

Even if it takes more time, it’s a better idea to create the videos by yourself so as to promote your brand in a much more effective way. You can customize the video effects, animations and add the logo or edit the content as per your need and even add the branding without depending on any. There is also no need to pay for the tool used or the video editor.

On online you can find plenty of free video editing software which helps you to create quality videos by yourself. For example, the Lightworks is a completely free video editing software. You can edit very freely.

4. By hiring a freelancer:

Yeah, even if you don’t find any time on using the tools and software you can turn your blog posts just by hiring a freelancer to do it. There are many freelancers platform who helps you to create quality videos for yours. Example Fiverr you can get every type of videos from explainer to product or animated videos also.

The cost incurred in creating the videos for your blog posts also very low i.e 5$ and it’s also based on the video quality. It ranges from 5 to 150$.


By simply using the above-stated methods or tools you can create or transform your blog posts into marketing videos for your business. You can upload them into your Youtube channel for facebook pages etc. Also, you need to place the embed videos into the blog posts and make your visitors consume or grasp your content in a more effective manner.

The simple logic you need to remember that in order to grow any business or video channel it took some time, be patient and keep constant posting of your videos in order to ensure the updated content for the subscribers and to increase the view count.

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