WordPress Caching plugins

Before going through WordPress caching plugins we need to know a little about what is caching, how it helpful in your WordPress blog.

What is Caching?
Cache is a memory or place to store data temporarily which is used frequently. This storing includes the html files, images and web related objects. Caching improves the system as well application performance to a lot extent. Whenever the requests are made for a particular task it looks for cache to load the web page easily and quickly. WordPress Caching makes the work look easier and simple. It simply checks the recent user activities in the cache and reloads the page without going to the server, here time is managed properly and it will reduce the network burden. WordPress Caching works better for static pages by reducing the burden on the server. It will reduce the loading complexion for static pages by simply loading them from the cache. For the sites with huge traffic it requires the processing of server requests are handled from there.

Now here comes the discussion of the best caching plugins as follows:

WP Total Cache Plugin:

WordPress Caching

WP Total Cache Plugin is the best plugin for increasing the web performance. If your site is in built with this plugin it supported with network in such a way that the pages ,objects are highly optimized to a greater extent and loaded in a few seconds. Here the page speed is increased deliberately and also had the user experience to a lot. Visitors can view more pages while the pages are rendering quickly. Here 80% of bandwidth is saved by minify and the compression of the html,css and feeds.


  • Using this plugin we can cache css,pages,posts,feeds,search results in the memory or on disk or in CDN(Content Delivery Network).
  • We can also minify database objects,posts,pages,java scripts and css means removing unnecessary data without changing the functionality.
  • Content Delivery management is made possible with the help of theme files ,media library etc.
  • It works deliberately for shared networks as well as dedicated/virtual servers.
  • This plugin provides excellent support for mobiles.
  • We can embed JavaScript for template to be designed.
  • This plugin provides the post attachments imported directly into the CDN.

WP Super Cache Plugin:

WordPress Caching

WP Super Cache Plugin is the fastest engine which works better for caching the blog. It will generate static pages from the dynamic WordPress site .When never the requests are made it will serve those static html files instead of serving from the web server the complex the JavaScript php files. It will reduce the wastage of time. Using this plugin static pages are served to majority of its users and after that the users information is displayed through comment form which will be processed by this cache engine. The following information is processed i.e.

  • The users who did not comment the blog.
  • The users who are not logged in.

Most of visitors are served with this static pages ,still some are served with different ones which are less efficient ones than static pages.
WP Super Cache Plugin offers 3 ways to serve the cached files depending on the speed i.e. how fast they will load. They are as follows:

  • Mod_Rewrite: It is the fastest method to serve the super fast static html files easily.
  • PHP: using this we can serve super cache files in dynamic mode with the help of php scripts.
  • Legacy Caching: it is used to cache files from the almost known users i.e. who are logged in as well as who leaves a comment.

WP Fastest Cache Plugin:

WordPress Caching

WP Fastest Cache plugin is one of the simple and fastest caching system. It also generates the static pages from the dynamic WordPress site and saves it in the cache for future proceedings. Mod_rewrite is the fastest method for caching the files is adopted here with the help of this plugin. Integration of this plugin is very easy and there is no need to modify the .htaccess file it will updated automatically. In this plugin if a page is rendered it will use php and MySQL for processing the data and requires alot of RAM ,CPU. When ever visitors to our site increases we need alot RAM and CPU and the is display very slowly. In order to overcome such situations we need a Cache system which will deliver the page only once. We can minify the size of html files and css pages. It maintains Gzip compression which will reduce the size of the files sent from server to the browser to increase the speed. It has leverage browsing caching i.e. reducing the display of page to repeated users.


  • This plugin will enable and disable the cache option for mobile devices and logged in users.
  • Admin has ability to delete all the cached files and css files for the options page.
  • In this plugin we can block cache for specific page or post.
  • When a page or post is published all the cache files are deleted.
  • In this plugin Mod Rewrite is the fastest method for caching the pages and posts.

Cache Enabler Plugin:

WordPress Caching

Cache Enabler Plugin is a lightweight plugin which will generate static pages very fastly and deliberately. This plugin also provide webp support. These static pages are stored on the server’s disk and the web server will processes these pages. The cache enabler will increase the performance of the site. It is first plugin to serve webp images without JavaScript. Web server will deliver the static pages by avoiding the backend process. This plugin creates two cached files one is plain html and the other is gzipped. These html files are delivered faster via php without any backend support. It will configure the webp images when combined with optimus easily.


  • This plugin will automatically or manually clears the cache.
  • It has a fast caching engine system.
  • The actual size of the cache is displayed in your dashboard.
  • It has minification facility which supports html and inline JavaScript.
  • It has webp support and multisite support.
  • It will support 304 error which will be not modified.
  • HTTP/2 is focused and maintained easily.